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Revenant is a variation of the French word Revenir or to return, it could be translated to “one who returns after death”.

Vampire lore uses the word to describe anyone who has died and risen from the grave and lives an unlife or undeath among the living. 24 more words

Unfrozen Opinions

The problem is not in having opinions, but in bookmarking those opinions forever in your heart. The trouble lies in selecting opinions about yourself and others and saving them in your mental folder for life long. 90 more words

Personal Reflections


Every once in a while I take a break from social media. Sometimes I plan it, other times it’s unplanned. The reasons vary, but they usually boil down to the overwhelming need to cut back the input and stimuli in my life. 188 more words



Grief, that shadowy trickster
Always creeping
Like a growing thirst
And a bleeding wound
You won’t know until it’s too late
When your mouth is filled with dust… 7 more words


The Grasper of Unstoppability

You really take things for granted, until you can’t do them, like thinking, and bending over. I am regaining the ability to think, but not so much the ability to bend over, and I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about all of the things that I can’t pick up. 254 more words


Radio Silence

Last week I got together with a friend who has a blog, and I have decided to take my own advice to her.

So she has this blog, really, who doesn’t these days, but she wanted to talk about it, it’s potential, and what she could do with it. 399 more words



Rating: 4/5 – A Very Well-Executed (and Different) Take on Zombies.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Greg Bretall.

Unlife takes place in a world where zombies exist, but unlike most other popular zombie fiction, the world is not post-apocalyptic. 389 more words