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Make A Wish

Yesterday, I and 9 friends went to the movies to watch The Incredibles 2, which was honestly very good, I’ll give it a 9/10. As I  was with my friends, I noticed I was a bit quiet, again. 251 more words

The big question

The big question

Nerve bone
      flesh blood
all from
a universe
      that suddenly
comes alive
      the building blocks
hydrogen and carbon
      and the question is… 29 more words



(being continued from 2/06/17)

The Square Earth of Cosmas Indicopleutes

ONE OF THE STRANGEST OF WORLDS is the Square Earth of Cosmas Indicopleustes, an Egyptian monk of the sixth century A.D., who expended an astonishing ingenuity upon the development of a theory of the universe that would eliminate the increasingly popular notion that the Earth was a sphere. 2,131 more words


There are these moments in life

When the rotation of the world slows
And everything seems to be
In perfect harmony
Where everything moves
In synchronisation…

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Lost in Translation

Sometimes, I feel like my life in Belgium is kind of like the movie, “Lost in Translation” (the one with Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray). I mean, apart from the fact that I have a third of her bra size; curly, brown hair that is on some kind of kamikaze race for grey; and I don’t lie on my bed all day in transparent, pink panties because my bedspread is covered with car fur and my husky would make nonstop crying/yodeling/Chewbacca Wolf sounds, the experience is quite similar. 2,063 more words

Thursday Thoughts: Universal HEAs

Happy Ever Afters. The stock and trade of romance writers everywhere. That’s why I read romance. And why I write it. I’m there for the feel-good pay-off. 314 more words

Writing Life

Music we're what for

Where am I?, What is that supposed to be?, Wait a minute…Who am I?.

These are our unheard questions…the questions that make us a possibility for smooth sailing, but just for now, or a whirlwind spiral that could last minutes, hours, even years; decades later you suddenly realize what you felt at that particular moment in the past, it’s significance, the fact that your life has been revolving around you despite that knowledge you had no idea of. 699 more words