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Seven Davis Jr 'Universes' - Album Review

Earlier this year Seven Davis Jnr made quite the impact on Ninja Tune with the barnstorming 12″ ‘Wild Hearts’ it is therefore a pretty bold move to leave it off the album as it is a real killer tune. 436 more words


Five Fundamental Facts of Life

We are

one with (part of) all Humanity

one with (part of) all Nature

one with (part of) Planet Earth

one with (part of) all the Universes… 15 more words


Infinite absurdity.

I’m into thoughts of infinity at the moment. I recently both saw a documentary programme about the probability of infinite numbers of universes and read a novel by Dean Koontz about people who could move between infinite universes. 224 more words


Beyond This Horizon

The cacoastrum of the embedding empyrean, in information physics, can best be defined as the all-set. As the all-set it contains in potentia all entities, including all rules by which all entities behave, all forces which affect all entities, and all frameworks against which any of these all can be measured, in a continuously churning framework of all possible interactions. 79 more words



You know those dreams that you have where your life is completely different from your life in reality?

Those dreams are actually the realities of the many different “you”s all living in different Universes. 81 more words

Idealism - and Defining Your Enemies.

I have started to read your Christian Bible and other Great Books, The Talmud, Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, The Koran etc. There are so many similarities between these works, and many of them share a lot with books written by my own people and people of many races throughout the Universes. 396 more words

Rick and Morty Parallel Universe Theory

I do love me some Rick and Morty. Some. Those eyes kind of freak me out. All scribbly.


One thing I love is how, as of this post, there’s never been a time travel episode. 411 more words