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Stephen D. Morrison and "Jürgen Moltmann in Plain English"

Stephen D. Morrison has stumbled upon an excellent idea: distilling and synthesizing the corpus of intellectual material of notable and influential Christian theologians. As a teacher of theology and religion, I long for ways to get good and accessible theology into the hands of my students. 1,177 more words


‘Ezumezu’ and ‘African Philosophy as Critical Universalism’: Engaging African Intuitions for Normative Theory in a Pluriverse, Ebonyi State University, May 27-29, 2019

Special Workshop on the Nature and Significance of Postcolonial African Philosophy

This special workshop on the nature and significance of Postcolonial African Philosophy is primarirly motivated by two recent publications. 322 more words


Universalism and the Heart

” The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” – Jeremiah 17:9

One of the most famous verses in the book of Jeremiah it reminds us that despite all our intellect and puffed up pride about how rational we are, humans are swayed far more by their feelings than their mind over the course of their life. 860 more words

The Room of Change.

Recently I’ve visited La Triennale di Milano,  a design and art exposition in the Parco Sempione in Milan, in Lombardy in northern Italy. It is housed in the Palazzo dell’Arte. 505 more words


Eurocentrism in Art, History and Science.

This post could be seen as a continuation of my previous post where I explored the notion of focalization. The latter deals with a representation of a point of view upon a subject by a certain individual, while this post deals with the mainstream collective perspective that shapes to our worldview and gives directions to our thinking and acting. 278 more words


Percy Bysshe Shelley's "A Defense of Poetry"

Shelley’s 1821 essay documents a sober (yet miraculously ideal), even fatalistic account of the poet’s role in society.

The degree of importance that Shelley gives to poetry suggests the extreme legitimacy he saw in the attack on poetry his defense attempts to refute. 2,039 more words


THEOLOGY & Is modern Christianity not preparing people for a judgement day? One well respected theologian thinks so.

Interview with Michael McClymond by Paul Copen, Christianity Today, 3/11/19.

… When Jesus spoke to his disciples on the Mount of Olives (Matt. 24), he combined discussion of the End Times with a call to “keep watch” and a warning regarding the unfaithful servant who is caught off guard by the master’s return (Matt. 356 more words