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I miss Bohol

But amongst the various reasons I had for rejecting the TA-ship this year was that what I missed could not be relived. It was the people that made the trip memorable for me. 42 more words

BMI- What We Need To Know

Lately on social media I’ve been seeing some really misleading posts about BMI. I’ve begun wondering, how many people truly understand a BMI? In some of my nutrition and kinesiology classes, I’ve noticed a surprising amount of my peers not fully understand a BMI measurement. 285 more words


1,2,3,4 I want to blog some more

Remember when you were in your final year of University and all the days blurred together and you didn’t know if you wanted to sleep, eat, drink, cry, or have sex? 64 more words


Site work

One of the modules in my first year was ‘Site-based and community practices’, and I can happily say without a doubt that this was one of the most interesting learning experiences of my life. 329 more words

Uni pearls of wisdom

I’m currently nearing the end of my first year at Liverpool Hope University and during a recent conversation with my flatmate he asked me “Do you think you’ve changed as a person?”. 676 more words


Review: Radio Silence


I hope somebody is listening.


Frances has always lived as “School Frances”- the perfect headgirl, the robotic high achiever devoid of personality. But when she meets Aled, the ingenius creator behind her favourite podcast, she feels free to be herself for the first time. 202 more words

Book Review

If I leave in the shadows will you notice I'm gone?

Just another day in the life of the average university student, who’s realising she’s more messed up than she thought

After spending the day secretly packing, hiding from my flatmates, cleaning and running sightly pointless errands, because doing somthing productive is just not complete possible right now.

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