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Is Love a Noun that can  or wouldn't be shifted into Verb?

They say, “Love moves in mysterious ways”.

But may I ask, does love just happens or does a person makes a conscious decision to start it? 90 more words

Oh Love

a poem i wrote in fifteen minutes filled with anger several months ago before i was happy.

and how do you live in a society where words that scar are thrown around like its normalcy.

“you’re gay” “you’re a whore” “you’re worthless” 443 more words

I almost said, "Hello." // poem by Jessica Lauren Yuppa

I want to say hello

But it’s 1 am and you aren’t home

That light burned out

Some time ago

How do I unlove?

Your turn to turn away… 105 more words


So close Yet so Far...

For the man I love silently, Em…

It started as a simple glimpse everyday. Araw-araw kitang nakikita noon sa school everytime na papasok ako, until na memorize ko na ang mukha mo. 348 more words

Thoughts of You

Thoughts of you
Made me get through
A day without you
Is just like a day
Without something new

Words in poem
Indeed not enough… 40 more words


Unloving Someone

“How do you unlove someone?”, I asked myself. I spent some time thinking, then finally, I came up with an answer, “you just cant, you’re silly” Then I kept on thinking of how to unlove someone you truly loved despite all the heartbreaks he/she gave you. 174 more words