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Claire's Exchange Timeline

The Exchange Timeline: a comprehensive guide to what you will think and feel

I wanted to write a blog post that I thought would be helpful for future exchange students to read, but I didn’t want to write a “what I wish I knew”, “highlights of my exchange” or “what I have learnt” blog, so instead I am going to tell you the cycle of emotions you will feel whilst on exchange. 350 more words

Study Abroad

Mridhulamangai's Preparation for LISS

Hello! I am Mridhulamangai doing Biomedical engineering in PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.

Studying abroad has always been an extensive part of my wish list. 167 more words

University Of Leeds

The Emergence of Holocaust Memory, Leeds

The White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (at the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York) welcomes applications for doctoral study in “The E​mergence of Holocaust Memory in francophone North Africa and the Middle East”.  277 more words

Competitions, Prizes, Bursaries

Battles on Bass Rock

By mid-April almost all the gannets have returned to Bass Rock and tensions are high. Fights are common with birds on the edge of the colony trying to establish themselves on a territory.   466 more words

來里茲念書要帶什麼?(For Girls)

我又寫文章來逃避我的論文了!這次呢, 是給女生來英國前的保養建議!到底要不要從台灣帶保養品來?要帶什麼才不佔空間?

1. 皮膚:英國天氣非常的乾,皮膚不管是臉還是身體都會變很乾。臉可能會脫皮有些人會長痘痘這些都是正常的,因為皮膚要適應新環境,過幾個禮拜或一兩個月就會好了。 保濕在英國非常重要。如果沒有擦身體乳液的習慣,來英國一定要慢慢習慣擦不然身體很乾跟木乃伊一樣。 just kidding! But it is dry.. 乳液來英國買就好,非常多牌子可以選擇

2. 保養品: 如果平常習慣是用日韓,請從台灣帶幾個月或是一年的份量過來,英國很少有在賣日韓的保養品。如果用歐美保養品可以到英國買, 在Boots, Debenhams,etc, 百貨公司,藥妝店,網路looksfantastic.com都可以買到! 喜歡紙面膜也請從台灣帶,英國很少有紙面膜. 都是gel mask.

3. 衛生棉: 有聽人說過英國只有衛生條,也因為這個錯誤資訊,也害很多人怕沒有衛生棉而帶了很多過來!英國衛生棉跟條都有賣,《長的短的厚的薄的棉的網的衛生棉》 7 more words

International Student

TV: TEF Protest at Leeds University

A month ago the students of Leeds University gathered in order to protest against the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The Daily Bulletin interviewed Emma Healey (Equality & Diversity Officer at the University of Leeds) and asked the students their opinions about the new government law. 17 more words

Business/ Economics

Review: Spelling Bee – Musical Theatre Society

Musical Theatre Society’s latest production takes us back to those cringe-ridden days of adolescence with an unashamed brashness and humour. In presenting us with some of the darker sides of growing up face on with laughter, charm and song, the production spells for a night of light-hearted triumph. 400 more words