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My 30 University First Year Tips (All you need to know!)

  1. Learn how to budget (yearly, monthly, weekly)
  2. Know how to manage your time wisely (social vs university vs parttime job if you have one)
  3. Say YES (tries lots of new things – living YOLO life and gain heaps of experiences this year)
  4. 593 more words

The Two Sides

Drawn by: Giovanni – A good friend – soon 20 years old

Context: We went out with our friends and I was telling him about my project, ask him if he was interested in participating. 724 more words


a kind of feeling

There are moments in life where time just stops and you watch everything go past you in slow motion. You begin to wonder why time is passing so slowly and why nothing much is changing. 561 more words


Trippy Forks

This is a piece of work I did for class a few weeks ago. It is a fork pattern drawn with the Tombow Dual Brush Markers then edited in Photoshop to create this final image.


A Christmas Message

Hello everyone!

Congratulations, you’ve officially made it to the last week of the first term of the year! If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling tired, broke, and several pounds heavier (student life, eh?), but hopefully you’ve also had a busy and satisfying term filled with seminars and socialising! 247 more words

Warwick Classics Society

Procrastination and frustration (profrustination?)


As previously mentioned, I am studying for a degree in Criminology and Psychology, and am currently on my first module (essentially, first year). I’ve been so excited for it starting, and I have actually been doing well. 329 more words


The influence of playing video games on academic performance among graduates

Hey guys,

Here’s my new academic research in the field of video games. I`ve shared my full paper at the end of this post. Cheers. 353 more words