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I want so much to be a universalist, to believe that because you love everyone and want everyone to accept you, they eventually will, that you NEVER give up on anyone, that your love really does win everyone to you. 733 more words

Listening Prayer

John 12:44-50: Re-Creation – Christ

John 12:44-50: Re-Creation – Christ

Second Sunday of Easter, April 23, 2017

When we see the Bible as an entire story of God’s people, we know that Jesus is not God’s Plan B. 406 more words


Does God Do Bad Things?

A lot of people like to separate God from the horrible things we see in this world. We reject that God would ever do anything hurtful. 1,591 more words

Real Theology

Crags Of Delphi In Kohl's

I’m going into Kohl’s
at seven thirty seven A.M.

I’m going into Kohl’s.

Have I not lived?
Am I alive?
Is this what I’ve done with… 70 more words


Heresies I sometimes secretly want to believe: 1. Universalism

I grew up reading C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series. I loved it then, and I love it now. One of the many great things about these children’s books are the way in which they, through the genre of fantasy, convey some great truths about the gospel. 1,678 more words


Shacking up with universalism

It was probably a dozen years ago when I first read the Shack.  I loved the book and the message of forgiveness worked some much needed healing in my life.  922 more words


Universalism vs. Power

Today I came across an article on Universalism in the Early Church. It is interesting and well referenced to reputable scholars in patristics. The author cites and impressive list of early church Fathers who were pro-universal salvation, and connects the switch in Christian theology to exclusivism with the writings of Augustine (in the late fourth and early fifth centuries), the Emperor Justinian and the Fifth Ecumenical Council in Constantinople in the sixth century. 547 more words