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Review: Russell, Problems of Philosophy

Not an easy read, but fun at times. How do we know what is real? There is a disjunct between appearance and reality. In other words, the “real” is not always the obvious. 618 more words

Book Review

Being a CanDoo in the Other Culture

concerning being a CanDoo in an Other Culture . . .
The other night I was praying. I was facing some pretty tough issues that I hoped would go away . 1,016 more words

BAM Skill

In the world of madness do we need a little bit of madness to face the reality? I think we do.

What is more terrifying in life, living while realizing the horror of dying little by little each day, or dying while realizing that the horror of living will soon come to an end? 1,267 more words


Job's Metamorphosis

‘My dear parents,’ said the sister banging her hand on the table by way of an introduction, ‘things cannot go on any longer in this way. 746 more words

Cultural Optimism

Semantic meanings exist as hierarchical recursions of a commonly shared meaning that defines itself

It seems that the main problem with the implementation of semantic technologies in Web 3.0 (besides the difficulty in gathering information from disparate locations) are the difficulties in creating semantic output as a natural and neutral language capable of interpreting the abstract and experiential meanings to be found in the conveyance of information in human languages. 1,335 more words

Human Learning Mechanisms


Before I start analyzing reincarnation from the perspective of energies of matter and antimatter, I would like to summarize some of the main concepts from my hypothesis of antimatter, for the reader who may have not have the chance yet to read my previous posts on this matter. 1,651 more words


A Trifling Love Affair 

Update (2/4/2017):

This blog was an april fools joke, so don’t take it too seriously. It isn’t even really coherent. However if you would like a blog post on universals at a future date do let me know. 455 more words

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