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Richard Stallman is a pretentious ass-hat:

Don’t get me wrong:

the GPL/LGPL are slightly less horrible than 99% of other “licenses” (in that they explicitly “permit” things which you’d be able to do anyway, if the “public domain” wasn’t so damnably impoverished, due to obscenely long copy”right” terms. 540 more words


Lebih Dekat dengan Program Brackets '[' di GNU/ Linux

Untuk pengguna GNU/ Linux, ada hal menarik dalam direktori /usr/bin di distro yang kita gunakan. Program brackets ‘[‘ yang lebih kita kenal saat aktifitas scripting  388 more words


So, this is actually pretty impressive

Rummaging in the Debian repositories.
Found an application called QTM which is essentially an application for writing/publishing blog posts “offline” (IE: without having to use the “post to my blog” applet). 364 more words


Kustomisasi Packet Internet Groper (PING)

Kernel Hacking ??.. Saya pikir kita tidak perlu masuk hingga ke level kernel untuk bisa melakukan  kustom output pada saat melakukan request ping. Caranya ?.. 64 more words


Calling "Tech-support" makes me want to murder somebody:

So, my wife’s sister’s Internet connectivity is down for whatever reason.

She has to get shit done which requires connectivity, so she asked if she could temporarily connect to our home network. 449 more words

Over-rated Crap That I Hate

Some thoughts on my history with regard to computers:

The first computer I ever owned was a Laser 128, I probably acquired around 1988(?)


My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother stole it from me while I was up at college in Williamsport PA (like he stole many other things which I had been stupid enough to leave behind at my Mom’s place.) 405 more words

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