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Party People Salon Explores History of Black Panthers and Young Lords

Theatre group Universes transformed The Clarice Performing Arts Center’s Kogod Theatre into a time traveling machine, immersing the audience in the revolutionary and historic… 960 more words

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Width, Length, Height and Humanity - Simpleton

The story so far: I got myself caught in the middle of a singular dimensions astronomically-expansive clusterfuck, which the cause I am still piecing together. 258 more words



All four Glimpses stories take place in the same world and the same year, but at different points in time in that year, with Kila and Tohru being the earliest, and Kokoro and Tammi being the latest.

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Lilly Shell, Glimpses of Damnation, The La-Iin Series, and Dear Dork Child all take place in separate universes.

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The Unstable: Part 1

You are a human, right? I would hate to resend this radio transmission to someone I already sent it to. I want you to hear my story, which will completely change the way you view the universe. 473 more words

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Michaello's Newly Found Regret - Zeya

Floating through this space, I feel afraid. There is absolutely nothing left. No one to meet and no one to ask for help, and I feel guilty for floating here. 120 more words


Big Bang May Never Happened, Universe Has No Beginning or End

The Big Bang never happened and our universe may have no beginning and no end, suggests a new theory by physicists, including one of Indian-origin. 303 more words


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This is awesome! I rarely do science on this blog, but I couldn't resist this. This article from ClickitAB lets us know about a scientific theory that can totally upend our previous understanding of the universe. It's really more cosmological than scientific, but I find it pretty cool because, religiously speaking, I have always believed the universe is in fact infinite, was never created and will never be destroyed. Now it seems that science is catching up with cosmology. Thanks to Amit for sharing this!