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'Super' with Raspi

Merupakan Single Board Circuit dan saya menyebutnya mikro komputer karena.. duh!! benar2 makin hebat deh yang namanya teknologi itu dari masa ke masa, seperti yang dikatakan oleh… 147 more words


What is Linux?

What Is Linux?

This was originally intended as brief history lesson followed by a guide, it got out of control however so I have split them into two posts.   1,073 more words


IP address validation

Q. How to validate an IP address (IPv4 or IPv6), given as a string input ?

Ans: Using regex is not good idea. Rather use function… 55 more words

Install Oracle JDK with Puppet


You would like to install Oracle JDK using Puppet.

Using the puppetlabs/java module, you might get an error message such as:

Error: Java distribution oracle-jdk is not supported. 134 more words


How To find HBA Link on Linux (RHEL) or Solaris

To find out the HBA Link staus on Unix (Solaris) or Linux 5RHEL), run the following command:

On Linux (RHEL) system

Make sure you have systool utility installed on your system first… 390 more words


Enabling TLS-Only on WebLogic in PeopleSoft..

Configuring TLS-Only on WebLogic Server:

The weblogic.security.SSL.protocolVersion command-line argument lets you specify which protocol is used for SSL connections.

To enable TLS-only on WebLogic Server: 89 more words


[Unix] Basics from www.asic-world.com Sesson 1

To note: all the information is distilled from http://www.asic-world.com, which is a very helpful website for whoever newbies or oldbies;).

3 main components: kernel, shell, utility programs(or commands) 672 more words