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Big Bang May Never Happened, Universe Has No Beginning or End

The Big Bang never happened and our universe may have no beginning and no end, suggests a new theory by physicists, including one of Indian-origin. 303 more words


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This is awesome! I rarely do science on this blog, but I couldn't resist this. This article from ClickitAB lets us know about a scientific theory that can totally upend our previous understanding of the universe. It's really more cosmological than scientific, but I find it pretty cool because, religiously speaking, I have always believed the universe is in fact infinite, was never created and will never be destroyed. Now it seems that science is catching up with cosmology. Thanks to Amit for sharing this!


When the singer breathes between words, 
He holds universes at a pause.
The distance between each breath
Is a universe of anxious waiting
In itself.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


These Are Strange Times

I have a very problematic relationship with time. The relationship one might see in a bitter old married couple. We ignore each other until something shocking happens, then we get mad at each other. 906 more words

A Look at Our Multiverse - The D.U.M.P.P.

I step outside our office, and I just gaze at our multiverse. Everything we have created, and are still creating, right there. The 85 Zone is what we call it, and it is the light of our lives. 235 more words



sing careful,


for the notes
that you carry
are little


full of infinite
where the good
folk sleep
and wake to

you violent voice.


The best that God could do?

The reason I believe in extraterrestrial life (in some form) is that I find it too depressing to think that out of all the trillions of planets in all the universes that are, we were the best that God could do.

UNIVERSES - The DC Universe Part III - The Silver & Bronze Ages (Earth 2)

Getting into reading and collecting comics can seem difficult to the newcomer.  What are the different universes and why are there so many?

After introduction of self-regulation via  198 more words