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The answer is in the sky above

One of the activities that I enjoy most doing in a pitch dark night is stargazing. The reasons why I do this are many; stars look like tiny sparks of light shining in the otherwise empty-looking black sky. 958 more words



I look at the night sky with bright bold moon rising like a king on his throne, in the heavens and look around to see darkness bathed in pale white and my soul leaps! 207 more words

Faith: The Power of A Question

I believe that in life,  it’s good to question your beliefs and why you believe in them for stronger faith. To want to learn and see more….and not just the surface.  320 more words


the full moon cries on sunday

watery, weepy
dreary, drowsy

heavy with love
ridden with guilt

swimming idly
floating mind

sweet poetry
cries of goodbye

days of sunshine
nighttime sobbing

inevitable shedding… 32 more words


We're losing by thinking that we're all alone

I used to think life was hard, but if you look at the stars they’re really not trying, shining and un-violent. Perhaps that’s what we are, wait I know we are. 134 more words

Poetry & Rap

It isn't selfish.

Sometimes I coach women who say something to the effect of:

“Well, my intuition is telling me ‘no,’ but I have to be realistic. I have to do what’s right.” 328 more words


Be Preparded For Weirdness: How To Know You Activated Your Third Eye

  Your third eye (also called brow chakra) is the seat of the soul and the energy for your spiritual vision. As we continue our human experience, some of us are trying to grow spiritually. 303 more words

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