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Is There Evidence of Design/Purpose in the Universe?

Is there design and purpose to the universe, or is all we just a random extraordinary occurrence?

We have no answers to this question, but how we go about getting the answers is greatly inter-weaved with world view and ideology. 1,397 more words

Big Bang

There are many other worlds

Welcome all.

There are many other world’s we do not get access to……. higher realms of reality……. higher scales of reality in which our entire universe is but a small part, a single unit in an emmense structure. 90 more words


The FIRST step

People say life is one hell of a roller coaster!! Well, I couldn’t agree more. What is life without a few ups and downs?! Not to mention a few jitters and surprises. 289 more words


“I take comfort in knowing I’m not the only little thing in this big, big place.”

Topic Manifest: Origin, Substance and Nothingness

Light, Manifest:

The Origin is the roots, causation and reason for something to become what it is today. You look at it’s roots and understand it’s beginnings. 287 more words


Topic Eternity: Alpha, Omega and Crossway

Light, Eternity:

Alpha is the first, the square geometrically. It represents Earth and the crude values of the physical. The Earth’s values are basic and unrefined but it is the template for which man’s spirit will be made. 372 more words


Who Judges Your Sins ?

Anyone has made mistakes and regretted what you did. You might be in trouble now. Contents and degree of worries are different from person to person. 542 more words