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Cloverfield Paradox: Not good, but certainly not bad

A little over two weeks ago, Netflix pulled a great stunt by announcing and releasing Cloverfield Paradox at the same day. Pretty much everyone praised this move, but the fun was quickly over as many viewers found out the movies was a piece of sh*t. 607 more words


absolute power

Humanism, the belief that human beings and their societies are perfectible within the universe of relativity by their own efforts, lacks the faith in an absolute being necessary for the subjective comprehension of the infinite and eternal void and can only conceive objectively a universe that is finite and temporal, the idea of the spatial actuality of time past. 110 more words

Absolute Categories

Ghostbusters looking to take on Pokémon GO w/ new AR title for iOS/Android

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

From 9to5Toys:

Suit up and get the proton packs out, the Ghostbusters franchise is looking to tap into the mobile augmented reality success of… 373 more words


A Pool of Ink

Let’s all turn off our lights,

slowly letting the universe

devour light in its intensity.

Then, we’ll finally know what it feels like

to be able to taste starlight on our tongues.

Battleground underway right now?!

Battleground is here!

It is underway right now! Be hyped for a 4v4 stable leaves match as the main event!

If you’re seeing this I may not still be streaming. 23 more words


Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome! This is a work in progress site to keep you up to date on anything going on with Flamingravens mixer stream found here:

The stream! 18 more words


She knows the language of the stars

She knows the language of the stars

so she calls to them,

And in all of their lustrous wonder

they respond,

– singing and twinkling, 9 more words