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When the Language of Truth is "Problematic" or "Unhelpful," Tonight at 11 p.m. ET (8 p.m. PT)

Leftists create college and university speech codes that label certain terms–terms used to communicate important truths–as “problematic.” Republican politicians deem certain ways of expressing the truth as “unhelpful.” What should be done? 315 more words

Don't Let It Go...Unheard

Keller @ Large: UNH's 'Bias-Free Language Guide' Takes Political Correctness Too Far

BOSTON (CBS) – No doubt, there’s a lot to do on the Durham campus of the University of New Hampshire.

But according to a “Bias-Free Language Guide” that’s now been removed from their website, there are limits to what you can appropriately say. 266 more words


James Taranto: Durham, We Have a Problem

Wall Street Journal — A failed quest for “bias-free language.”

“Language has been described as complicated, intriguing and beautiful.” So opens the University of New Hampshire’s “Bias-Free Language Guide,” whose unstated purpose is to make language a lot more complicated and less beautiful. 63 more words


On The University Of New Hampshire's Bias-Free Language Guide And "Problematic" Words

As perhaps the totality of this blog demonstrates, I’m not a flag-waving jingoistic ‘Murica type of individual. That said, the designation of the word “American” as “problematic” in… 499 more words

Future Trends

Tough Day at the Office

Last week, I spent a gorgeous day on Newfound Lake with Cooperative Extension’s Lakes Lay Monitoring program. (As you can see from the photo, it was pretty miserable.) I interviewed some knowledgeable UNH interns, misused some fancy water testing equipment, and got a pretty stellar sunburn. 22 more words

University Of New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire Deems 'American' as a Problematic Term

According to the University of New Hampshire, the term “American” can be problematic.

According to a “Bias-Free Language Guide,” the term causes an issue because it joins “illegal alien,” “mothering,” “fathering,” and numerous other words the university apparently frowns upon for some reason or another. 155 more words