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3D South Park TV Animation

This is the final outcome of work which has been put together using work that has already been posted on my blog. It includes 2D images that I made using Adobe Photoshop such as the character, a sound clip which was manipulated in Audacity to make it sound more like a South Park character, my custom 3D television which I also tried to format in a South Park style using Autodesk Maya and then finally Premiere Pro which was used to create the animation and render the scene. 104 more words

Computer Game Development

If you don’t mark your music I hate you.

In a matter of days I will have completed all the work it takes to be a singer.

Meaning I will have handed in my last paper, written my last exam, and be anxiously awaiting a piece of paper confirming I’ve earned a Bachelors Degree of Music, majoring in vocal performance. 909 more words


Un día volaremos alto

No comprendo el egoísmo que se da cuando se está estudiando una carrera universitaria.
Se que algunos se sentirán identificados porque al igual que yo son muy buenos para ciertas cosas, pero terriblemente malos para otros. 385 more words


What I Learned pt. 46

  • I GRADUATE in 2 weeks guys!!!!!!!!!
  • My senior art exhibition is tomoro. I’m worried about how the food is going to be setup. I have work in the morning so I can’t even come in and micromanage/ clean plates and stuff.
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I havent blogged in a while but to be honest my life hasn’t been that interesting. After finally handing in all of my final assignments, I have been at home, working. 496 more words


Diary #25 ??

um this is a class photo .. i dont think you’ll be able to see me because my face is very small.

its been a good year, I’ve really enjoyed it. thanks for everything ><