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Caught in the Cosmic Flow

As I stand in a small room surrounded by people, I begin to slip away. Not because I’m tired, not because I’m bored, but because I’m fully exhilarated. 813 more words


What are the current views of Hell??

While I’m itching to get into more detail about why and how I think we should reform our view of Hell, I think we first need to establish what the current views of Hell are. 684 more words



This is another potpourri post.  The rules for this post are simple:  I’m going to write about whatever comes to mind.  It’s mostly just musing.  Not all of it is what I believe, or even fleshed out, I just want to write, so tonight, that’s what I’m going to do. 2,295 more words

Natalie Portman, Loyalty, and the Holocaust

My new blog post for The Times of Israel:

By N.S. Palmer

Israeli actress Natalie Portman received harsh criticism for suggesting last week that the Holocaust was not unique and that it should be less emphasized in Jewish education. 112 more words


Your Monday Blessing: Wellness

After you recovered, your heart
leapt towards the world like a spaniel.
“I’m not ill” was written above your life in fireworks.
So, now,
bless all livers, howsoever touched… 20 more words

Your Monday Blessing

The Kos Paradigm

The current refugee crisis in the Mediterranean is a direct consequence of having elected counter-culture politicians and being under the influence of a May of 68 generation of journalists.  583 more words


P is for Pluralism

There are lots of things to which one could take a pluralism approach. Some consist only in noting the fact of plurality, and others in asserting that plurality is good or necessary in some way. 571 more words