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'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life'; Is Jesus the Only Way to Life? Yes and No

When we read of the teaching and actions of Jesus, it becomes clear that Jesus is nothing if not inclusive. He is free with forgiveness, healing, and acceptance and is not at all the sort of person who creates barriers. 987 more words


the problem of academia

If science as we understand it (The Enlightenment Project, modernity etc) is on a timeline then the social “sciences” would do better to stop hitching their wagon to science. 397 more words


The welfare state and Someone

My mother passed away a few years ago, but she is with me every day. She is there in my values, my work ethics, and my priorities.  1,097 more words


Sixth Sunday of Easter

The people of Nineveh – and to a lesser extent, the animals of Nineveh – are really the main characters of this reading, even though it comes from the book of Jonah and Jonah… 2,556 more words



Universal truths, in theory, are common to all people and cultures.  While some truths are similar in almost all religions, it does not mean that all religions are the same.  250 more words


10 Questions

In the Western Church, the default position on our eternal existence after this life is that we either wind up in heaven (after a brief stop in Purgatory for Catholics – and Protestants who are stunned and surprised to find out that there is such a place), or we wind up in a state of Eternal Conscious Torment (hereafter referred to as ECT). 1,799 more words