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Are you not tired of being hurt? Are you not tired of loving the same person over and over again but not giving you back the love that you deserv? 291 more words


heartbreak I

the thing about great
 a   relentless,
maddening love
a that consumes all

a is that, eventually,
sooner or later,
a       love runs its course
love fades away, 20 more words


The Red Pill(1)


When we were kids we were taught mathematics in school, for the A graders- it was fun, it was an awesome subject! But for the rest of us pathetic and averages by grade 4 it was boring in class exercise, the cringe in our homework and a tear jerking grade on our result cards. 1,329 more words


“You gave me a hundred million reasons to walk away but
I just needed one… one good one to stay.”

Betrayed by myself


And there was I

Doing what I always ask others NOT TO DO, doing what I didn’t expect, what I didn’t wanted – doing NOTHING, being not myself. 200 more words

A Journey to a Decision

How am I feeling now? Quite hurtful!! A shriek pain in my tummy! A lump in my throat! Can’t utter two words without a shake in voice and water in my eyes! 645 more words