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UNIX Commands

This post follows on from the UNIX Structure which introduced commands. Below is a list of the basic commands that can be used in a UNIX environment. 1,173 more words


Structure of UNIX/Linux

This post follows on from the History of Linux.

 Operating system: The Kernel

UNIX is a layered operating system. The innermost layer is the hardware itself that provides the services for the OS. 1,400 more words

Secure Socket Shell

History of Unix

XIn the stone age of computers (1950-60s) computer systems were big (size of a living room, weighing over 20 tons), cumbersome to use: every program was able to perform limited tasks – one at a time – only, written for a specific computer, manually typed in via the engineering control panel in that computer’s assembly language; if a business upgraded to a bigger, better computer the old OS wouldn’t work on the new one and every data had to be entered into the new machine again. 632 more words


Finding all files containing a text string on Linux

Use command

grep -ri -l  “<Text>” <directory_Path>

e.g. :

grep -ri -l “Hello” /users/manu/sample


How to Install Linux (Dual booting with windows 10)

Hey! I wanted to do a little experiment with my computer recently. I researched a bit what could I do to tweak my computer. I was basically looking for an open source OS. 507 more words

Beginners Guide