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Upgrading MySQL 5.6 to 5.7

Upgrading MySQL is a task that is almost inevitable if you have been managing a MySQL installation for any length of time.

There are 2 basic options available when upgrading from one MySQL instance to another: 300 more words


Handling Date-Time during daylight saving start & end

To provide a back ground information on how to handle Daylight Savings in Linux.
Resolution Steps:
We can use the time-zone EST5EDT which automatically changes the time-zone from EST to EDT or EDT to EST during daylight saving start or end. 96 more words


Replace comma with tab everywhere except enclosed in a pair of double quotes.

sed -e ‘:a;s/^\(\(“[^”]*”\|[^”,]*\)*\),/\1\t/;ta’ Apl.txt > Test.txt


OS X El Capitan에서 keras, tensorflow 설치하기

우분투 서버를 벗어나 신형 맥북프로에서 작업을 하게 되었다. Python package들을 설치 하다가 생각지도 못한 에러에 부딪혔는데, sudo pip install jupyter와 같이 sudo 권한으로 설치를 하는데도 아래와 같은 permission error가 발생하는 것이었다. 248 more words


How to setup an SSH configuration

# How to setup an SSH configuration :

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa
Generating public/private rsa key pair.
Enter file in which to save the key (/home/oracle/.ssh/id_rsa):
Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
Enter same passphrase again:
Your identification has been saved in /home/oracle/.ssh/id_rsa. 423 more words

Extract email from Unix/Linux mailbox

Aid4mail has a free tool that extracts messages from a Unix/Linux mailbox and creates one file (.eml extension) per message. Once extracted, the .eml files can be viewed either in Mozilla Thunderbird and/or Microsoft Outlook. 110 more words