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Keeping UP: De-stressing with Music

Music has been such a big part of my life since I was just a kid. I remember waking up to Bee Gees’ and The Beatles’ songs playing on my dad’s cassette player every morning, I would jump out of the bed and run straight towards the mirror to lip sync. 613 more words


The Working and Under Classes

I think this one might be a bit of rant. I wish I was sorry. 2,002 more words



It has been a matter of months since my last post and I worked it out to be that way for a reason. For nearly two months now I have been living on my own at my new University, studying Law and Justice, and saying it has been easy would make me a complete liar. 516 more words

Workshop: Comparing Practices of Knowledge (Stuart M. McManus)

Stuart M. McManus, SIFK Postdoctoral Fellow
“Empire of Eloquence: Humanism and Iberian Global Expansion, 1500-1825”

Classical rhetoric and neo-Roman public oratory played a pivotal role in forging Iberia’s global empires in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. 174 more words

Steve G. Stevanovich

Teacher increase combats low graduate employment rates


A planned increase to the amount of teachers available to public schools could potentially combat the lack of graduate jobs for education students. 349 more words


Update on my Application

Hey Guys,

Just writing a short post, keeping you updated on my application and my thoughts on the whole process.

So last we heard I had been officially accepted by the University of Twente, so what have I been doing since the last post? 195 more words