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Our history is not what we think!

Hey everyone,

July 4th is right around the corner, Independence Day (No Will Smith). In honor of celebrating our history as a country, I want to share a video I just watched. 19 more words



I wish I can live somewhere way up the sky.
In the stratosphere.

I wish to have a better view of stars
In the stratosphere. 66 more words

Love And Hate

Darkest Abyss

Been around for billion years,

Wafting through immeasurable days,

Celestial bodies see me in fear,

Try to escape if you may.

Millions of stars circle around me, 72 more words


"Answers And Questions"

You never put the questions
I never give the answers –
Because we knew each other
Long before the questions.


Exactly where I am Meant to Be

Just when I think my future is becoming stagnant and bland, the universe opens up and reminds me of my true purpose.  I have, housed within my very shell, the power of my true potential. 185 more words


Would you be resentful with the Sun because shines on all?
It’s not taking anything away from you, it warms you up with the same intensity as if you were the only one on earth. 292 more words