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Today at Community College...

I made a list of my thoughts during business class. Being the diligent student that I am, I wrote this list in perfect cursive while my professor lectured away. 172 more words



So here I am,

It’s Monday night and I am struggling. STRUGGLING.


I have so many emotions today and I am not handling them well. 247 more words


endless trying

One would think that life would be at a standstill. But truth is, life goes on. (In fact, I wrote that in my email in reply to J. 754 more words

Curse of the Recursive Backtracker

In my previous post I explained that there were several choices that I was considering for generating my maze.

The first was Eller’s Algorithm, the next the recursive backtracker and finally a more linear corridor and room generation algorithm. 864 more words

Games Design

2 Quick Pieces of Advice for University.

I regret 2 things the most from university:

1. Not getting more involved!

This is in EVERY aspect. Specifically, I wish I got more involved with the groups on campus and had a home church. 168 more words

Update on my current painting

Hello! and good evening everyone. I know It’s been a few days! Ive been so busy. I had my boyfriend come up to visit me this weekend so I took a little brake and I was also really busy at work!   348 more words

The roads you take

Would I be happier had I gone the other way?

2 years and 3 months ago I left my hometown to go study at university. I remember the first few weeks, I felt very lonely, insecure and lost. 253 more words