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Fixing server connection issues by changing network interface order

I had one of my customers report a problem today after applying software updates to his Mac. His Mac had been able to automount certain network shares via NFS before the updates, but was unable to access those shares following the updates. 474 more words

Mac Administration

/dev/null 2>&1

“/dev/null” is considered as trash location in the Linux based environments. If we are directing any output or errors to the this location then operating system will discard both output and errors. 41 more words


What is iOS?


iOS is Unix based. Only Apple Device can run iOS.

Copying commands from Windows

While copying commands from non-text editors to linux environments we need to be very careful as depending upon to environment parameter settings values can be changed after paste. 47 more words


Checking Free/Used space on the Server

du and df are two commands which mainly used to list file usage.

df :-

This command shows free space on the all mountpoints from the server. 125 more words


Simple Search and Replace

Sometimes we need to comment entire file data in single command. Such tasks includes commenting crontabs during planned outages or some configuration files during system outages. 218 more words


Simple Housekeeping Script

Following is the example of simple housekeeping script driven by config file which can work on any Linux based/Unix or AIX environments.

Main Script : – 271 more words