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Bayesian model averaging in astrophysics

In this review paper, now published in Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 6, 3 (2013), David Parkinson and Andrew R. Liddle go over the (Bayesian) model selection and model averaging perspectives. 425 more words


My home university asked me for a testimonial of my study-exchange year.

There it is…

“Studying abroad for one whole year was definitely the right decision.

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University Life

Home Sweet Home - Graduation

When I left the U.K. in mid-January, I was unsure when I would return. Of course, I wanted to return as soon as I had departed – but it was just a matter of whether circumstances would allow me to make a quick return. 945 more words


Wedding bashers

Wedding bashers

In my class, we have a very controversial girl. She barely keeps her opinions to herself and almost half the class gets annoyed with her, but because we are all supposedly well behaved, and well matured adults, we try as much as we can to ignore her existence. 448 more words


Back to Uni: Boys Vs. Girls Engineers

No University for me today. Yay!

Holidays are over, today was the first day of last semester. I decided to stay home and relax.
Something funny I found on Facebook.

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University Life

The Idea of Learning Practically

My first week back to university has been quite the eye opening. This term we begin learning through practical situations and I am only just realising that it’s very different, and unlike theory classes, I don’t truly have a solid process of learning through practical classes in order to fully understand and remember everything from the classes. 445 more words

Agnus irae

‘Darren!’ I say. ‘But –’

But Darren is looking past me, towards the front of the helicopter.

‘Hello, Ada’, says the pilot.

Dear Reader.

That voice is familiar. 319 more words