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Unix Progress Bar Part 1/3

I have created couple of Unix scripts that call multiple instances of other scripts in the background. You might want to display the progress bar, so user knows how many instances have finished already. 1,233 more words


Shell script $day4


Topics covered : String manipulations.

String manipulation:

  • compressing string
  • string length
  • finding a substring in a string
  • extracting a substring
  • Striping strings
  1. compressing string:
  2. 428 more words
Shell Script

Shell script $day3


Topics covered: tty,shift, if..else..if, null,file operators,rm,rmdir,date.

You know terminal is also a file which is there in the /dev/tty directory. the file numbers are start from 0 to N… 850 more words

Shell Script

Linux vs Unix


So, do I run Linux?  Or Unix?  Or both?  Or neither?  I feel like I hear these terms used nearly interchangeably, but I also feel like I’ve been chastised for using the wrong one.   213 more words

Shell script $day2


Topics covered:

numeric validation,/dev/null file, logical operators,while loop, until loop,loop input piping, loop output redirection, cut command, touch command

  1. #!/bin/ksh
  2. #Name: ls.sh
  3. #Task: display user specified columns from ls -l output…
  4. 538 more words
Shell Script

Weekly script #3 unix_usr.sql

I use this one all the time. You have a high usage unix PID that is an Oracle Process. The script will take your defined pid and lookup the relating SQL and database user details to help you figure out the root cause. 770 more words


Docker came "Virtual Machines" gone ... : )

When I gone through Docker documentation felt very good and relived.
Here are the advantages of Docker quickly….
1. Foot print is very small
2. Installing Oracle take lot of time…..just download Oracle Docker File and start using Oracle. 92 more words