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What have I learnt about myself at university?

University isn’t all about your academic achievements, great memories, fun times and life-long friends, it also is time for your personal growth and development. 583 more words


Time For Change

Sometimes, you can just be too busy!

I am no longer going to be blogging from this site. I am still writing but for a slightly different purpose. 117 more words


Give a girl the right shoe and she can change the world 

I’ve been thinking about this idea lately and the role shoes play in our lives. Now you are probably thinking, Hannah has gone mad but bear with me. 349 more words


inference with Wasserstein distance

Today, Pierre Jacob posted on arXiv a paper of ours on the use of the Wasserstein distance in statistical inference, which main focus is exploiting this distance to create an automated measure of discrepancy for ABC. 165 more words


2016: Loops and Lows

A little bit late review of last year, which was much of a buzzkill…but I still got back up! *sobs intensely* 1,020 more words


M&TB's First Post of 2017: life feat. some wonton making tips

I’ve done well with hatching babies so far and happily added this lil Smoochum to my Pokedex today.

I’ve been back in Toronto for a couple of weeks now and am very conscious of the fact that I had said, back in September or something, that I wanted to chronicle my thoughts about living here on this blog. 653 more words


House vs Home

What defines ‘home?’

There are a number of sayings that tackle this topic: home is where the heart is, home is where the hugs are, home is where the wifi connects automatically. 363 more words

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