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Activate Super Powers

Sir and I have super powers that we activate and use while under attack.  Our motto is “together we can do anything”.  We use distractions, cuteness, and our magic to strategically outwit those who wish to harm us.   611 more words


Scene 3: Day one - Bed Time


W: Wake up

M: I’m sleeping

W: Wake up we need to talk

M: No, I don’t want to

W: Why?

M: Because talking’s’ hard… 158 more words


Care (Not)e

A candle would just be
Too obvious of a metaphor.
Burning out though, really
Explains how we’re now here.

It might seem hard at first… 149 more words


Clear, Release, Love

The love that you have shared with others in past relationships lives on forever in you. Once you love, you can’t unlove. Bless the love you shared,  forgive, release, and clear the rest. 224 more words


La carta que te escribí y que nunca te la entregué

fue porque me dio miedo a seguir exponiéndome

y porque me dio miedo a arrepentirme… 101 more words



Pensé que éramos uno, cuando estábamos divididos

Pensé que éramos uno, cuando mi corazón se sobre exaltaba

Pensé que podíamos hacerlo juntos, cuando me faltaban ganas… 52 more words