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another viral math puzzle

After the Singapore Maths Olympiad birthday problem that went viral, here is a Vietnamese primary school puzzle that made the frontline in The Guardian. The question is: … 276 more words

University Life

The Struggles of Being an Introvert

Before the time of social media and when my only wise words came from books and my parents and teachers around me, I thought someone who likes being alone is an outsider.  711 more words


an even more senseless taxi-ride

I was (exceptionally) working in (and for) my garden when my daughter shouted down from her window that John Nash had just died. I thus completed my tree trimming and went to check about this sad item of… 73 more words

University Life

After Rag

Honestly, I can’t help but correlate summer vacation with Rag every single year. Central forum has been transformed into the rag site by now and the space is probably filled with building equipment, paint tins, nervous and excited freshmen and courageous seniors. 118 more words


33 Thoughts a University Student have during Grocery Shopping (Aldi)

1. It’s the weekend and Aldi here I come!

2. Should I take my hand luggage for my groceries?

3. Its still had the ‘Welcome to Manchester’ tag on it though…but better awkward than dragging my heavy grocery bags all the way from city centre to my flat! 376 more words


Surviving Rock Science

When I was in my final year of college, I had to take a lab science. It was a requirement foisted upon me, not a choice. 1,080 more words


A Big Weekend

I can hardly believe I’m typing this but it’s happened… I have finished my first year at uni.

Stunned silence please.

It feels like it’s only been a few months and yet I can’t really remember life before UEA either. 372 more words

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