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Sprint proves it doesn't understand what 'unlimited' means

Sprint and T-Mobile both recently released unlimited data plans that aren’t actually unlimited — you can use a whole bunch of data, but you are limited to streaming SD-quality video and slow speeds for gaming. 457 more words


Hey, Sprint Has Some New Unlimited Plans, Too

This morning, we shared the news that T-Mobile USA was doing away with the entire concept of mobile plans, and instead putting all postpaid users on plans with unlimited voice, messaging, and data. 218 more words

T-Mobile Axes Data Limits, But Low-Data Users Might Pay More

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NEW YORK (AP) — T-Mobile is getting rid of data limits for new customers, while making unlimited data plans cheaper. 133 more words


Here's A Letter Verizon Wireless Sent To A User Of 'Extraordinary Amounts' Of Data

Verizon Wireless brought back nominally unlimited mobile data by letting users have access just fast enough to check e-mail and make text posts to Facebook once they’re run through their data allotment, but what the company really wants is to get customers who still have unlimited data off their network for good. 179 more words

Verizon Cutting Off Customers Who Test Limits Of 'Unlimited' Data

There are apparently some Verizon Wireless customers out there who still have unlimited data, despite the carrier’s attempts to get rid of them by doing away with phone subsidies when these customers sign new contracts and… 187 more words

T-Mobile Is Giving Its Customers Unlimited Data To Play Pokemon Go An Unlimited Amount

Pretty much every PR agency under the sun has had a meeting this week trying to determine how they can get a slice of the Pokemon GO popularity, and, to be fair, so has every newsroom. 219 more words


Cricket Wireless Goes After T-Mobile Customers With New Unlimited Plan

Cricket Wireless will begin offering an unlimited data plan to new and existing customers starting this Sunday.

For $70, Cricket Wireless subscribers will gain unlimited talk, text, and data. 333 more words