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a strained strand of mutiny

and the longing to flee

and the silence of honeysuckles in bloom

like the empty humanness; existence in a room… 41 more words



doubles require two

half of which is 1

I am 1/2 of no two

therefore, am I half of whole remains—

bone-pecked flesh

and this never-ending quest… 51 more words


I wish I didn't....

“It’s easy to say you’re over someone if you aren’t seeing them. The challenge is to look them in the eye and see their smile and hear their voice and still be able to say “this is not what I want anymore”. 683 more words

Falling Apart

Loving someone

Do you ever get the feeling that you are so inlove with this person then you get paranoid of him leaving you for someone better? I think some of us understand how this feels. 338 more words


Finally, A Way to Unlove Someone

Who told you that unloving someone is impossible? That’s a big LIE. Never ever tell yourself that you’ll still be stuck loving the¬†same person who crushed¬†your heart. 280 more words


Set my Soul on Fire ~

I thought I had seen fire in his eyes,
One that had awakened my soul.
A fire so bright, dancing so gallantly, it made me smile and dance along. 70 more words

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