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I Can See Clearly Now

“Eyes are the windows to the soul”

It has been 2 months since I had my life changing experience of having my LASIK procedure. I was born with poor eyesight. 187 more words


Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: Oct 14th to Dec 30th, 1943

It’s been a while since I posted from my grandfather’s WW2 memoirs; I’ve found the blog gets more hits when I actually transcribe the pages instead of simply posting scans of the actual pages, and transcribing takes a while, even as fast a typer as I am. 279 more words


Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: May 17th to October 30th, 1943 Part 2

I am going to resume transcribing my grandfather’s memoirs for a bit. I’m noticing less of a response in my tracking stats when I just post scans of the actual pages he typed the memoirs out on. 667 more words

Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: September 1st, 1942 thru May 17th, 1943

I’m going to continue just displaying scans of my grandfather’s memoirs for now, at least until the American military returns in late 1944/early 1945. This page covers the nine months from September 1942 through May 1943. 84 more words

Carl E. Rice World War II Memoirs: Jan. 4th to 17th, 1942

Jan 4—The boys and myself packed our clothes in barrack bag and haversacks, hid most of our food reserves and waited.

Jan 5—All day the Japs were rounding up Americans in trucks and taking them to Santo Tomas… 689 more words

Read this Tomasian's uplifting story of being reunited with his lost lover

We’ve all been used to the fact that the one that got away will never ever come back again and the only hope to be reunited with the one that got away is always at the next lifetime. 1,593 more words