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There is no room for love

Sometimes I feel desperated and disconnected
Other times I feel empty and full of love
Besides your gaze I don’t know why you pull of when I finally I’m interested and answer your calls… 360 more words


Cuando nos volvamos a encontrar

Cuando nos volvamos a encontrar dime todo lo que no me dijiste.
Hazme todo lo que deseaste.
Termina todo lo no que empezaste.
Porque lo que no se dice, 9 more words

Esta Pequeña Cabeza


There was art in the way

That he touched me,

Breathing me deeply,

Feeling me softly…

Something about his fingers

Across my skin felt holy. 14 more words

Poetical ?!

Heart Mistakes

I held your hand

You let me fall

Perhaps my one mistake

Was to love you at all

I’ll be dancing here

In my toadstool ring… 26 more words


In the mind point of no return

Point of no return? after many years of finding you near the forest I am not able to letting you go away.

I am so disappointed for not been able to get to know how be just now with you. 512 more words


Upon a Shelf

I can’t write of love
love claws at itself from inside graves
graves of hope had blossomed once
once, I held a basket of leaves… 85 more words



I’ve six bent bowls
and a lackluster glaze for basting;

It’s the dry innards of my mind
that repudiate this taste,
this want of thing, 56 more words