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Six Moons with possible Life.

Over the last few decades our knowledge about some of the many Moons in our solar system has changed. It has been discovered that for a world to have stable conditions for life, it is not required to be in the… 504 more words


All About the Solar System

Travis has been very into the solar system ever since receiving a book on the planets for his birthday. Following a visit to the science museum this past weekend, we had fun continuing the planet-themed games at home! 207 more words


50 Shades of Life!

When studying Computer Science I was persistently distracted in comparing and contrasting programming to how the human brain must function often instead of following the course content (I promise not to bore you and start geeking out!). 826 more words

Mental Illness


Imagine yourself. Just yourself. Imagine every cell making up your tissues. Imagine every tissue making up your organs. Imagine all the organs that make up you. 240 more words


Late last night I wrote a poem,
on a postage stamp by the light of my phone.
In a few short lines
I’d discovered it. 161 more words


Oh the Journey It Will Be...

When you decide to live your dreams, the journey will be phenomenal. Phenomenal good and phenomenal bad!  Yes, that is what I said.  But when I found my dream a number of years ago, I began a journey that will go on forever, quite literally.   134 more words

Dark Matter - Detecting The Invisible

That which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy is called as matter. Matter is present in its various forms through which we can see, observe, and study it. 514 more words