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Hang Duong Cemetery

As I walked the tree-lined entrance to Hang Doung Cemetery, a heaviness pressed down on me. The site was lovingly maintained and the silence broken only by birds chirping, a rooster’s crow, an occasional dog barking or the wind through the trees. 104 more words


अता मोहम्मद खान के लिए दो मिनट का मौन

एक ‘कब्र खोदनेवाले’ के जनाज़े में इतने लोग शायद पहले कभी नहीं जुटे हों। अलबत्ता पिछले दिनों जब 75 साल की उम्र में अटटा मोहम्मद खान का इन्तक़ाल हुआ, तब यही नज़ारा दिख रहा था।

Bad Ideas

Windows to the Soul

Prompt Day #101: Write a piece about the pennies placed on a dead man’s eyes

I took only the slightest liberty with this prompt–due to inflation, I changed the pennies to silver dollars. 1,840 more words

Writing Challenge

The Sky and Tomorrow

This post could go in several directions, but the one that tops everything for me is the effect an author can have on a reader.  It all began with a post I did four years ago about a distant cousin, … 546 more words


Yreka: There’s Real Life Beyond the Motels

The Yreka, California chamber of commerce is not going to tell you about this walk. Usually I walk downtown, where everything is closed, except for the bars. 380 more words