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Psychological Inconsistencies

There is also the psychological contradiction involved in thinking that Hell exists. I do not think it an overstatement to say that believing in it – that is, truly believing in it – makes life unbearable and choice impossible. 1,290 more words

CS Lewis

Two Greek Words

But does the doctrine of eternal damnation have the full support of Scripture?

Look at the two most cited words necessary for its belief: Hell and eternal. 705 more words

CS Lewis

A Self Rectifying Mechanism

You quote MacDonald as believing that “not even omnipotence can make a man repent.” But surely you are not blind to the other half of what the man constantly taught? 1,730 more words

CS Lewis

A Major Problem With Believers in Reformed Theology

I was brought up as an adult in a Southern Baptist Church that was basically Arminian in belief.  In other words, the altar call was the usual weekly place where people would go during a church service to “give their hearts to the Lord.”  It was where they chose Christ as Savior and Lord.  1,154 more words

Universal Salvation

Henry and Charity 6

Henry: Good morning.

Charity: Morning, Henry. How have you been?

Henry: I’ve been fine. Do you want some coffee?

Charity: Sure. That’s enough.

Henry: Creamer? 1,470 more words


'End of History' Found Dead at Moscow's Gates

Ukraine and the Euromaidan revolution were a turning page in History. One could argue that the Colour revolutions, the Arab Spring, the Ossetia War and even the Atlantic interventions of the preceding decades, had been proof enough of the limits of the ‘end of history’ but Ukraine is more meaningful because it had everything to become the poster child of globalism: it is an avowedly pro-Western movement, nurtured by the West, while not depending on the West in military hard-power terms. 737 more words


American vs Southern identity

Harold Crews, an attorney and Southern nationalist leader from North Carolina, explains in a new video some of the differences between Southern and American identity. His thought-provoking analysis is worthy of consideration. 133 more words