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Jack Straw and Black Dwarf

Jack Straw was elected NUS President in 1969 as part of the organisation’s political turn. NUS changed its constitution to be able to debate and pass policy on political issues, and Straw was part of a new left-wing national leadership. 163 more words


Statistics versus Data Science [or not]

Last week a colleague from Warwick forwarded us a short argumentation by Donald Macnaughton (a “Toronto-based statistician”) about switching the name of our field from Statistics to Data Science. 325 more words


Final Fresher's Week!

Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re all doing okay. Since my last post, I’ve moved back to university and I’m all settled in, having just completed my first week. 1,254 more words


Children of Time [book review]

I came by this book in the common room of the mathematics department of the University of Warwick, which I visit regularly during my stays there, for it enjoys a book sharing box where I leave the books I’ve read (and do not want to carry back to Paris) and where I check for potential catches… One of… 221 more words


Barker at the Bernoulli factory

Yesterday, Flavio Gonçalves, Krzysztof Latuszýnski, and Gareth Roberts (Warwick) arXived a paper on Barker’s algorithm for Bayesian inference with intractable likelihoods.

“…roughly speaking Barker’s method is at worst half as good as Metropolis-Hastings.”

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Eat more amino acids to lose weight

If you, like me and millions of others, are overweight, a new study offers a possible solution.

Researchers at the University of Warwick found that tanycytes, cells in the part of the brain that controls energy, detect nutrients in food such as  amino acids. 61 more words


Join 50+attendees at the University of Warwick for the Woman Who...Network on Friday. Only a few tickets left.

Only a few tickets remain for the Woman Who…Network at the University of Warwick on Friday 8th September 2017.

Join over 50 women in business and students who have already booked to hear great local and inspirational women in business speakers. 532 more words

Coventry & Warwickshire Woman Who...Awards