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What can go wrong when travelling

Hey Peeps

Everyone always talks about the glamorous aspects of travel, and not enough about some of the nightmares you can encounter and how to deal with them.While I do not consider myself a fairly novice individual in the world of travel, I believe I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences. 835 more words

Saints' Michael Thomas named one of best 2nd rounders of last 5 years

If anyone was looking for evidence of how good the Saints’ 2012 second-round pick was, all the confirmation is now in New England. New Orleans has sustained a juggernaut of an offense over several years with Drew Brees at the helm. 264 more words

New Orleans Saints

To Try and Fail

Five weeks ago, I started my postgraduate studies in Art. To be exact, I am studying for my Masters of Art in Visual Art at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. 806 more words


Technology kills jobs? It can also create interesting ones

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The rise of technology and automation has created fears about job losses in the future economy. But technology can also create new opportunities, and even traditional degrees like those in literature and languages can still retain their relevance. 718 more words

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Canadian Politician on the Situation in and around North American Universities

Steven Blaney (Conservative party of Canada)

Did you know that the federal government spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on direct and indirect subsidies to universities? 162 more words


Framing the Campus Sexual Assault Epidemic as an Issue of Systematic Corruption

Over the past few years, in the United States, the issue of sexual assault on university campuses has become increasingly prominent—the subject of student protests… 870 more words


The world's 17 best universities by subject — from performing arts to archaeology

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QS produces a comprehensive ranking of the world’s best universities, broken down

 by region and subject. 779 more words

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