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Bright future

You’ve made it very hard for me.
You’ve thrown a lot of shit on this path.
And you think I would be afraid, right?
You’ve built walls around me, thinking… 55 more words


Red Moon Chief Drum

Red Moon Chief’s deep and muted tone is nearly unchanging in the damp cool weather, he is rough and heavy yet day after day I am drawn in by her warmth and charm. 539 more words



Loneliness didn’t come close to describe what I felt. The pain threatened to rip me apart. I forced it down, it was the only way I could deal with her death. 59 more words


Do you think your dream is too big?

When you think of how you want your life to be – make it even better and bigger! There are no limitations for how magnificent life can be for you! 12 more words


How to Attract Abundance into Your Life

How do we attract abundance?  How do we open ourselves up to receive what we want in life?  There is a simple way to start receiving more in your life:  … 496 more words


Vibrating Bond

That’s it…maybe the reason we meet certain people and establish such close bonds is because our energy vibration vibrate at the same frequency and the universe conspires to unit those vibration/beings. 98 more words


When I die I shall remain a part of the universe
Not as I am now
But on the wings of the wind
In the texture of the Earth… 49 more words