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Reality of Gods

What a band of rejects they were.

Slayer. Inspector. Curse. Prophet. Fool.

Inspector learns more through travels.

Slayer bleeds and wolves die.

Curse searches for their gift to the world. 23 more words


Games Begin

You have to start sometime.

No currency, no knowledge and no real quest, the doors open.

Lamds and realms and pockets of adventure found with chance. 13 more words


Time to re-orient

by Lana M.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the Earth-centric view that exists on this planet.

“Man came from mud”.

“There is no other life in the universe”. 706 more words



God comes in many flavors –
Not just vanilla.

God thinks about
Going forward, and then,
In reverse.

New universes appear
And disappear
Like bouquets of light… 73 more words

Is There Any Truth in Alternate Dimensions?

FRINGE’S Alternate New Yorks

Sci-Fi producers and audiences love the theme of alternate, parallel dimensions that are just a smidge off from the one we inhabit. 258 more words


Easy Real Science for Science Fiction, Part 2 of 2

So you want to make a Sci-fi movie, and you’re wondering what you can use in your movie, that’ll make it plausible and interesting to the masses. 1,303 more words