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so I’ll leave you where you stand no heart in your hand. I’ve decided to take it back. Save it for myself or…someone more deserving of what it means.

-ninafeli, self preservation

but you chose to use your words as a knife to slit my throat. now you’re wondering why I stopped talking.

-ninafeli, weapon of mass destruction

How to unlove you

There’s only one question that lingers my head and my heart, how do i unlove you.

Randomly, no matter how long I wait if you would’ve come then you would already. 290 more words


Love is a Sham Concept

Yes, as the title suggest. Love is a sham concept. Hollow, untrue and a complete hoax. There is nothing as true love. All of us are mean, selfish and self-centered. 383 more words


How I got here...

Hi everyone,

My name is Jenna.  I’ve lived the life of a European pre-teen, as well as the American teenager. When you read my blog, please don’t be afraid to ask me what, who, where, and why… After all I’m only me, and I only write what comes to mind and that point. 310 more words

American Teenager


I was once a happy-go-lucky girl. Laughing at anything funny; smile to everyone -even strangers; trust anyone; & I used to think being myself is enough, that I am enough but I unconsciously changed just because of one person. 368 more words


Oo Na! Ako Na!

Ako na lagi ang mali,
Kayo na yung tama palagi
Ako na lang iintindi,
Kayo na lang Lagi magpaintindi.

Ako na laging luhaan,
Kayo na lagi akong tatawanan… 83 more words

Life Facts