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What Can 1941's "The Wolf Man" Tell Us About the Beast In Us All?

This film is the last classic Universal Horror monster to have its own stand-alone film. After George Waggner’s The Wolf Man, Universal Studio monster movies would go on to create monster mash-ups like… 1,111 more words


"The Invisible Man" and his Reign of Terror

After chemist Dr. Jack Griffin (Claude Rains) experiments with mysterious drugs he discovers a way to become completely invisible! Unfortuenly for Dr. Griffin he fails to read the fine print when working with these chemicals. 508 more words


1931's Frankenstein: Neglecting the Consequnces

Henry Frankenstein played by Colin Clive and his assistant Fritz portrayed by Dwight Frye stalk the graveyards at night. They dig up the fresh corpses of the recently deceased in order to fulfill a mad scientist’s dream. 886 more words


The Phantom of the Opera and his Legacy

The Phantom of the Opera was the 1925 silent horror film adaptation of Gaston Leroux’s novel of the same title. The book is also known in its original French title… 672 more words


History of Horror: Dracula [Spanish language version]

Dir. George Melford, USA, 1931

Often praised as being a superior version of the English-language Dracula, Melford’s movie certainly plays less stagebound than Browning’s. While largely following the same beats (by virtue of having to use the same sets) as the English version, there’s enough here to make the film worthwhile in its own right. 227 more words

History Of Horror

History of Horror: Dracula

Dir. Tod Browning, USA, 1931

The horror film genre didn’t exist before Universal’s Dracula and Frankenstein. There were occasional horror movies – particularly Nosferatu… 450 more words

History Of Horror

Gallery: Frankenstein Cinema

To celebrate the 200th birthday of the Modern Prometheus, we bring you a collection of posters for movies based – for the most part rather loosely – on Mary Shelley’s classic novel.