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Escaping velocities puncturing the cosmic background

I think
It’s time
We’ve reached
The edge we’ve
Hit the end of
This universe
Our limit……
……Now beyond
This is where
We go
Lets see… 35 more words

Epiphanies from an Insomniac Seer

Image: Manuelestheim,DeviantArt

“4 am—if I’m ever up that early, it’s because I’m up that late.”

Jarod Kintz

I write about my experience as an insomniac often, it is actually during these times that I figure the most out about myself, about my life, my feelings, and things to come. 1,091 more words



The world is in need of stars,

that glitter in darkness,

that spread in the night sky,

to make you see

the reach of gloom then… 31 more words


Let this cute girl teach you about the smallest thing in the universe

Physics Girls teaches you about the smallest thing in the universe.


Cog rotation

Time measured in minutes seems an awful production.

Time measured in seconds piece the puzzle together.

The Eternal Clockwork of Time.