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The Brightest Flame Burns Quickest

They witnessed her destruction,
Then were left to wonder why,
She saw nothing but darkness,
Though the stars shone in her eyes,

But maybe they’d forgotten,

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NASA Image of the Day - Tending Your Garden ... In Space

If you plant it, will it grow (in space)? The answer is yes, at least for certain types of plants. via @NASA http://ift.tt/2zpxa6R


Why we appreciate what we appreciate?

I was surfing through Facebook and found a link from the movie: Liberal Arts where in that scene this was discussed among two individuals, why we read what we read? 688 more words


If movies had to deal with MRT train breakdowns

(Source: mothership.sg)

Our good ol’ MRT system has been under a bit of a cloud recently.

It isn’t just simple breakdowns and delays — these days, commuters have to contend with… 533 more words

Current Affairs

Self Destruction in 3...2...1...

With one minute before the ship self-destructs, while the rest turn inward to use their final seconds crying, praying or smoking in a corner, I slip down the corridor and into a life pod. 950 more words

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Beginning of the Universe

How did the universe get here? Scientists confirm the Big Bang Theory and the beginning of the universe.

Scientists believe that our universe began with one enormous explosion of energy and light, which we now call the Big Bang. 432 more words

Universal Secrets

A Note from hell to heaven

One moment is perfect, another moment is a disaster
My mind wanders from everything to nothing
Only to bring me happiness, nostalgia, and emptiness

I feel confidence and such power right now, but… 222 more words