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Essene Bread - surprisingly tasty and easy to make

The Essenes were a Jewish sect existing between 2nd century BC to about the 2nd century AD.

Their claim to fame in modern society was that the 900 or so scrolls, commonly known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, were probably some or all of the contents of a library belonging to the sect who allegedly lived as a secluded community on the plateau of Qumran in Israel. 960 more words

Tim Seaward


Today is the first day of Unleavened Bread on God’s Holy Day calendar (Lev. 23:6-8). We just observed Passover, and now we’re starting a season of purging the leaven of sin our of our lives. 990 more words


Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies | Made with Matzo Cake Meal


Tzav & Pesach:  Being Unleavened, Part 1

If you mix flour and water, spread it flat, and slap it in the oven at once, what comes out is a matzah (plural: matzot… 1,088 more words

Torah Portion

Thoughts on the Night of Vigil (A.K.A. the Night to be Much Observed)

The night of solemn observance to the Lord occurs only once in scripture and it is here in Exodus 12:42 that we find it.

The word translated as  2,503 more words

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Diary of an Inconsistent Cook #30: Native American Fry Bread (Cherokee Style)

More bread!   Every culture has their own version of bread.

I made flour tortillas the other day and I suddenly had a hankering for Indian fry bread–not from India, but from Natives of the Americas.   396 more words


Diary of an Inconsistent Cook #29: Homemade Authentic Mexican Flour Tortillas

Who doesn’t love bread?   Leavened or Unleavened.   Flat or tall.   Delicate or robust.    Plain or not.    Baked or fried.      And let’s not forget the close cousins of bread:   muffins, scones, cakes, popovers, yorkshire puddings, and pie crusts.   432 more words