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Things I Never Imagined I'd Have to Say to my Children, but Have...

Things I never imagined I’d have to say to my children, but have…

Sometimes I get the feeling that the current generation raising children really thinks that the previous generation doesn’t have a clue about what raising children today is like. 820 more words

The Sky is Green

Pretend for a moment, I meet you in a cafe, and we are waiting in line for coffee. We strike up a conversation, because you notice that I am especially attractive in my yoga pants and fluffy sweatshirt, and I notice you are drinking the same fru-fru coffee as me. 717 more words

C S Johnson

What Really Matters

Because of my creative, imaginative nature, one of the things I’ve most consistently been accused of is blowing things out of proportion. I think it would happen more when I was a child and a teenager, but it’s happened enough as an adult that I’m pretty sure I would make a great conspiracy theorist. 337 more words

C S Johnson

Hegel's "Concrete Universal"

Robert Stern (in his Hegelian Metaphysics) argues that Hegel’s notion of the “concrete universal” (found mostly in Book III of his Science of Logic… 323 more words

Storyhelix Review 031: Once in a While

It’s always good to read a book that makes you think about the past. There’s so much we can learn from the past if we take the time to examine it. 420 more words

C S Johnson

Knowing and Being

One of the most fundamental of philosophical errors is to suppose that since things are known by us in a certain way, they must exist in themselves in that very same way. 649 more words

Some brief notes on nominalism

Nominalism seeks the simplest explanation in ontology.  One of their confusions regarding realism, though, is that they think universals have spatial location.  But as B. Russell pointed out, the universal “being north of” is not spatial. 327 more words