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Please, Engineer, love me again!

A letter to the only man I truly loved. I never loved someone so much more than I did to you. At first we were so in love. 545 more words



You the sweet ocean and I the sun, to make the world a magical place, for a moment, each day.

Poetical ?!

So, Listen...

I can’t… My heart, my soul are so invested in gripping so tightly to everything that we were and the memories we share and I am so angry because of that. 502 more words

Nothing Ordinary. (An open letter to YOU)

Hi, do you still remember me? You came into my life with no signs of anything. I was a girl, technically a lady whose goal was to actually work in a BPO Company and meet new friends and to get more experience at work. 577 more words



a strained strand of mutiny

and the longing to flee

and the silence of honeysuckles in bloom

like the empty humanness; existence in a room… 41 more words



doubles require two

half of which is 1

I am 1/2 of no two

therefore, am I half of whole remains—

bone-pecked flesh

and this never-ending quest… 51 more words


I wish I didn't....

“It’s easy to say you’re over someone if you aren’t seeing them. The challenge is to look them in the eye and see their smile and hear their voice and still be able to say “this is not what I want anymore”. 683 more words

Falling Apart