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Sir, which universities are the best?

It is UCAS Week for our Year 12 students and we are getting them involved in the nuts and bolts of the UCAS process.  By far the most common question that students always ask me is whether the university is any good?   769 more words


University Sleep

It’s time for me to close my eyes

the sleep – she calls me in

tempting me with promises

of dreams from deep within

Happy to drown in fluid darkness…

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Kait King Author

Leaving School and Moving On

So far in my life, the only experience I’d had of leaving school was moving from primary to secondary school. Now, I’m sure at the time that was a massive and scary thing for me, I’m sure it wasn’t as huge as I thought it was. 398 more words

The Importance of Work Experience

I’m now 22 years old, and I’ve worked in many, many different places. Every summer since I left school at age 16 I’ve had a job, and during my gap year(s) I worked in a few different places too. 792 more words

Is it fate?

Dear Katie,

Hello, It’s been  a while poptart. Don’t worry I still think of you everyday, I’ve just been crazy busy!

So, my uni love  got in contact recently. 635 more words


Relationships and Gender roles

This blog post has been brewing in my mind for a while. It’s quite a hard piece to write as I don’t want to come across badly, judge-y or stereotypical or like I’m speaking for everyone. 2,394 more words