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An Alternative Reality

This is a post that‘ve been quite reluctant to write, as I’ve never really shared anything deeply personal about my private life on my blog. So please be kind, … 366 more words

To plan or not to plan. That is the question.

Man did he look handsome in his first suit! Spitting image of his dad one could say. 18 year old Arne getting ready for his first oral exam ever at university earlier this week. 331 more words

Temp Jobs to get my CV Sparkling...

Out of University – into the big wide working world. MASSIVE change.

But a change we all have to make!

My CV is pretty bland at the moment. 135 more words



“You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. 163 more words


Working with scales

Changing the scale of drawing can often be problematic, but using a simple chart like the one above, it is quite simple. If you are using software that scales using a factor of 1.0 as 100%, then simply adjust the figures above accordingly so for example, 10% is 0.1 and 200% is 2.0. 38 more words


Is this the end?

So obviously it happened, university is over everyone is on their emotional rollercoaster of self discovery/hate and theres only really one thing to do

go out to the local shit night club, dress in fancy dress and drink more £2 vodka redouble than is known to be humanly possible! 151 more words


That 70's Shoot.

My final term in the first year of my university adventure is quickly coming to a close and I think by far its been my favourite set of projects to date. 96 more words