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I'm not meant to be loved

I was doing do good. I went 3 days without crying. Now here I am more broken then ever and can’t stop. I’m not meant to be loved.


You are a code I cannot decipher

You are a code I cannot decipher.
You are a book I cannot finish until the last page.
You are a word I cannot define. 28 more words

To The Man Who Won't Love Me Back

The title itself sounds pathetic. I can already imagine eyes rolling, hypocrites in disgust. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t care… I won’t care. You wouldn’t even care… 539 more words

If only 

If only

You got me for my every mood

For every person that I was

If only

We were always on the same frequency

We would make each other crazy mad… 35 more words


Love unlove....

She looked at the phone for the nth time, staring at the black screen before her and urging it to life. Yet, the blackness reflected back drowning her heart and mind into a darkness of another kind. 192 more words

A lover you don't have to love...

I used to have really normal, functional relationships.

I found these posts on my Facebook wall from ages ago where a boyfriend sent me sweet little messages or let me know it was good to see me. 505 more words

Day 24 early morning thoughts

My first real serious relationship. & it was love. Head over heels all consuming love. A love that went from so beautiful to so ugly. a love i thought would bring me good things. 241 more words