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· cinema as door ·

We have been recently introduced to the subject of cinema as door. These doors move the audience toward something rather than just letting the spectator witness what is happening like in the case of cinema as either window or frame. 366 more words




A whistling sound,

The roar of the crowd,

The quiet breeze,

The wind through the trees,

The rustle of the leaves,

The sound as my feet… 161 more words


A Hundred Small Universes With You

“There are universes where we don’t meet. Universes where we go to different schools and feel different things and live different lives. Universes where my eyes forget the color of yours and I am drowning in someone else’s blues. 176 more words


The Universe is Far Bigger Than We Thought, and It Has 10x More Galaxies

(Source: futurism.com)

The expanded Universe

It turns out, what we call the observable universe — the part visible within our cosmological horizon, A.K.A. the final frontier — has at least 10 times more galaxies than the mid 1990s  353 more words

Current Affairs


Last weekend I had the opportunity to see the ambitious and necessary Party People by UNIVERSES at The Public Theater in New York City. Weaving oral histories of members of the Black Panthers Party and the Young Lords Party with the contemporary sociopolitical climate, … 894 more words

Personal Revolving Universes

It’s been the theme of the week, in my therapy practice. The crashing of universes.

I once heard a theory that we are all our own universes. 275 more words