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To ask..and receive

I held my hands up
as if to touch each star
the ones placed just out of reach.
I could feel the movement
and the energy sent through… 136 more words


Search not, it already is what it is

10. Do not search. That which is, is. 

(Osho’s Tenth New Commandment)

Why do we run? 

We run here and we run there trying to find the best deal, the best relationship, the best job. 534 more words


This Journey Has Only Begun

Some may call me crazy

Some may call me delusional

Some may think I’m weird

Some may think I’m throwing my life away

But they cannot see the hands… 537 more words


Is the ‘Justice Society’ coming to TV?

It has already been announced that an Arrow/Flash sign off show is coming but the question remains what is this show going to be? It has been announced that The Atom, Firestorm, Sara Lance’s Black Canary will appear on the show and they just confirmed that Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter will also appear. 113 more words

Melting Stars


It was a soft October night —
quietly fell the snow,
flake by gentle flake —
making domes on fence posts,
on mailboxes,
tracing upturned branches… 99 more words



You find me
In my hidden walls;

Through the colour of my air
You see me

You hold me
As science stomachs the sun… 17 more words