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The Science of "The End and the Life"

In the last post, I wrote a short fictional dialogue, where two colleagues, Edwin and Friedrich, discussed possible scenarios for the future of the universe. 753 more words


The End and the Life

Expanding universe, eternal return? Here it is my (short) fictional take on these speculative dreams.

857 more words

Scientific Culture

Albert Einstein’s Lost Theory about the Origins of the Universe Is Found

In a manuscript of Albert Einstein dated back to 1931, which had been neglected by researchers of his work, is found an alternative proposal for the creation of the Universe. 294 more words


The Cosmic Microwave Background

In 1964 Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson were taking measurements of the night sky using their radio telescope. They began to notice that there was a constant source of background noise in their readings. 1,012 more words


Edwin Hubble

The expanding Universe

The American astronomer Edwin Hubble uncovered important evidence that the Universe is expanding.

He compared the measured relative velocities (red shifts) of faraway galaxies with his estimates of their distances from the Earth. 65 more words


if I never told you

you would love me
like you do
when what’s known is forgotten
like that foggy second
upon waking from a dream

honesty sunk me
thrust us away… 85 more words