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The Puzzle Part 2

It turned out he wasn’t lying to me. He was a kidder but he felt bad because a few minutes later I was crying. Why did I throw the pieces everywhere when I got upset? 269 more words


NASA Image of the Day - Celebrating National Park Week With a View of Mount Rainier

NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold captured this clear view of Mount Rainier National Park as the International Space Station orbited above, sharing the image with his followers on April 25 to celebrate National Park Week. 6 more words


Atoms may hum a tune from grand cosmic symphony

Researchers playing with a cloud of ultracold atoms uncovered behavior that bears a striking resemblance to the universe in microcosm. Their work, which forges new connections between atomic physics and the sudden expansion of the early universe, will be published in  1,030 more words


The Annunaki Saga - Part 1 - The Creation of the Universe

This material is based on a study found on the YouTube channel “Caminando el Sendero” (Walking the Path in Spanish) titled “The Annunaki Saga”. What I did was get the excellent work done on the videos, translate, correct, update and supplement the information based on the most recent studies on the topics covered. 1,435 more words


How I Met My Twin Flame

*For privacy reasons, I will refer to my TF as Adam.

I’m 24 years old. Three months fresh out of a three year-long on and off relationship. 1,907 more words

Abraham Hicks

Remember who you really are

It is time for you to remember who you really are.

To remember who you are, you will need to forget what society has tried to teach you to be. 190 more words