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How to create SElinux policy

SElinux is a security mechanism introduced in Linux OS as an extra security layer. There are probably many things to be mentioned about selinux so I’m not going to discuss about the main concepts that make up selinux such as labeling and targeting. 480 more words


Using find command to interact with files

In this short article I want to show you how you can use find to interact with files within Linux. I’ll also try to cover some of the aspects when using find with xargs command and we’ll see the difference between these two. 355 more words


On Devuan and Debian

As you probably know, I’m all heart and soul into FreeBSD. I simply love it and cannot accept anything (apart from other BSDs) that would remind me of true UNIX. 346 more words


How to install and configure a DHCP Server on a Linux machine

Hello dear readers,

In today’s article I will show you how to create your Linux DHCP server. DHCP or Dynamic Host Control Protocol is a service which provides IP addressing to your network devices. 1,874 more words


Running Docker images

In this article I’ll show you how to manipulate docker images and run them locally on your workstation. To pull an image from the official docker hub repository use the command… 373 more words



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I’ve just upgraded my desktop computer system. I’ve replaced the CPU, motherboard, RAM, power supply unit, and disk drive. In fact what I’ve really done is build a new computer in the existing case, keeping only my keyboard, mouse and monitor. 1,148 more words


How to create a PDF of a Unix man page

Unix man pages are written in the troff language. There are three basic Unix programs that interpret troff code – nroff, troff, and… 259 more words