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What time is it?

It’s finally summer and I couldn’t have started it a better way than with good vibes, good music, and good friends.  I’m so thankful to have Jacru. 161 more words


Peatonal signage

I have always find myself amused with the interesting signage in Taiwan. This time, a pedestrian signage outside the library has beat them all!

Dividing the path for running, texting and walking at the stairs. 65 more words


Doors as Spaces of Liminality and Transiton

The film, Monsters Inc. (Docter, 2001) demonstrates the concept of doors acting as thresholds; as spaces of liminality and transition, there is a clearly defined ‘frontier’ within the story, a difference between the monster’s world and the space occupied by humans. 282 more words


Scattered Thoughts

I was going through my roommate’s tumblr and in one of the posts she was talking about what she wanted to do with her tumblr. She concluded with saying that she wanted it to be a collection of scattered thoughts triggered by happenings around her and it made me think of a piece that I impulsively drew for my art exhibition 2 hours before the exhibition was suppose to be open to the public.  96 more words


The Spanish

Or, sorry….was that Catalan?

It’s true:

  1. I have been studying Spanish for eight years.
  2. I am better at Spanish than French.
  3. I get to absorb myself (kind of) in Spanish every summer.
  4. 374 more words
Year Abroad

Horror Films, and How They Play With the Audience

In Elsaesser’s section within Puzzle Films Complex Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema, he writes that “The puzzle film is made up of non-classical characters who perform non-classical actions and events. 802 more words


New Job Doing Video and Multimedia

Today I start a new job leading on a number of video and multimedia projects and a university in the heart of London. It is part time as I still have my freelance video and photography work. 136 more words