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So you’ve finished your degree…what now?

So your years as an undergraduate have come to an end and ultimately you’re asking yourself, what the #$%* am I supposed to do now? 464 more words

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The 4 best ways to stay informed at UON

1.   Navigator (aka this trusty blog)

Navigator is maintained by a team of students just like you! Every article written on our blog is created by students for students. 524 more words

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Online vs on-campus study

The online leaning world is continuing to develop and grow. Have you ever wondered how studying online is different from studying on campus? We interviewed some UON students to give us insight into the main differences between studying online vs on-campus. 722 more words

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3 (online) ways to improve your chances of getting a job

Just because university is wrapping up for the semester doesn’t mean you can’t use your time-off productively. Working from the assumption that the main reason you’re at university is to start your career, there are plenty of things you can do right now to boost your employability. 561 more words

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Wrapping up 2017: how to declutter your uni life

For most of us, uni is over for another year. Time to forget the last two semesters ever happened, cleanse your pile of notes and study debris with some soothing fire and develop a skin of rational ignorance regarding uni, at least until it’s time to enrol for next year. 951 more words

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Waiting for those results totally sucks, here’s how to do it better

Accept that you’ll worry a little, then focus on the positives

Worrying is a part of being human. It only becomes a concern when our anxiety gets the better of us and our silly minds blow things way out of proportion. 536 more words

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How to get help when you feel like you're in too deep

It may be tempting to dismiss your hardship as another problem that isn’t important, but it’s vital that you speak up because people can only help you if they actually know what’s going on. 815 more words

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