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Universal Language

There is a common expression among musicians that music is the universal language. It is able to communicate without words and, as such, it is not limited to the national or linguistic background of the listener. 168 more words


OPI trio #2 from the Color Is The Universal Language collection

I have the second trio from the Color Is The Universal Language collection by OPI. You can order both sets directly through loxabeauty.com. Currently both sets are on sale for $21.50. 277 more words

Manis And Lacquers


  • Images are powerful
  • Assumptions change
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Human emotions
  • Connections
  • Change
  • Speaks a message
  • Universal language
  • Learn to Understand to world around us
  • Time
  • Care
  • Engage

The Universal Mirror

Near the close of the twentieth century, neurologists uncovered something in our brains called the Mirror neuron. This neuron lights up both in the performer of an action and in the observer. 190 more words

Perfect Moments - Using Music to Find your Bliss

Have you ever had a “Perfect Moment?” A moment when you feel at one with the universe? When everything else ceases to exist and you’re left in a world of pure magic and bliss? 561 more words

Abstract | Cosine

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Description From Photographer if Any:

The wave like curvature of the hills portray the mathematical laws of the Cosine function.

By DigitalDarkroom88

Source: 500px.com


Sh*t Parents Say: Are They Speaking a Universal Language?

Growing up, I would dread those repetitive sayings my parents seemed to spew at the drop of a hat.  Little did I realize I was only one among a sea of millions of children experiencing the exact same verbiage. 308 more words