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Scientists found a way to make lotions out of your skin’s good bacteria to help fight its bad bacteria

Our largest organ—our skin—is crawling with bacteria, as well as fungi, viruses, and even tiny mites. For the most part, this is a good thing: Benign skin-dwelling microorganisms outcompete potentially harmful ones for food (read: oil from our pores and dead skin cells), some of them also produce chemicals that can kill harmful bacteria. 425 more words

Booklist for Spring 2017 class

LTWL 116: Adolescent Literature

Coming of Age

“Coming of age” marks the culmination of adolescence and the threshold of adulthood. It has been a recurring theme in the modern novel, beginning with the Bildungsroman (development or education novel) of the nineteenth century. 209 more words

Scientists used underwater drone swarms to solve the mystery of plankton mating

Swarms of airborne drones can already dance in unison, so it was only a matter of time before marine scientists tried to have them swim in formation underwater. 692 more words

UCSD Winter 2017 LTWL syllabus

The syllabus for the winter 2017 class – LTWL 120: Popular Literature (Fantasy After Tolkien) – has now been published.

First class is January 10. Have a safe and magical holiday.

LTWL 114, Final Test

Final Test

LTWL 114, Children’s Literature

Answer the following questions in 400 words each. In order to receive full credit (5 points each), you must include relevant direct quotations from the books. 93 more words