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Anissa + Anish = Engaged! | Rice University | Houston Engagement Photographers

Historic buildings have such an incredible allure. Maybe I am crazy, but I love to imagine all of the moments that took place within their walls. 180 more words

C. Baron Photography

iTunes U updates adds Gradebook

Most teachers don’t know that iTunes U can provide web enhancement for their classes in an easy to use format.  Add these new features and you too can unleash a new way to engage your students.

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5 Things I Learnt at University

1.   The world is full of a diverse range of people.

It wasn’t until I went to university that I met types of people I had never been in contact with before, and by that I mean different personalities. 419 more words


Jun 29, 2015 - [Monday] The Places I Called Home: Tears of Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland, taken on May 11, 2015

The rainy tears of Glasgow always give the city such a melancholic feeling. Please don’t cry, Glasgow – you are so lovely.


The Fifth Option: Revisited

Last year I wrote up a post about the ‘fifth option’ on UCAS for students applying for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science degrees. I didn’t realise quite so many people would stumble upon that post hoping to find some sort of indication as to whether the fifth option was something they should consider so I thought I’d make another post, The Fifth Option: Revisited, one year on (well, 11 months) which will hopefully be a bit more useful :) 979 more words


What's The Best Thing About Your Major?

Majoring in film, public relations, English, journalism, literature and other communications-related majors definitely have their perks. You have networking opportunities, you learn how to improve your social media presence, learn graphic and visual skills, learn how to write across various mediums and more! 652 more words


Make a Difference to a Veteran

 You might believe your school is doing all it can, but it’s likely you can do more to understand the sacrifices made by the former service members seated in your classrooms. 971 more words