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maximum likelihood on negative binomial

Estimating both parameters of a negative binomial distribution NB(N,p) by maximum likelihood sounds like an obvious exercise. But it is not because some samples lead to degenerate solutions, namely p=0 and N=∞… This occurs when the mean of the sample is larger than its empirical variance, s²>x̄, not an impossible instance: I discovered this when reading a… 236 more words



Now, while in Sydney I wanted to pick up a new pair of sunnies, because 1) I like sunnies, 2) I like fancy sunnies but don’t own any (because I lost my last pair and cried my eyes out, not afraid to admit that) and 3) I had the money to do so. 353 more words

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Tractable Fully Bayesian inference via convex optimization and optimal transport theory

“Recently, El Moselhy et al. proposed a method to construct a map that pushed forward the prior measure to the posterior measure, casting Bayesian inference as an optimal transport problem.

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Tips for Staying Positive

It’s officially October now which means one thing for those of us in school: midterms. Well, midterms, essays, and overall high stress levels. The warm frivolous days of summer are long behind us, the introductory lessons just finished, and now we all, students or not, feel the pressure to seriously get back to work. 456 more words

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Traditions and Copyright

Imagine if you will, a celebrity comes on TV. Not your worldwide, big movie celebrity, more TV hospital show celebrity.

They come on TV, not wearing the traditional TV doctor suit, but wearing a very nice Aran knit sweater. 569 more words

University Life

A workplace where people are kind - too much to ask for?

I’ve written about my bittersweet leaving of Longwood – but not about my new adventure in education.   Too busy working, I guess.  And the wound was raw last fall – in ways I didn’t realize until I landed in a new teaching job and found myself looking over my shoulder, reminiscent of a war vet with PTSD.   637 more words