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Another problem with the"RTFM" mentality:

In the last post, I brought up the fact that 85% of the U.S. population is “semi-literate” (at best).

The assumption is that the “average” reading level is equivalent to first or second grade. 176 more words


Some thoughts on operating systems and such:

I have used some variant of Non-Micro$oft OS intermittently, at least since around 2004.

I had dabbled with Red Hat (I think) as far back as 1996(?), but I never really got “into” it, for various reasons: 749 more words


Surveillance Camera - ZoneMinder

Judul yang saya tulis ini merupakan subject sewaktu saya masih aktif menyelesaikan laporan selama kuliah dulu. Bukan satu-satunya rekomendasi bagi yang ingin menggunakan cctv cam  152 more words


What's Next ..

Ingin tau code yang akan atau sedang saya bangun ?.. tunggu di github ya ;) .. see ya



'Penjara' untuk GNU/ Linux [Linux Jail]

Kembali.. knowledge di masa lalu namun perlu saya tulis juga di blog ini sebagai catatan dan pengingat. Tidak ada hal yg bisa ‘sempurna’ untuk di ingat bagi seorang yg dhoif dan mengidap  516 more words


Tried to do the "Dual-Boot" thing:

Failed miserably.

Decided to scrap Windows 10 entirely (at least on this machine).

Several reasons:

1. Windows 10 actively attempts to be “Tillie-proof”, to the point where it is (almost) impossible to actually figure out how to use the damn thing. 419 more words