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Tom Reed's latest effort to instruct his constituents

With a recent e-mail to constituents, Tom Reed offers us another slanted poll.

Do you believe universities receiving public funding should be required to spend a portion of their non-taxed financial assets and donations (endowment) to assist students from middle class families? 302 more words


Financialisation 2.0: Fund Managers 'Make More from #University Endowments than Students'!

New US #research shows that fund managers are making more money from #university endowments than the endowments are generating for #students

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

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Divestment doesn't have to be scary

Adapted from Gerardo Calderón and written by Sarabeth Brockley—Lehigh University Alumni.

Dear Lehigh University,

A Master’s in Environmental Policy is bittersweet in 2015. We are given the tools to do what is morally right but are hindered by what I was told was financially feasible. 1,746 more words

Human Scale Economics

Why Not 100% Equities?

What is the best portfolio for a university endowment (i.e., a portfolio with a really long time horizon)? In 1994 Thaler and Williamson argued that a portfolio composed of 100% equities was a better investment than a 60% equities and 40% bonds (60/40) investment strategy because of the higher long-term rate of return.1 358 more words

Portfolio Management


This is a quote from an article in infowars.com which I offer a link to at the end.
“Five major international banks are expected to plead guilty as soon as next week to criminal charges in the US related to their deliberate manipulation of global foreign exchange markets, which allowed them to rake in billions of dollars at the expense of retirees, university endowments and municipalities.” 130 more words
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