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Fernando Laub - Universes

Fernando Laub’s Universes is a fixed-media 8 channel (that has an alternate, stereo mix) piece that is based upon three sets of drawings.  Take a listen to it below, and read the… 505 more words

Tools For Composers

"Randy" in Parallel Universes

WARNING: Adult content.

I had a stream of different dreams last night, some nightmares that had me wake up in a cold sweat Will Graham… 4,625 more words


Joy Smiles: NaPoWriMo

Window to a secret universe,

perfume of coffee & caramel

brilliant colors, velvet words, day & night,

heart & desire remembered,

it is here time… 61 more words


 When Universes Collide

You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind.”

― Yoko Ono

With all the disheartening drama of anger, political intrigue, sword-rattling, war and the like these days, I needed a good laugh and found it in one of the blogs I follow and enjoy on wordpress.com: 254 more words


One giant monkey’s angry shadow stands with its arms on its hips while three smaller ones huddle in a corner, suddenly wise, definitely curious but most of all in fear of what may come.  249 more words


Inspiration Between Universes: Recommended Reading

In case it doesn’t seem evident by now, I love learning about the stories behind stories. I love it when I learn about the inspiration behind a particular character, the reasoning behind why a certain part of the plot was changed, and even the origin story behind how a story came to be in the first place. 504 more words


On The Search For New Spirituality And Netflix's 'The OA'

I seriously enjoyed the Netflix original The OA. I honestly think everyone would benefit from watching it. Why is it so important you ask?

Because it makes you think. 879 more words