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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino creates a sugary frenzy at ASU

The Frappuccino colored ASU’s campuses from April 19 to April 23

04/24/17 | 8:26

A multi-colored, internet-sensational Frappuccino hit Starbucks counters last week much to the dismay of some baristas. 30 more words

Written Works

congratulations, you have been accepted! the words that begin a new story...

It has been quite some time since I updated this blog, however it is not out of laziness, but rather a lack of news to update on, and then in the last 30 days too much life happenings at once.   307 more words

Study Abroad

World of Depression

I feel like i fell down a dark well, and i am scrambling to try and get back up to find a happier me. I know people keep telling me don’t give you power away, don’t let what a mean spirited boss has done to you affect who you are and what you are feeling. 301 more words

A Reflection on my First Year of University

April 22nd marked my last exam of my first year of university. I’d like to think my first year of “adulting” went well. I managed my time (I have yet to pull an all-nighter for school), gained a freshman 10 out of 15, and most importantly, met amazing friends. 473 more words


A Generation Misundertood; Millennials Against All Odds.

“Sampo Generation” is it a term in South Korea that labels young men and women from ages between 20 to 30. The term literary translates to “give up” in reference to young Koreans who want to marry, purchase a home, and have children but are unable to because of their economic circumstances thus, placing an indefinite hiatus on that part of their lives. 883 more words


The Organisation Series: Tracking

I’m going to kick start this Organisation Series by talking about multitasking. I’ve just entered one of the busiest weeks of my life; I have an exam today, a trip for work tomorrow, an assessment centre on Thursday, the Department’s annual Ball on Friday, 10 major deadlines coming up, I’m flitting in and out of the lab to finish my research project, my dissertation is due in 3 weeks, and exam season is fast approaching. 514 more words

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NUS Saga: Interview and Written Test

Comparatively, I must say that the NUS Law admission procedures were much more formal than SMU. I had my interview on a Thursday and my written test on a Sunday. 221 more words