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25 November ― 3 Qawl


And now regarding thy question, “How is it that no records are to be found concerning the Prophets that have preceded Adam, the Father of Mankind, or of the kings that lived in the days of those Prophets?” Know thou that the absence of any reference to them is no proof that they did not actually exist. 916 more words

Bahá'í Calligraphy

Spreading Thanks – Day 23

A smile – the universal language. Today this statement spoke true time and time again. I took Little One with me to meet a new Congolese family who had recently arrived in the United States. 1,378 more words

I feel like I’m eating the world’s feelings today. My stomach hurts and I wish everyone would stop fighting.

I’m thinking about staying in airbnbs and crashing at other people’s places, interchangeably, every few months, eternally.

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Just Keep Playing!

Just Keep Playing!

Going with the flow of life this week, there was a unexpected turn. I was asked to play the piano for a Retreat at church.  314 more words


When Music Transcends Language Barrier Then That’s Great Music

“Music is a positive vibration music is happiness, music is medicine and music is the voice of those who cannot speak up” – Salif Keita on Coke Studio Africa. 283 more words



Do you realize that we can’t directly translate one language to another? You can find a word that’s similar but there’s no precise translation for it. 79 more words

The voice

In the kitchen concentration running 100% and over just watching the voice kids. Thank God for you tube, the world is just a button away. 121 more words