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How naive of me to think that this year was going to run smoothly and go exactly as I had planned it to go. I really don’t understand why I try to think ahead or plan so much because nothing ever actually stays the same for long. 502 more words


Survey: 25% College Admissions Officers Feel Pressure To Admit Students With Better Connections Than Qualifications

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — It’s college admissions season, and millions of applicants and their parents are getting rejection letters despite high grade point averages, test scores and extra curricular activities. 124 more words


where you go, is not who you'll be

I remember spending the last two years of my high school career terrified of not getting into or going to a “good” school. Adults in my life told me a lot of things about what constituted a good school and how much whichever school I chose would affect me as far as long-term career options were concerned. 435 more words


Stanford Student's 'Cry For Help': Reportedly Admits Poisoning Classmates' Water Bottles With Formaldehyde

STANFORD (KCBS)– A Stanford graduate student who said it was “a cry for help” admitted putting a lab chemical in classmate’s water bottles.

Several students who drank the water tainted with a chemical similar to formaldehyde said they had adverse reactions, but none was seriously hurt. 65 more words


Don't You Just Hate Word Count

Word count really is my enemy sometimes.

As I am studying journalism, I have to do a lot of assignments throughout the year. majority of my assignments have a word count of about 400-500 on them. 146 more words


8 reasons to study in Norway. 8 причин, чтобы учиться в Норвегии.

(По-русски ниже)

Are you thinking about taking further education? It could be a certain course in your field of interest, or a whole bachelor, master degree or even PhD. 858 more words


Actual work

I have realised that I actually haven’t put much on here relating to the actual work I have produced. Sure I have put up pictures that I have drawn but I have shown nothing that is 3D! 138 more words