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Student political protest is under threat, not free speech

This is the original, longer version of a letter which appeared in The Observer on February 22nd (and can be read online here). It also contains more signatories, since people were still adding their names when we sent the letter off. 1,083 more words

KCL sustainability blog guest post

I did a thing for my university Sustainability Team’s blog about a few of the political developments in energy and climate in the media from 2014. 10 more words

What is Philosophy?

One frustration most philosophy students share is a consequence of the gulf that exists between what the study of philosophy actually involves, and what many people who have never studied philosophy – which includes most of our family and friends and acquaintances — … 1,346 more words

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The Naive Theatre Geek

I’ve been a naive theatre geek for a long time.

When you love theatre, you wrestle with why this thing you adore so much is actually important. 386 more words


Universities banning all watches from exams because of Apple Watch

”Apple’s smartwatch innovation has had an unexpected side-effect. BuzzFeed News has learned that universities have starting issuing blanket bans on all students wearing watches in exam halls – because invigilators can’t tell whether students actually have a mini-computer strapped to their wrist,” Jim Waterson reports for BuzzFeed. 139 more words


Student at Birbeck College jailed for attempting to join ISIL in Syria

A student at Birbeck College, University of London, has been jailed for three and a half years for planning to join rebel forces in Syria. 190 more words


Who Am I?

When someone studying philosophy begins a discussion with the question ‘Who am I?’ your instinctive reaction may be to look for the nearest exit. But before you take your leave, let me assure you that my aim in asking and answering that question is much more prosaic than the label ‘philosopher’ might at first lead you to believe. 1,023 more words

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