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Sometimes you simply have to cartwheel your way out of excuses and regrets

I am currently in the midst of writing up my last two assignments for this study year. I know that I have said it before but this year has been THE beast of a year as far as a studying goes anyway. 342 more words


De-Stress Home Workout - from the GUWC

These stressful exam periods tend to bring with them long periods of sitting down, hunched over keyboards and note pads franticly trying to cram information onto paper and into our brains. 781 more words


Step 3 Destination Orientation

You chose your program and know what courses you want to enroll in. Its usually after this your invited to orientation ( basically before you actully enroll into courses so around end of Spring early Summer). 335 more words


The bee and me

With tea in her hand, she looked out the window at the starry sky, thinking ‘ah, I am going to fail my test so bad’, you know, the simple things in life. 189 more words

University Life

''That's what I do. I drink and I know things.''

Hello, internet, welcome to an amateur’s first blog.

This is the typical part where I tell you about who I am and where I am from and why you should continue reading my blog. 77 more words

University Life

How important is a good nightlife scene at university?

Everyone goes to university for different reasons. Yes, getting a degree is top of the list, but for many people, university means so much more than just study. 507 more words


Day One Hundred and Seventy Six

SO…it’s been a while.

Definitely INTENDED to keep up this blog, but my goodness is university very busy. It’s hard to schedule in some time to just write about my day! 460 more words