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same data - different models - different answers

An interesting question from a reader of the Bayesian Choice came out on X validated last week. It was about Laplace’s succession rule, which I found somewhat over-used, but it was nonetheless interesting because the question was about the discrepancy of the “non-informative” answers derived from two models applied to the data: an Hypergeometric distribution in the… 120 more words


University… What's it actually about?

Wow, hasn’t that year flown by. 9 months ago I started my adventure in Manchester, armed with boxes and anticipation and now, I sit here having finished my first year!! 387 more words


Why Attending Summer Courses Can Make You More Successful

Written by: Jasmine Robichaud

I know what you’re thinking. Give away my summer to sit in a poorly ventilated classroom? Never! But fear not my friends, I can tell you why doing exactly that may save you some time and add some spice to your stay here at Trent! 267 more words


A little Reminder


There are days, we just need a reminder, don’t we?

You know your next step. It’s small, but mighty. He will do the rest, in His time. 22 more words

University Life

Admit It, You Do This, Too.

8:26AM, the weather’s still cold and I find myself in the library. Reading, something that is meant to be done in a place like where I am now. 371 more words


Univeristy Life and CGPA, Part 01

CGPA, the magic word. It bugs your head. Push you to tension etc. etc. etc. A simple mistake can make a big difference here. How?  989 more words


Life Advice from Alexei Venediktov

I love my university. And not only for its curriculum, amazingly crazy teachers and diverse student body, but also because it has given me the opportunity to see awesome people working in the sphere of journalism every other Saturday of the year. 514 more words