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My Music Lexicon: S is for Soft Machine (and Springsteen)

Jazz is not like Marmite. When it comes to that disgusting yeast extract you either love it or you hate it – and you now¬† know my position on the matter – but there is some jazz I like and some I just can’t bear. 242 more words


Dale Martin on Ancient, Biblical, and Modern Families

On February 9, 2017, Professor Dale B. Martin (Yale University) gave an open lecture on ‘the family’ in ancient and modern times, at the University of Kent. 8 more words


Sword in Stone (A Poem by Jan Decena)

“Once upon a time was just a fairy tale,
And once upon a time is up for sale,
Long ago was just a dream, a whisper… 372 more words



I’m sorry I’ve not had the time to update you! I’m currently quite busy with my dissertation. Last few weeks to get everything right!

I’ve got so much to update too! 65 more words


Expertise and Denial: Philosophical Edition

Soon after I wrote my last post (too long ago, unfortunately) I attended a wonderful workshop on political theology. The University of Kent’s School of Law, in conjunction with Birkbeck and some other university’s, started a wider project focused on juridification and political theology. 313 more words

Canterbury Shakespeare Festival Production of Othello

Sitting in the audience, waiting for the production to start and I am reminded of my first proper introduction to Shakespeare. In my access course as a mature student I read Hamlet and my immediate responses were, “Oh no. 815 more words


Picnic time approaching... plus Consultation, District Plan Green Gap status and Signage update

This Blog has been “rested” for a while, buts its time to rejoin! There are three reasons for this. First, after several months of unexplained delay, the Consultation Report on the Conceptual Master Plan, covering the consultation of summer 2016, was finally published a few weeks ago. 2,926 more words