Tags » Unlove

Betrayed by myself


And there was I

Doing what I always ask others NOT TO DO, doing what I didn’t expect, what I didn’t wanted – doing NOTHING, being not myself. 200 more words

Moments In Life*

A Journey to a Decision

How am I feeling now? Quite hurtful!! A shriek pain in my tummy! A lump in my throat! Can’t utter two words without a shake in voice and water in my eyes! 645 more words



What if you could back in time and change something you did? This is a very frequent question asked but can there be this change brought without time travel??? 222 more words


Enchanted by lust

I blindly travel roads unknown

surrendering to your charm,

hopelessly and willingly.

Fueled by your tender touch,

deliciously forbidden.


An Open Soul

Poetical ?!

Baby, tame me

Can feel the tickles in my thighs,

my blood races, I make you mine.

Can’t seem to get you off my mind,

Make me yours, again, tonight… 28 more words

Poetical ?!

The Day I gave up on Love

Yes, I gave up on love not because I don’t love you but because I know you don’t.

I tried really hard to make myself understand that it’s soon going to be alright. 481 more words