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The most common objection I hear to owning an electric car is that replacing the batteries is too expensive.  And sure enough, replacement batteries aren’t cheap.  296 more words

Thoughts On Sustainability

Who Could We Tell?

In the hardest of times, we always want someone to cry on. We’ve been taught that this shoulder should be our family, but how can we cry on their shoulder when it seems that there causing the pain? 268 more words


Power In The Waves

I walk these shores over and over again. The waves tumble against the sand, spewing particles in every direction.

What is forward, what is back? Can we return to things we once lost, even things that have now been forgotten? 177 more words


Hold On (Part One)


I look beyond the car door,

to were I thought I was supposed to be,

it was supposed to be me,

me who bled unconsciously in the passenger seat. 201 more words


I Don't Want You

It simple you know,

No matter how much you beg,

Or come back,

I don’t want you.

I don’t understand

Why you can’t comprehend?

Comprehend that I don’t want… 135 more words

My Life's Daily Thoughts

What Is Fear?

It’s the taste of copper in your mouth. It’s what leaves the sourest of sensations. It’s the chill of goosebumps up your spine. The deep scream clogged in your throat. 176 more words


gray clouds

gray clouds
hang overhead
ready to burst
at will

my umbrella
small and fragile
the only solace
I might carry
hangs on a doorknob
in my bedroom… 53 more words

Spiritual Formation