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A primer in awk for DB2 LUW DBAs

Although awk and awkward start with the same three letters, awk by no means is awkward. Well, from the syntax of it (and I agree, sometimes, from its learning curve), it could be appear to be so. 1,657 more words

I installed Gentoo in a VM. No, I don't know why.

So, I installed Gentoo in a VM. Here’s the system info:

Kernel: sys-kernel/gentoo-sources 4.0.5, trimmed to remove unneeded hardware support.

Init system: OpenRC.

Desktop environment: none, console only. 28 more words



Gone for a while recovering my corporate financials from a workstation that died just as I was starting to do payroll and pay monthly bills. 211 more words

Life In A Small Town

Forcing Fink Commander to update

Fink Commander is a great graphical interface to Fink, the UNIX package manager for OS X. It’s getting frighteningly old but still works (mostly) well. 168 more words


Cloning USHCN Daily Data

This is just a quick little posting on how to mirror or rapidly clone all the data in a particular subdirectory of a web site (and a smaller sidebar on how not to…) 1,452 more words

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Understanding UNIX shell scripts

Understanding UNIX shell scripts

Audience: This tutorial assumes you have little knowledge about UNIX/Linux Operating System and its functionalities. A basic understanding on various computer concepts will also help you in understanding various exercises given in this tutorial. 2,096 more words


The Command Line is Your Friend: A Quick Introduction

The command line can be a scary place for people who are traditionally accustomed to using point-and-click mechanisms for executing tasks on their computer. While the idea of interacting with files and software via text may seem like a terrifying concept, the terminal is a powerful tool that can boost productivity and provide users with greater control of their system. 757 more words