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Counting From One to Three.

Singer/songwriter David Broza expresses his innermost feelings about the struggle for peace in his critically acclaimed 2014 album, East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem.

East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem with David Broza. 345 more words

Positive Thinking

The Need for a Universal Language

Is diversity overrated or perhaps full of unintended consequences? A universal language could solve many of the problems associated with different cultures, including scientific progress, economics and unfair socioeconomic advantages. 1,421 more words


Top-notch English Class Tampines

Good English Classes for Primary and Secondary Schools Tampines. This is an article on English Language.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” 712 more words
Primary English Tuition Punggol

Instrumental Blues - Part I

Early on when I started discovering that I liked playing more than classical, I started developing an interest in the blues and then blues rock before even the jazz then progressive hard rock periods of my life.  369 more words

Thought For The Day

July 26, 1887 Esperanto

Leyzer Leyvi Zamenhov lived in the late 19th century in the Russian town of Białystok, in what is now part of Poland.

Zamenhov was part of the Yiddish speaking majority, living side by side with Poles, Belarusians, Russians, Germans, Lipka Tatars and others.   377 more words

Universal Language: Vital, Preliminary Step to Breaking Free of the Matrix of Universal Illusion

Why do human beings speak different languages? Why has the species chosen to affirmatively destroy its own capacity for interactive communication?

Of course we know the early stage historical reason: Humans existed as isolated clans and developed means of communication lacking all capacity to establish contact with other clans, therefore it was impossible for language to be developed within interactive cohesion. 861 more words

Social Commentary

The Universal Language

When I originally conceived this blog, the plan was to quite literally write about “life, the universe and everything”! Being extraverted and quite nerdy (not to mention a Trekkie), I’d figured it would be logical to write from my not-inconsiderable topics of interest, to give wings to my passions and let them soar, farther and higher than I had ever given vein. 617 more words