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The Universal Mirror

Near the close of the twentieth century, neurologists uncovered something in our brains called the Mirror neuron. This neuron lights up both in the performer of an action and in the observer. 190 more words

Perfect Moments - Using Music to Find your Bliss

Have you ever had a “Perfect Moment?” A moment when you feel at one with the universe? When everything else ceases to exist and you’re left in a world of pure magic and bliss? 561 more words

Abstract | Cosine

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Description From Photographer if Any:

The wave like curvature of the hills portray the mathematical laws of the Cosine function.

By DigitalDarkroom88

Source: 500px.com


Sh*t Parents Say: Are They Speaking a Universal Language?

Growing up, I would dread those repetitive sayings my parents seemed to spew at the drop of a hat.  Little did I realize I was only one among a sea of millions of children experiencing the exact same verbiage. 308 more words

One Universal Second Language

Among the things which are conducive to unity and concord and will cause the whole earth to be regarded as one country is that the divers languages be reduced to one language and in like manner the scripts used in the world be confined to a single script. 49 more words

Thames Valley Bahai Community

"...people understand" - a quote by Jim Croce

In reference to a foreign exchange tour he and his band made, Jim Croce once said:

We just ate what the people ate, lived in the woods, and played our songs.

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Even with Arrows

far from subtle
written in
a universal language
‘this is where you want to be’