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Love Wins

Recently I have been reading articles where people believe hell, as eternal torment, was not mentioned in the bible. Some believe that all people will be saved through God’s love and no person will be left apart from our Father even though they do not choose him or believe he exists. 868 more words

Christian Life

No More F-You

“Father forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” Jesus (Luke 23:34)

Five hundred years ago Martin Luther argued that it is through the cross of Christ we encounter the full revelation of God’s Self to humanity, that all theology, all understanding is determined through the God who dies on the cross. 504 more words


Three Views of Hell

In this post I will give a brief overview of three different positions that theologians take concerning the doctrine of hell. My discussion will merely offer brief definitions and a few key scriptures with the aim of encouraging readers toward further study on this subject. 555 more words


Myriad Mirmona

“The mystery of life;
see the oneness in others.”

Yes, in the separated others,

the bigots,

the fags,

“a fag brings a flower to a child, 53 more words


Credo III — "One God"

reckless God
flinging purest essence
into every crevice
on this pale blue dot

rushing wind
eroding walls
we dismiss as necessary
little boxes… 342 more words

Creative Writing

Time Internal Time External

Stand up, right now. Take any shoes and socks you have. Stand tall and relaxed. Point your head down and for several moments observe your big toes, leaving your thoughts to flow. 943 more words