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It seems AT&T thinks throttling the data speeds of customers without telling them about it isn’t such a big deal. The Federal Trade Commission sued AT&T… 247 more words

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AT&T: $100M Fine For Throttling Unlimited Data Users Is "Unlawful," "Coercive," "Indefensible"

In June, the FCC proposed a potentially $100 million fine against AT&T for allegedly failing to disclose to its “unlimited” data plan subscribers the extent to which their data access could be throttled if they used too much of it in any given month. 607 more words

American wireless carriers aren't the only ones intentionally lying about "unlimited data" plans

For years, US carriers have been intentionally creating as much confusion as possible towards what an “unlimited data plan” meant. It seems quite simple really but to American carriers, unlimited means anything other than “unlimited”. 518 more words

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Republic Wireless Shifts From Unlimited Plans to Ones That Offer Refunds

Upstart mobile carrier Republic Wireless is unveiling a new lineup of plans on Tuesday, becoming the latest carrier to do away with plans that offer unlimited high-speed cellular data. 383 more words


Sprint's New Unlimited Plan Covers The Phone, But Sticks You With 3G Streaming

In an attempt to show customers exactly what they’re paying for with their phone plans, Sprint is throwing its hat into the phone-leasing ring with a new “All-In” plan. 247 more words

How AT&T Plans to Fight $100 Million FCC Fine Over Unlimited Data


AT&T has vowed to “vigorously dispute” a proposed $100 million fine — claiming it was transparent with the Federal Communications Commission about about its network management policy for handling unlimited data subscribers. 504 more words

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