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God is currently RECONCILING the (lost) world unto Himself by way of the word of reconciliation (the Gospel of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4), and He has done this by giving saved people the ministry of reconciliation – whereby God’s unmerited favour is preached (grace through faith in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s Cross + His resurrection). 571 more words

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth

Take Me To Church

My daughter and I went to church on Sunday. Not really a big deal…but…

It’s been years since our family attended the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg (UCH) regularly. 1,108 more words


I am tired!

I am tired!

I am tired of those individuals who are insensitive to human suffering, pain, and death.

I am tired of those individuals who misinterpret the words of Scripture/Jesus to devalue life and dehumanize people. 207 more words

Love Above All

The first thing I read when I decided to punch in WordPress to my browser was, “It’s been two months since ‘Goodbye, Teenagehood’ was published.” And I sit here and ponder why it’s been that long. 370 more words

Kali Yuga - Are We Living In The Dark Age?

According to Hinduism, the world is currently in a state of Kali Yuga, or the dark age. One might take this as mere fiction and carry on, but considering the Hindus produced the finest examples of wisdom ever created in the Vedas, and that they generated their own theory of evolution, I believe we should consider carefully this ancient idea, which is also found in other religions. 1,556 more words


in defense of jewish universalism and liberalism – a rampage

This past week I was assaulted twice by attacks on Jewish Utopianism.  I am not blameless.  I choose to expose myself to briefings and podcasts that run the gamut of Jewish and political thought, but I was nonetheless taken aback by a similar message from disparate sources all on the same day. 2,614 more words


On Russia

by Jeff

There is a huge misconception about Russia among some. Where I live—in Germany—Putin is fully supported by the “Linke” communists, the Green party and the Social Democrats. 262 more words