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'the h in university stands for happiness'

Currently in the library working towards a study project due in 6 days and I have just looked outside the window. Despite the chilly weather and the car lights fading in the misty fog as they drive through the university road, or my stress levels being higher than Burj Khalifa I must say I haven’t felt more content since December when I went to Finland. 555 more words


Why We Struggle To Get a Good Night’s Sleep As We Get Older

New research has identified the way age impairs the ability of the circadian clock in mammals to re-set itself when exposed to light, resulting in disruption to sleeping patterns and consequent threats to wellbeing. 231 more words

Breaking News

Cambridge Analytica, the power of data

The use of pleasure will be discussing a range of material this week as always, but an introduction to the Cambridge Analytica affair will be provided to get the ball rolling. 161 more words


Tuesday's meeting - agenda and power

The use of pleasure meets this afternoon in the K bar between 4pm and 6pm.

No agenda has been set but expected topics of conversation may include (but are not limited to): 56 more words


Historian to speak in Canterbury

Historian Ilan Pappe will lecture at University of Kent on Thursday 22 March on the history and consequences of the Nakba, the catastrophe 70 years ago that saw an exodus of Palestinians in the face of Zionist forces and massacres. 121 more words


Covenant University Education Fair

The education fair held at the CUCRID building of Covenant University on Friday the 16th of March, 2018. It was my first time of attending such. 342 more words

Life Of A Student

Compassion and resentment, equally transient?

At the first meeting of the use of pleasure, issues of power and knowledge were discussed by a group that varied in size throughout the evening. 323 more words