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24 April 105

Upon hearing of my anxiety attack two nights ago, all my friends have advised me to write.  To take up a hobby, to jog. 255 more words

What uni taught me (so far)

Hola everyone.

As you all probably all know, I’m currently in my second semester of university – I study journalism and communication studies. I know, two semesters aren’t that much, but they’re enough to show me what the university life is like. 432 more words


5 best places to study on campus

Student quote of the day – “Is this spoon clean?”

                                           “That’s a fork”.

Before delving into the topic of where to study, I must make an important note saying that it’s now the time of the year to start preparing to get involved in societies for next year. 565 more words


asking for a rebate and getting it!

Following my discussion of Ron Gallant’s paper, I received an email from the Global Journal of Management And Business Research

I came across your research paper entitled, “Comment on: Reflections on the Probability Space Induced by Moment Conditions with Implications for Bayesian Inference” and feel that your research is having a very good impact.

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University Life

When you visit your university after graduation

I loved college visits as a high schooler. 

My mom and I (and sometimes my dad) would travel the country to various universities, take tours, and get gift bags full of branded pens, tablets of paper, random lanyards, and enough pamphlets to fill an office supply store. 744 more words

Life update

Hey Hey!

I’m really sorry that I’ve not posted anything in a while! I’ve just had an insane couple weeks and a still got a few more to come! 26 more words


The Future, And All Those Other Scary Things

If my Freshman self had known that I’d be such a wreck right now, I probably wouldn’t be here today. (Yes, this counts as my ever-present End of Semester Post, peppered with photos from throughout the year). 837 more words