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winning entry at MCqMC'16

The nice logo of MCqMC 2016 was a collection of eight series of QMC dots on the unit (?) cube. The organisers set a competition to identify the principles behind those quasi-random sets and as I had no idea for most of them I entered very random sets unconnected with algorithmia, for which I got an honourable mention and a CD prize (if not the conference staff tee-shirt I was coveting!) Art Owen sent me back my entry, posted below and hopefully (or not!) readable.


Reading 'the right stuff'

Hello All!

Goodness, August has been a busy month. I’ve been the literal length and breadth of the country over the last two weeks and am now quite exhausted. 483 more words

University Life

#7 - Blisters and Interviews

I’ve got a new addiction: Zumbo’s Just Desserts. Anyone watching it? If not, don’t, it’s really bad. But for some reason I can’t stop watching it. 389 more words


Have I forgotten how to love?

This is a question I often find myself asking sometimes late at night. When I was younger there was never any question about love. I knew I loved my family and that they loved me. 380 more words

University Life

Fraud and the "Inventive" Academic

As a technology transfer manager, I was frequently mystified by academics who’d request or even demand I file a patent on a concept without any supporting data or proof of concept. 1,456 more words


Great Pretender

It was Friday night, and I caught myself walking fast towards a class I am already 15 minutes late for. On the way to this class, I was repeatedly mumbling to myself “What am I doing?”, “This is all a mistake” and “I want to quit” on shuffle repeat, with the occasional expletive here and there. 1,032 more words


University Morning Routine!

Hey dolls! Today I thought I would share my morning routine with you all. It’s nothing special, but because I am in University I do have more time in the mornings then I did in high school. 711 more words