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"...people understand" - a quote by Jim Croce

In reference to a foreign exchange tour he and his band made, Jim Croce once said:

We just ate what the people ate, lived in the woods, and played our songs.

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Even with Arrows

far from subtle
written in
a universal language
‘this is where you want to be’


selfish or selfless ?

Another day – More life pondering … Sometimes a gesture is all you need to lighten someone’s day … Appreciation … Respect … Integrity – All art forms that have been lost as focus shifts to the bigger issues in the world like racism, poverty, and health. 388 more words


Top-notch English Class Tampines

Good English Classes for Primary and Secondary Schools Tampines. This is an article on English Language.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” 561 more words

the way of the heart is nonverbal and nonjudgemental

when i try and understand this language of the heart, i realize that it is a language without words and it is one that everyone understands universally.   494 more words



‘Everything is Number’-Pythagoras

Mathematics expresses in numbers. Mathematics is the only language shared by all human being regardless of culture, religion, or gender. The value of Pi is approximately 3.1416 regardless of what country you came from. 224 more words


Day 121: A Throwback

Time flies. Exactly one year today since I left Korea and went back to my home country. Let me share a part of my farewell speech which was translated to Korean by a church member who speaks English well and is married to an American. 461 more words