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Weekly Photo Challenge - Muse (3)

My third choice for this weeks photo challenge is my hometown, over the years I have had something of a love hate relationship with it and have on occasion found to be an extremely cruel place. 129 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Muse (2)

My second choice for this weeks photo challenge is possibly a strange one but I am always drawn to graveyards. If it is in good taste to do so I enjoy photographing these locations. 86 more words


"Yet feet that wandering have gone, turn at last to home afar"

The title is part of the poem spoken by Bilbo Baggins at the end of “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkein, as he sees his home from afar on his return. 1,164 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Muse (1)

Some weeks I find this challenge easer than others and there are definite subjects I keep returning to for photography although I am not sure what they say about me! 78 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Publicity for the Project

We’ve had some great publicity for the project in the last week or so, following the launch of the project interactive website on 15th June – thanks again to Gareth and the Press Team at University of Leeds, and Peter and the Press Team at the University of Southampton, and to Ivan Macquisten at… 225 more words

The flaw in the plan.

So I’m officially unemployed, leaching off my parents and getting up at 2pm every day, once again. The highlight of last week was the day I ordered a pizza. 1,272 more words

British Council

On generosity in academia




  1. Liberality in giving or willingness to give,
  2. Kindness or magnanimity,
  3. Amplitude; abundance,
  4. A generous act.

Ref: The Free Dictionary 

Last week I attended Bren Neale’s retirement conference (which I discuss here) and it has got me musing about generosity in academic life. 765 more words

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