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Congrats to - Saana Isojunno for her new pilot whale paper

Congratulations to ECN member Saana Isojunno; her paper on environmental and anthropogenic sources of variation in pilot whale activity was published in Ecosphere in late December. 654 more words

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Congrats to – Izzy Langley for her new Weddell seal paper

Congratulations to ECN member Izzy Langley; her paper on the distributions of Weddell seals off the Antarctic continental shelf and the sexes use the region differently was published in… 380 more words

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Congrats to - Gui Bortolotto for his new humpback whale paper

Congratulations to ECN member Gui Bortolotto; his paper on the abundance of humpback whales off the Brazillian coast and how they utilise their habitat was published in… 388 more words

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Cultivating Perspectives on Landscape

This guest article is by Chloe Bray, whose research interrogates the concept of liminal landscape in fifth-century BC Greek tragedy, focussing on mountains, the sea, and meadows, as common tragic settings. 1,497 more words

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Learning the Russian Tongue

This guest blog comes from Poppy Mankowitz, who is a fourth year PhD student in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. Poppy’s research centres on the meanings of words used to talk about quantities (e.g. 955 more words

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Saltmarshes on the fringe

The Eden Estuary is an important site for nature and is designated for its local, national and international importance. Dr Clare Maynard of the University of St Andrews explains her work in restoring the Eden’s saltmarsh habitat and its significance in helping combat climate change, while PhD student Ben Taylor discusses his research into the carbon storage potential of saltmarsh. 976 more words

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