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Scary Silents: "The Haunted Castle"

The Goddess is a busy hellspawn, as I’m sure you all know by now. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been running my little cloven hooves off, doing promotional radio shows for… 2,015 more words

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Movie A Day! 076-080: Mostly Movies

It’s that time of the week, MOVIE UPDATE TIME! Actually, I don’t have a time of week, I just do these whenever I get five titles. 608 more words


Universal Horror

A friend of mine who is a big film and book nerd asked me to make some horror film lists for him since it wasn’t a genre he knew well. 417 more words


The Geneologies of the Monsters

It all began in 1931 with “Dracula.” This is regarded as a horror classic–although Universal hedged its bets by marketing it as “the strangest love story ever told.” In truth, an emblematic performance by Bela Lugosi keeps this film alive. 3,198 more words

This eternal seesaw story of Doubt and Faith

This eternal seesaw story of Doubt and Faith

We spend most of our existence in a succession of acts of faith.

Not that we have no doubts: We have legitimate excuses for lack of time, of energy, of knowledge and of talent to act on our doubts. 409 more words


Let's Talk Some More About Werewolves

I’ve always wondered, what “The Wolf Man” would have been like if the powers at Universal had honored Curt Siodmak’s original concept. He had apparently envisioned a psychological thriller in which the viewer would never know for sure whether Larry Talbot was literally sprouting hair and fangs, or was merely believing himself to be undergoing a physical transformation. 309 more words

[Bea's Reviews] Dracula [1931]

Funny what time and emotional maturity does to you.

When I first viewed Universal’s first of their many Golden Age releases, I honestly didn’t think much of it. 990 more words