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How to love yourself?

A couple of days ago, a friend texted me to ask for some advice related to issues he was facing. During the course of the entire conversation, we came to a realisation that maybe it was some communication blunders of his that his love interest might have interpreted a staycation differently from what his original intention was. 445 more words


DJ Lady Luck Presents... Phyno

What’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss happening, my people of Wednesday!

It’s your girl DJ Lady Luck ushering in May 2017 with the latest tune from a Nigerian rapper I started listening to around this time three years ago.   430 more words


Kindness is...

Kindness is…

A universal language.

No words necessary.


Music education majors speak a universal language

How often do you hear from a Texas Wesleyan music education major? Probably not that often.

That is because, according to Janna McKinley, the Department of Music’s music coordinator, there are only 57 music majors, and only 38 of them are studying music education. 549 more words

Integrated Media

Gottfried Leibniz

For even if there were no God, we should nonetheless be capable of truth, if only it remained possible for us to exist. — Gottfried Leibniz


Body Language

Body Language

When words don’t translate, actions do,
and folks are always reading you.
Though you watch what you may say,
more information, day-by-day,
is given by the way you act; 40 more words

Laughter: The Universal Language - #1

The small shop erupted into laughter. The women were giggling, bent over doing manicures and pedicures on their uncomprehending clients, as the man guffawed on the cell phone’s FaceTime app. 314 more words