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Extends Storage - Performing an online resize

This is a dangerous & thrilling step because we do it on production server directly. I presumed you have read the following posts : LVM Subject… 475 more words


Tips and Tricks AWK - Sed (Stream editor)

One day, we want to remove specific line or row from our files such as .txt, .csv, or even it has come from .sql files. Just using these params : 58 more words


SSLS Procedure

In order to utilize the service from ssls for their certificate, first you have to make sure that the order status is in progress. It means that domain type, either you have order single or multiple domain are ready to use. 332 more words


Check Domain Issue on Nagios - Solved

If we got result like these lines :
/usr/local/nagios/libexec# /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_domain -d <blabla>.id
UNKNOWN – WHOIS exited with error <whatever number :D >

do not waste your time to add following codes on number 215 after setup_whois: 118 more words


A Secure Operating System called "Qubes OS"

Security and privacy  is always has been important to everybody.We  do like to keep things in check all the time.In this day n age everything runs on software.Which always  inherently  vulnerable to attacks (aka they call it bugs :P). 726 more words


Expect on GNU/ Linux

There’s no hope for me if i didn’t expect on linux. How can we get the output from the outside into socket or something else without loged in. 107 more words


Mencegah Berkas dan Direktori Terhapus dan Dihapus

Bagaimana Mencegah Berkas dan Direktori Terhapus dan Dihapus. Berikut capture untuk cara sederhana yang dapat kita lakukan pada data yang ingin kita proteksi. Menyinggung tulisan saya akan bahaya dari makin banyaknya variant virus yang muncul : … 30 more words