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this is probably a bad thing

so is it bad that as i’m sitting here planning another trip, i just can’t get excited about seeing people i should be excited about seeing, so to motivate myself i had this thought:  39 more words

Unloading My Brain

economy of fucks

so I’m sitting here knowing i have a lot of shit i have to do, watching the hours count down until the deadline.

it’s not unlike the way i spend the hours of my life until that final deadline… 1,271 more words

Unloading My Brain

today is one of those days where i can’t seem to start a thing. following several days where i couldn’t start a thing.

what happened was this: i was in california for my 20 year high school reunion, and honestly i didn’t feel like going, despite the fact that i was on the planning committee. 523 more words

Unloading My Brain

mental and emotional autopsy 2018 - wow this got long - actually it's like my life story wtf

So yesterday I had a moment of self-enlightenment, sort of. Except also then I seemed to remember that I’ve had this thought before.

Anyway, it’s one of those “duh” things, except the enlightenment part is realizing that I think it’s  4,193 more words

Boring Life Details

on unlocking my authentic, creative self

I’m so so so so so tired of politics.

I say this as a person whose life is mostly dedicated to politics in one way or another: 1,099 more words

Unloading My Brain

on anxiety

Honestly though, I am grateful every single time that I’m able to think about my responsibilities, projects, and hopes without experiencing an overwhelming surge of anxiety. 24 more words

Unloading My Brain

I hate the phrase "bucket list" so that is not the name of this post

But it just occurred to me that I would really really like to see the Aurora Borealis someday. Like, of all the things I really need to experience, that’s high on the list. 581 more words