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Genius Hawking or fool?


They claim he is a genius I would say he is a fool. Not being disrespectful to him but Science has no answer to creation has it? 84 more words

The Stars Run Blindly

Or so Tennyson says.

The truth behind his words is that mankind has no control over our actions. Fate is an all-powerful force that pushes us to the edge of the earth and over; leaving us to free fall and wonder at our own heaviness while we plummet blindly to the end. 270 more words


I cannot even start a word to describe the universe I once visited when we looked at each other’s eyes. I never readied myself to what I was to feel, thus ended up holding my own hands near to my chest, for with even just another stare, I’d surely lose myself.  73 more words


Through the Universe

I travel, grabbing comets

And chasing stardust.



I know you’re tired, and to breathe is hard,
your soul is starving, scorched, and charred.
Your heavy lids pressing down your cheeks,
as the world grows dark, barren, and bleak. 92 more words


My Fuck You Note...

So I’ve been told that writing a letter to someone (but not sending), when they make you angry can be helpful so that’s what I will attempt here. 1,084 more words

Stop for a Minute

The loud boy making jokes that weren’t a tad funny stopped mid sentence

and then the girl twirling her hair

looking at him with eyes that could engulf any flame and undermine it was blinking- 244 more words