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Delete lines from multiple files (recursively) in Linux

We had a requirement to delete a line which matches a particular pattern from multiple ksh files. These lines of code was used to log execution status and we no longer needed it after an architecture change. 79 more words

Bash - Here Documents

here document allow input to be redirected to an interactive command.


cat << !

In order to redirect the command (in this case… 33 more words



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Tentang Unix

UNIX adalah Sistem Operasi komputer yang mampu menangani kegiatan dari beberapa pengguna pada saat yang sama. Unix berasal sekitar tahun 1969 di AT & T Bell Labs oleh Ken Thompson dan Dennis Ritchie. 1,023 more words


Predictions and FabLabs with Neil Gershenfeld

Anyone interested in STEM/STEAM spaces and equipment should watch this video. It is older, but worth a revisit. He says we need 20 years to make this feasible and affordable. 71 more words

Educational Technology

The operating system fountain of youth: Apple's iOS

”‘Operating Systems are like the Tax Code,’ goes the industry lore. ‘Each year, new lines of code are added, code that tells us how to allocate resources, how to deal with choices, what to do when an exception is encountered. 360 more words


Microsoft SCCM as the ride a malicious hitchhiker would love

Using a Microsoft-Tool for Software- and patch-distribution can’t be wrong, can it? I have tried a while to come up with a couple of good reasons to use SCCM, but after this mental exercise I just feel less inclined to recommend it. 647 more words


Unix helpful commands

  1. Download file, directory from remote server to local
scp -r user@server:/server_directory local_directory

-r means recursive. It is applied to directory

For file downloading:

scp  user@server:/server_directory/file_name local_directory