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A radical explanation about visiting other universes 

Video via Tech Insider

There are many different ways a multiverse might exist. Columbia University physicist and leading string field theorist Brian Greene explains how we might visit another universe. 98 more words


You've got a new, coded message

As I am the Hungarian, fucked up Amelie, I also ask the same stupid nonsense questions about the world, with the similar outcome rate too. 234 more words


Party People at the Public: More Than a #HashtagRevolution

Party People: Revolution is More Than a #HashtagRevolution

By Ross

There is definitely a strong and loud voice of activism over at the Public Theatre this election fall, and it’s thrilling to be a part of it. 1,228 more words

Ross Says:

The rhythms of the mind.

Rhythms from the depth of my mind,

create sounds, patterns, words;

telling the stories,

shearing the universe.

Charles Elffers


36 mutual friends


36 different ways

in which we could have met

and yet we cross each other

as strangers everyday


the weight of what we share… 50 more words


10 Game universes that you do not want to leave

Whether you are playing games or watching movies, you always penetrates features universes in which these events occur. Some of them sink into your soul, some do not even want to remember after meeting. 43 more words

In Any Universe, I Would Still Pick You

Every now and again, I stop thinking about the universe we live in, and I picture another one where you and I actually made it. I picture you and I didn’t let circumstances prevent something that I saw as potential magic, that we gave us a shot. 937 more words