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I failed... and that's okay

Two Friday’s ago, I had an online exam for one of my subjects, Policy Making and Management. I had completed all my readings that we were expected to have completed. 1,037 more words


Fans Dissing Lucky

DYSTOPIA–Some fans of the Dystopia College Albatrosses are complaining that the college’s mascot, Lucky the Albatross, as portrayed by student Andro Jeenus is “not ferocious enough,” according to Athletic Director B. 221 more words

Self-confidence is a Slow Process

Another countdown begins and today marks 19 days before the move and today hasn’t been the best day. I consider myself slowly becoming more optimistic, had I began writing a couple of years ago it would be much different content and I doubt I would have continued past the first post in all honesty. 818 more words


Exciting Plans and Anxious Waiting

25 days to go until I move out for university, while I’ve had mostly positive days I have experienced a couple of speed bumps along the way. 538 more words


Bravo to the University of Chicago

Finally, there is a hint of sanity in American higher education: the University of Chicago. The university’s dean of students, Jay Ellison, just told incoming freshmen that there would be no trigger warnings, no safe spaces and no withdrawing of invitations to campus speakers who might advocate unpopular ideas. 132 more words


Dorm Decor & Space for More

Now that you’re all moved in (congrats!!), you’ve probably realized just how small of space you have to work with. It’s still very early so maybe it just doesn’t quite feel like home yet, maybe your things are still scattered around and maybe you’re searching for ways to make it work for you. 793 more words


Life is Not a Safe Space

Most people share – or historically, have shared – certain common goals when attending a university. Some of these goals typically have included both broadening one’s intellectual horizons and gaining a more well-rounded view of the world. 600 more words