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Hello again

It’s been a while. Turns out that grad school takes up an inordinate amount of time. Who would have guessed? But, I’m done! I’m the proud new owner of a… 218 more words


New study deems river floodplains 'most important feature in the mountain landscapes'

North America’s river valleys — including the Bow, Oldman, Red Deer and Athabasca rivers in Alberta — provide some of the most important habitat for fish, birds, and mammals such as grizzly bears and wolves, a new study suggests. 660 more words

Local News

Missoula to Berlin: The Field Experience

Today in Berlin, a new piece of journalism was born. Maybe that doesn’t qualify as news, but if you had the chance to be there at the birth, you might share my appreciation. 454 more words


Missoula to Berlin Update: The Optimistic Generation

It’s hard to imagine what’s going on in Germany today. But try this: imagine you live in a country that has the opportunity to accomplish two earth-shattering, history-making achievements in the space of one generation. 364 more words


Missoula to Berlin Update: May 26, 2016

They came by plane and by train and by foot, a dozen and a half of them, carrying bundles and suitcases and keepsakes, looking tired but relieved to have arrived in Berlin. 290 more words


Missoula by Jon Krakauer (2015)

I have utmost respect for Krakauer as a writer and an investigative journalist. He always seems to find a story that needs telling, and he humanizes his stories in such a way that his readers understand the issues and implications of his topics, but we also see the personal and emotional side by getting to know the people who make up each story. 244 more words

Book Reviews

The making of a mobile sauna

An Experimental Meeting Place to Talk About Sustainability

The Boiling Pot is all about fostering a community of sustainability. We trust that the physical structure will do this in places where it is set up, but what about beyond that? 2,382 more words