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Puzzle Of Pentecostal Practice Part 6: Event Revival Chaos

Slowly we see the puzzle of Pentecostal practice come together piece by piece. It began with mysticism which encouraged extra-Biblical revelation. These errors led to emotionalism and feeling as either more reliable or equally reliable to Scripture for discerning truth. 1,622 more words


Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestically Product

Throughout modern history, societal progress has been measured in terms of GDP. The higher the GDP, the more developed a country, so goes the general belief. 757 more words


Relevance and Impact: Universalism and PSM in the age of “Information Disorder”

This paper seeks to contribute on debates about the universal relevance and impact of public service media, specifically in terms of (1) how disinformation and the broader information disorder adds a new dimension to the universalist mission,  (2) how it provides new opportunities to collaborate with audiences and co-creators, and (3) how it could impact media policy today. 4,250 more words


Caravan of All Souls

This sermon was preached at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Huntington on 10/28/18 for our annual All Souls service. It reflects on our theological response to the refugee caravan traveling north from Honduras, and the threats against Transgender folk in the US. 2,555 more words


The Unwanted Case For Universalism: How Amoris Laetitia can be used to presuppose universal Eucharistic worthiness

A particular friend in one of my threads, as he is wont to do, upbraided me for my critical commentaries on the “developments” which have taken place in moral and dogmatic theology in the last many decades (though, if you inquire enough, I go further back than that, even pre-Tridentine). 1,319 more words

Cardinal John Henry Newman

A Gentle Alternative to Punishment in Hell for Those Who Reject God's Offer of Eternal Life—Conditional Immortality

Some believers (like me) think it likely that everyone who ever lived will have opportunity, with a clear mind free of confusion and misinformation, to understand God’s love and his offer of eternal life. 1,079 more words


Karl Barth and Universalism: Comments from Berkouwer, Brown, Bromiley and Bloesch

By asking us to consider the question, “How convincing is Barth’s rejection of universalism?”, Berkouwer is really calling in question Barth’s understanding of election. He is really asking, “Does Scripture teach this idea of universal election?” 1,313 more words