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February Feeling

Hello there! I think that my creative and curious side has finally returned. Interestingly, this coincides with my time at university coming to an end. I don’t regret going to university one bit, in fact it will always be one of the best choices I have made, but I do think that over the past (almost) three years it has diverted my attention from things that I am much more passionate about. 622 more words


sad sacks + panic attacks.

I’ve talked about this before, but sometimes, things happen, and it bears repeating: I have anxiety. Not like, “oh no, I’m worried about failing this test I didn’t study for” or “I’m nervous about participating in this social event” anxiety, but more like, “I physically cannot retain any of this information to save my life” *bursts into tears* or “I’m legitimately terrified to speak to other humans” *bursts into tears* anxiety. 481 more words


University reaches agreement on ADA complaint

U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance has announced a comprehensive settlement agreement under the Americans with Disabilities Act with the University of Alabama at Birmingham to ensure equal access for individuals with disabilities to the university’s academic and general facilities. 460 more words


Cooking as Self-care

Growing up in an italian-american family priorities were first family and then food. My favorite family motto is “If you leave this house hungry that’s your own damn fault”. 324 more words

Mental Health

Cardiff Visit

Last weekend I headed to Cardiff for an applicant day at the uni of South Wales! I fell in love with the uni last time I visited, and in love with the course too! 564 more words

All the Sweet and Sour Chicken

So easy and quick! You can make this with rice, noodles, chicken, pork, etc. We often add a stir fry packet instead of separate vegetables to make this even easier. 180 more words


Why is college so expensive?

This article from Investors Business Daily is very helpful.

It says:

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic leadership are constantly complaining that college education costs too much.

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