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Library Etiquette

So, I’m sat in the library reading journal articles about the “delightful” subject of testifying in post-conflict truth commissions due for my seminar this week and two girls behind me have been whispering, rather loudly, for the past 45 minutes. 458 more words


mixture models with a prior on the number of components

“From a Bayesian perspective, perhaps the most natural approach is to treat the numberof components like any other unknown parameter and put a prior on it.”

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5 odds you should know about England

  1. Shoes inside homes – In my home country Bulgaria it’s a taboo to walk with shoes inside your own or someone else’s home. Shoes are considered dirty and contaminated. 262 more words

Student Life

Last semester... Possibly

My final semester is finally here. Long 4 years have passed, and here I am ready for my piece of paper that could potentially get me far in my career. 76 more words


A confession

So I have something to share, but first the background. Now this time of year is very common for illness and living on a university campus and coming into contact with people all the time it makes it much easier to catch something. 565 more words


accelerating Metropolis-Hastings algorithms by delayed acceptance

Marco Banterle, Clara Grazian, Anthony Lee, and myself just arXived our paper “Accelerating Metropolis-Hastings algorithms by delayed acceptance“, which is an major revision and upgrade of our “ 292 more words