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Similarities between Art and Religion

Some people who exercise an artistically activity without being able to extract a living out of it, are often in doubt if they can call themselves an artist. 218 more words


A response to "Against the Folkish 'Pagans'"

A lengthy post was published yesterday by a self-proclaimed “Julian Hellenist”, Klaytonus Silvanus, wherein he attacks “Folkish” pagans and polytheists. This seems to be a sequel to an… 6,537 more words


What The Hell Is Hell? (Don Bartlett)

The following article was written by Don Bartlett on April 14, 2017. It is an excellent article, highlighting many of the significant problems that the Infernalist faces in trying to find Hell in the Bible. 1,223 more words

North American Literature and Bible- propagation.

Frye launched the idea that the mythological framework of American Literature and Cosmology is provided by the Bible. He developed this theory in his work “The Great Code” 352 more words


Universalists believe everyone’s sins are forgiven, yes,  but do not believe people go to hell with their sins forgiven…. in fact they do not believe anyone goes to hell, nor do they even believe there is a hell for that matter…. 126 more words


New book from Illaria Ramelli

Several years ago, Illaria Ramelli wrote what is the premier work on Apokatastasis, in her monumental work titled, appropriately enough, Apokatastasis. Many people have been scared off of reading her work, unfortunately, due to the fact that the tome is incredibly cost prohibitive (with hard copies retailing well north of the $300 mark), and also because Apokatastasis is a 900 plus page, incredibly dense work that is intimidating to the average person interested in learning more on the topic. 59 more words