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Frege and the Sense/Reference Distinction

I’ve had a deep interest in analytic philosophy for quite a while. It is so damn useful in clarifying the problems of language that come about. 445 more words


6 or 9? Plato or Aristotle? Transcendent knowledge or immanent existence?Who has the right answer?

The forever going debate, between the two great philosophers of all time Plato and Aristotle, about universal and forms is without doubt still affecting our lives in daily manners without us realizing it. 2,800 more words


The self was a good idea but its time has come to fade away

Identity is the new Holy Grail. Everybody is looking for something that does not exist, and still would somehow magically transform their mediocre existence into the golden rule. 1,809 more words

Cultural Optimism

The Mind as a Blank Tablet

Education is perhaps the most important endeavor in the raising of children. It may also may perhaps the greatest mirror in understanding the human condition in that it is the method by which we inculcate children with the necessary norms and values necessary for their growth as human beings. 437 more words



It’s not always about culture.

(1) “Culture skill” is a “soft skill,” so people say. It’s not part of the business portfolio, or at least not a very important part. 370 more words

BAM Disciple-making And Vision

"There Are Many Strange Legends in the Amazon..."

October has come again. As many people far wiser and more experienced than I, have recognized, there is some tremor, some power, that separates October from the rest of the year. 2,219 more words