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You weren’t my last

I was gonna love again

the forever I swore to was taking longer

But when I finally make it

To unlove you… 19 more words


Un-love You

They say that things change
But why not my feelings for you?
Is there such a way to un-love
Someone you have given your heart to? 64 more words


Rock in My Heart

I promise you
in time
I will learn to unlove you
and free you
from the burden of my love
But for now I ask for your patience… 18 more words


What Is This?

I want to tell you everything, the awesome and the mundane,

To tell you about the ant crawling through the hair on my arm

To whisper about the ache of missing you, 154 more words


The Angel of Unlove

I was made human enough to be vulnerable, but angelic too, with gifts of unimaginable empathy, perception, love, and healing.

I have wings arched in my back, but sadly I cannot fly. 705 more words


Are we supposed to unlove people in order to fully love someone else?

बीती रात, तुम फिर मेरे खयालों में आई।

आजकल यह मज़ाक-सा लगता है, ख़ुद से ईमानदार होना and I only find myself thinking about you in fleeting moments before I realise that I am no longer compelled by your aftertaste. 160 more words


Some day you’ll cry for me
Like I cried for you
Some day you’ll miss me
Like I miss you
Some day you’ll need me… 202 more words