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Football injuries increasing on the field -- and on the sidelines too

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The excitement of playing under those bright stadium lights pumps adrenaline into the veins of every player, but all it takes is one wrong move to blow the bulbs, sometimes forever. 1,463 more words


U of A Trip

Anthony Khalifeh

The project I did was going to Cellular and Molecular Biology event that was held by the University of Arizona. They had presentations about the different fields of study under cellular and molecular biology. 123 more words

Community Outreach

A childhood admiration

Growing up we all have that one person that we look up to and aspire to be like. For me, that has been my brother Adam since day one. 501 more words


Some handy bike-theft prevention tips


Bikes are obviously a common way for people to get around, especially college students traveling to multiple locations for classes every day. 635 more words


Flood of Emotion About 'Even The Rain'

The room was visibly humid. And the audience of almost 200 students made the air thicker. Amongst the impromptu screening room mobiles occasionally flashed on, flickering like lightning bugs cutting through muggy New Jersey evenings. 284 more words

Professional Work

4/1/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I arrived in Socorro in the early morning hours. I took a quick nap, ran some laundry, and then headed over to campus to pick up students for the AIChE conference.   122 more words

Social Events

Nuestra Poesía: An Evening of Poetry with Alberto Ríos

Join us for an evening with Arizona Poet Laureate Alberto Ríos. Ríos will share some of his work and discuss the role that oral history plays in his writing. 152 more words