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Expansion Explained

Expansion Explained[1]

Q: How did astronomers discover that the expansion of the universe was accelerating?

(A question from Steve Ciucci, Madison, Wisconsin)

A: In the early 1990s, two teams of astronomers set out to measure the universe’s expansion history to predict its future. 349 more words

Universe Expansion

New Map of the Universe

Astronomers Make The Largest Map of The Universe Yet[1]

The image at left shows a slice through largest-ever three-dimensional map of the Universe. Earth is at the left, and distances to galaxies and quasars are labelled by the lookback time to the objects (lookback time means how long the light from an object has been traveling to reach us here on Earth). 994 more words

Universe Expansion

Expanding Universe

Universe Expanding Faster than Expected[1]

Astronomers trying to pinpoint the Hubble constant—the rate at which the universe is expanding—found themselves with a number 5 to 9 percent faster than previously thought. 259 more words

Universe Expansion

The Missing Universe

The Missing Universe[1]

When you look up at the night sky, do you feel that something is missing? If you don’t, you should. Eighty-one years ago, astronomers discovered that much of the cosmos’ contents was invisible. 381 more words

Universe Expansion

Runaway Universe

Runaway Universe[1]

There is a crisis brewing in the cosmos, or perhaps in the community of cosmologists. The universe seems to be expanding too fast, some astronomers say. 1,742 more words

Universe Expansion