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She ran as fast as she could, she tried to hide herself in a dark place, there she realized it already started: her life’s darkest race.
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One fine evening
I sat knitting.
Shifting patterns and struggled trials,
Doing and undoing the thing,
over and over again…

At times, I cursed beneath my breath, 62 more words


Unlove You

The first thing I wanted to do is to unlove you so I cannot come back to you. Late nights when I missed you and sent you a message “how are you?” when I should have move on. 267 more words


so I’ll leave you where you stand no heart in your hand. I’ve decided to take it back. Save it for myself or…someone more deserving of what it means.

-ninafeli, self preservation

but you chose to use your words as a knife to slit my throat. now you’re wondering why I stopped talking.

-ninafeli, weapon of mass destruction