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JS"ON" Split

Judul nya sengaja saya plesetkan, karena mungkin beberapa posting selanjutnya (termasuk postingan ini) adalah posting terakhir saya yang berbau teknis sebelum saya menulis JURNAL atau EBOOK.  171 more words


Tricky my Tux on Linux Mint 17.Qiana


My n’book resolution has been minimized automatically from the beginning of boot grub. Stuck on 640×480, hope can be increased one level (1200×675).
Within 2 days i search for the resolution for this case..and whoaaa, i got it from this : https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=139021… 37 more words


Nginx prelude

Pada dasarnya ketika kita sebagai orang awam melakukan tahap instalasi awal dari nginx web server, akan mengalami kesulitan untuk melakukan konfigurasi document root nya. Namun akan cukup mudah jika kita melakukan prosedur berikut ini : 306 more words


So....I *think* I (finally) managed to get Cygwin semi-working

I also managed to successfully test out “Virtualbox” (although, the virtual machine was pretty low-spec, on account of my physical hardware machine here could use some upgrades). 384 more words

Cygwin sucks! :(

So: At one point I had (stupidly) decided to do the “base install” of Cygwin (to have a Unix/Linux-like command-line type environment, etc.)   One of the books I acquired some years back (!!!!) mentions using Cygwin to learn C programming — assuming, of course, that you can get the… 203 more words

RunLevel Information for System Services

Terkadang kita menginginkan sebuah services bisa running secara otomatis di session level yang kita inginkan – untuk para penggiat redhat atau basis .rpm , disamping mendaftarkannya pada… 89 more words


PowerShell and Unix/Linux command?

Not really a big deal or anything since aliases can be created; however I thought it was cool that these aliases are already setup.

Having first learned with Perl, then went crazy with PHP and now over to Python I can say I’m happy to see that someone at Microsoft made a good decision to establish PowerShell. 75 more words