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Testimony: I am graduating.

B.S. Pharmacy has always been challenging for me. I was always on the brink of not passing a major subject but God has always given me His grace. 346 more words

Batch 2015

Reminiscent of A Student

It’s the time of the year when fire trees put on orange skies and my Alma Mater rejoices over hundreds of individuals stepping up another ladder. 849 more words

Personal Trots

Crossing the Arch the Second Time

I was walking outside the Engineering Building after confirming and reserving my slot as a student in UST. I was clueless, innocent, and naive just as the leaves rustle through the sidewalk. 784 more words

Thought Bubble

Apolinario Mabini: the sublime paralytic

Apolinario Mabini was a Batangueno. He was poor, too. He had to support himself all throughout his school years to be able to study at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Manila and at the University of Santo Tomas. 160 more words

You Idiom!

  1. At the head of the class- the class president/leader
  2. Head and shoulders above- clearly superior to someone or something
  3. A head start- to obtain an early start usually in a competitive situation…
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Commonly used words and phrases borrowed from different countries

  1. A cappella – a group or solo singing without instruments
  2. A fortiori- an argument from a yet stronger reason
  3. A la (à la)– in the style or manner of a poem…
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