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Vault Movie Review - Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

A journalistic review of the horror comedy, Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, directed by Charles Barton.


Jaguar 2.5 S-Type: Slasher Movie or Universal Horror?

In 1931, when Universal released the classic monster movies Dracula and Frankenstein starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, the World was a far more innocent place. 1,695 more words



Speaking of Aaron Guzikowski… The PRISONERS scribe who is currently in talks to pen FRIDAY THE 13TH for Platinum Dunes has more big news on the way. 132 more words

Pic of the Day: Dracula (1931)

Pic of the Day: An ad from the grandaddy of American sound horror films – Universal Studios’ Dracula, released on Valentine’s Day in 1931.

Via the website Creature Buzz.

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Film 108 | The Invisible Man (1933)

Over at Fake Geeks we did a run specials to celebrate Halloween, so the next few entries are re-posts of my Halloween specials, beginning with: 438 more words

Abbott and Costello Meet the Universal Monsters

Modern horror has gone through various subgenre influences from vampires, zombies, Japanese horror, slasher blood-and-gore, to ‘documentary style camera work’ (think Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity), with a slew of sequels plus parodies and a host of others. 933 more words


The Invisible Man - Movie Review (1933)

Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, The Mummy are some of the monsters you may first think of when the universal monster classics are brought up, but the film I am looking at today is one that has been overlooked for decades, and deserves to be placed right along with the essential line-up. 509 more words