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So....I *think* I (finally) managed to get Cygwin semi-working

I also managed to successfully test out “Virtualbox” (although, the virtual machine was pretty low-spec, on account of my physical hardware machine here could use some upgrades). 384 more words

Cygwin sucks! :(

So: At one point I had (stupidly) decided to do the “base install” of Cygwin (to have a Unix/Linux-like command-line type environment, etc.)   One of the books I acquired some years back (!!!!) mentions using Cygwin to learn C programming — assuming, of course, that you can get the… 203 more words

PowerShell and Unix/Linux command?

Not really a big deal or anything since aliases can be created; however I thought it was cool that these aliases are already setup.

Having first learned with Perl, then went crazy with PHP and now over to Python I can say I’m happy to see that someone at Microsoft made a good decision to establish PowerShell. 75 more words


R scripts

Here goes a little bit of my late experiences with R scripts. Comments, suggestions and/or opinions are welcome.

  1. Usefulness of R scripts
  2. Basic R script…
  3. 1,121 more words

Case Insensitive List (ls)

When I’m using a Unix-like terminal I don’t always remember the full name of a directory or file.  In a Unix-like world, file and directory names are case sensitive. 165 more words


Could not initialize images API; you are likely missing the Python "PIL" module

Could not initialize images API; you are likely missing the Python “PIL” module.
ImportError: No module named PIL
import PIL


OS:… Read Complete post: http://goo.gl/BSjrIu

Scheduling R scripts to run on a regular basis

Recently I was working on a project with a friend of mine to scrape some data from a website. However, we needed to scrape the data on a daily basis. 325 more words