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IBM 5100 Computer

The IBM 5100 computer was a versatile machine designed to be able to emulate multiple computer architectures but according to John Titor, it was much more than that. 3,338 more words

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part III- Linux

Welcome back to the final part of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly where today I will go over Linux. Please check out my previous articles where I covered Windows and macOS, if you haven’t already. 1,469 more words

Computer Knowledge

How to view the log of all commands? unix

If you are still in the shell a quick way to see your recent session command history is the command:

$ history

To search particular command, enter: 9 more words


Bash syntax overview

What will we learn ?

as any other programming language Bash script have similar structure, let’s take a look:
Variable and Data type:  there is different data type for variable like integer , float numbers, string,Booleans (true, False), … we will know how Bash handle with that. 151 more words


Bash Scripting

What is bash scripting?

Bash is a command processor that typically runs in a text window, where the user types commands that cause actions.

Every Linux user or administrator have use it in his daily usage by opening the terminal and executing some commands but what if you want to automate repeated tasks ?? 95 more words


parted DEVICE unit co print unit s print

parted DEVICE unit co print unit s print

(parted) parted DEVICE unit co print unit s print
align-check TYPE N check partition N for TYPE(min|opt) alignment… 394 more words


Mathematics Tables through Powershell and Unix Shell


ForEach($i in 1..10)
ForEach($j in 1..10)
Write-Host -NoNewline $j*$i=$($i*$j)`t
Write-Host “”