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Je ne parle pas le francais.....

When it comes to making decisions, I like to take my time to weigh all my options.  I am not a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person so I choose to give a great deal of thought to the choices I make.   343 more words


Man, the Measure of his Great Folly

The common human belief is that human intelligence is the nonpareil of the animal world, a fact that is demonstrated by our clear superiority over all other living creatures. 1,414 more words

Act III: The Glorious Miracle Of Life

The universal language of dance

Coming from Brooklyn and two subway exchanges later, I arrived at South Bronx. It was my first time.

I identified from the sea of faces the young man I was supposed to meet: an African-American man with dreadlocks. 699 more words



My dreams

Have turned up the symbolism

Every night

A waterfall of insight

It’s become exhausting to even fall asleep

She Started To Cry

Hustle & Bustle /Downriver House by Bruno Canadien is one of the pieces currently on display in the Insurgence Resurgence exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.   240 more words


The Power of Love... and your voice.

Whether you sing in concert or in your bathtub, raise your vibration and let your voice resonate.  You can change your mood in minutes and speak the universal language. 106 more words