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Legacy chapter four (5)

“Captian’s log, the landing party is trapped on bored a Klingon. Vaberale to the zombie Klingon and to the zombie virus. On the enterprise,the ship is about to be boarded. 1,029 more words

Star Trek

Sometimes, two people fight...

# today’s meditation -Sometimes two people fight becoz there’s a third person sending daggers n more ❤️
Insecurity can make people , evil
Be compassionate , and get to the core 😁 nobody can separate any two people that the universe has designed to be together 🐬


I remember how...

I remember how I spent, last December with all my school pals on this great holiday 😱
I can’t believe this year, has flown
I do remember ,what I’ve learnt though , as every year we learn some more ❤️ 41 more words


Your equation with money...

Your equation with money will determine your success ❤️
Wealth consciousness is truly a gift given ,)
In my long life , I have met people , with such an amazing attitude towards the energy of money , it makes me joyful to help , people with their last bits , invest in their talent ,with so much faith in the universe … Super success to such


Angel Number 000 And 11

After a long day and a tiring gym run I’m surprised to even see these numbers on our cars dash, while continuously dosing in the passenger seat we were pulling up to a shop and I gazed over and there o saw these angel numbers. 822 more words