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I’m Emily Jane, 19yrs, Female, 180cm, studying Law/ Business. Now we are on a need to know basis, Yay! I wanted to start blogging because why not! 674 more words

Feeling Of Home

#applyingforuni part 2: making the most of the summer before university application

You are about to go to your final year of high school so you decide to relax and charge batteries, right? WRONG. Summer before university application is the time when you absolutely shouldn’t just relax. 607 more words


Origami: The Crane

Thanks to a YouTube tutorial my first attempt at origami turned out pretty well. At first I thought it would be difficult but after several replays of the tutorial and minor paper cuts I managed to do it. 55 more words

#crane #firstattempt

Bouncing bouncy particle papers

Yesterday, two papers on bouncy particle samplers simultaneously appeared on arXiv, arxiv:1707.05200 by Chris Sherlock and Alex Thiery, and arxiv:1707.05296 by Paul Vanetti, Alexandre Bouchard-Côté, George Deligiannidis, and Arnaud Doucet. 366 more words


Self-Transcendence 2 mile races in Helsinki

Upon our arrival in Helsinki for EMS 2017, Jean-Michel Marin pointed out to me the existence of a 2 miles race the next day , indicated on the… 138 more words

University Life

the HMC algorithm meets the exchange algorithm

Julien Stoehr (now in Dublin, soon to join us as a new faculty in Paris-Dauphine!), Alan Benson and Nial Friel (both at UCD) arXived… 255 more words