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Know you're product*

Do you have a Personal Brand™?

I don’t mean preferring Nintendo to Xbox, your penchant for Converse All-Stars, or having Google tattooed on your face. 1,251 more words

University Of Newcastle

Put down the phone: why you need a digital detox

Here we are, knee deep in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technology is not just something we use, it is increasingly intertwined with every aspect of our lives, and it’s only going to dig itself deeper into our day-to-day functioning as time passes. 979 more words

University Of Newcastle

Video: Race to UON

Think twice before grabbing the car keys.

Yes it might seem more convenient, but once you factor in the price of petrol, price of parking and actually finding a park – is it really the better option? 37 more words

University Of Newcastle

Woven Into My Daily Life: My Time Abroad

Over 17 years ago, I took part in an Education Abroad experience at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. In making just one important choice in what now seems ages ago, I uncovered the focus of my graduate research, laid out a road map to my career, constructed the beginnings of long-enduring friendships, and explored cultural gems that still beckon from the other side of the world. 622 more words

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5 ways to squeeze exercise into your study schedule

If you’re a full-time student, you understand the demands of your study load is often more intense than a full-time job, yet on top of that we’re also supposed to worry about social lives, making actual money and attempting to stay healthy. 834 more words

University Of Newcastle

4 things you should be doing in your final year at UON

You’ve gone through almost two decades of formal education, attended more classes than you have brain cells, and are eagerly awaiting the day you’ll never again have to passive-aggressively message Alice 17 times for her half of the Marketing 1001 group assignment. 994 more words

University Of Newcastle

Saying goodbye to STIs

Sex isn’t taboo and it’s important to be able to have a healthy discussion about sex so that you can develop healthy relationships and behaviours. Sexual Health Awareness Week (SHAW) is being held from the 12-16 March across Newcastle City Precinct and Callaghan campus as it’s really important that you know how to look after your sexual health. 790 more words

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