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Live Review: Kagoule

Broadcast, 07/11

In the intimate setting of Broadcast’s basement, Glaswegian support act Catholic Action strut onto stage to a welcoming roar from the crowd. The obligatory throng of enthusiastic fans at the front surge closer as frontman Chris McCrory insists “I want to be uncomfortable, come close”. 285 more words

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A Woman of Great Importance: Marie Curie

The 7th of November marked the 150th birthday of Marie Curie (née Maria Skłodowska), one of the world’s most remarkable women. Curie grew up in Warsaw in the Russian partition of Poland, where her fiercely nationalist family suffered due to their love of Poland: her father was forced to resign from a teaching position at the university, causing the family to struggle financially. 375 more words

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Creative Conversations with Christopher Brookmyre

‘“A” is for Alibi, “B” is for Burglar… she must be dreading that day when she has to write a book about xylophones,’ says… 576 more words


Arts Review: Dear Esther

Tramway, 3rd November

Dear Esther straddles the boundaries of method and experience. The project began as the brainchild of Dan Pinchbeck in a strive to explore the relationship between interactivity and immersion in the video game format. 335 more words

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Football Crazy, Football Mad: Hairies and Big Boots

It can be a wee bit of an odd experience going to matches while being female. Guys will shout and swear at every cunt on the park, then turn and apologise to me – or weirder, to my dad – as if I wasn’t also getting stuck in. 774 more words

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First Takes: Point Break

In the second feature of our running series Louise Wylie gives her first impressions of Kathryn Bigelow’s seminal 90s surfer-thriller. 379 more words

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Album Review: The Zephyr Bones - 'Secret Place'

Reverb is the death of songwriting.

The guitar work is simplistic (slick reverb heavy riffs repeated ad nauseam), the drums so static they come across as inorganic, and the vocalist’s best impression of a whispered conversation at the other end of a cathedral is unintelligible. 113 more words

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