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The End: Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: June 22nd to August 23rd, 1945

June 22, 1945—Moved to San Carlos Camp, on a hill in Mandaloyan, an old Spanish Convent. Spent first night in a tent with Mr. Jones, rained and hard wind blew the tent down on us.  321 more words


Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: March 13th to June 22nd, 1945

March 1945—We are being well taken care of by the Army, more food than we can eat, each of us receives a 14 oz can of evaporated milk each day, the small children receive special food, prepared in Hospital kitchen, we eat under a tent fly near Dormitory; Col. 563 more words


Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: March 2nd to March 9, 1945

March 1st, Monday (repeated here from previous post for continuity)—Went to Far Eastern University to report regarding the Civil Service employees of the Quartermaster Department, could find no one who knew what to do about us. 298 more words


Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: February 8th and February 9th, 1945

Thursday, Feb 8, 1945 cont.—The fires do not appear to be on our Leviriza St yet (where my dad’s family lived) as they appear to be in Paco and Ermita, also this side of the River. 294 more words


UAAP Season LXXIX: Cheerdance Competition

“Graceful as Cats, strong as Tigers”
Indeed a surprising season has ended for UAAP Cheerdance Competition. I highly appreciate this year’s performances. I guess every school deserves a big round of applause for a job well done. 120 more words


Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: December 15th to December 23rd, 1944

Dec 15, 1944—Bombings continue, very little resistance, even machine gun air fields and bay, also the district east of town; distant fires and explosions; rumors of landings in Mindoro, Marinduque and Masbate. 471 more words

Carl E. Rice WW2 Memoirs: November 1st to November 25th, 1944

Nov 1, 1944 to Nov 25—I will pause in the battle reports and pick up a few incidental routine items:

November 14 received letter from Ada… 467 more words