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Human Rights Concepts: 2. Universal Declaration of Human Rights & Human Rights, Human Values

Following on from discussing the concept of human rights, today we attempted to gain a deeper understanding. A very simple equation to help understand these rights is: 518 more words


Notes on the rising of Cosmopolitan Personalities in XXI century

Reading this ACADEMICUS nr. X issue, it seems to me well recognizable the sings of a spirit of evolution, a commitment in improving our awareness in a modern and cosmopolitan world, a contribute to  understanding, at social level, the challenges towards a real democratization process , giving value and expression – at the individual level – to  voices directed to the effort to increase consciousness and awareness. 395 more words


Fifteenth Epistle: The Second Coming

For almost a week I went without praying, for I had written that only the Muses communicate with humanity, and God is unspeakably remote. But I am in need of a salvation that continually renews itself, as Mao said a revolution must continually renew itself. 2,494 more words

The Metaphysics of "Tyranny"

Man is by nature a political animal.”  This is the famous saying from Aristotle’s Politics, a statement that has reverberating through the ages and was the de facto understanding of humanity until the Enlightenment.  1,245 more words


Plural International Relations in a Divided World

Stephen Chan’s Plural International Relations in a Divided World offers a thoughtful and enriching meditation on the history of the modern “Westphalian” international system. The main argument of this book is that the Westphalian system is a moving target, and that it is entering an era of plural and pluralizing legitimacy principles. 368 more words

World Order

Mertonian norms

There are a set of norms of science, first presented by Robert K Merton and known as the Mertonian norms. I found what seems to be a good description of them… 728 more words

Climate Change

The Gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ with the Fine Print


I am going to give a pretty lengthy description of how I came to understand and conclude these things based on my experiences in life.  5,733 more words