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Defensive Humor

One of the defense mechanisms of workers in healthcare is to make cynical jokes about some of the craziness.

I got into trouble with one of my columns for the local paper writing about a patient in the ICU who had subcutaneous emphysema from a punctured lung – which caused massive bloating and swelling of his skin, so his eyelids were swollen shut, his ears, his face, his neck, even his scrotum, were massively swollen and sort of crinkly. 192 more words

Blog Article

Annual Exam -- not needed and may be harmful

DON’T GET AN ANNUAL EXAM.  The data are clear — see the recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine and the op-ed in the… 459 more words

Restructuring Health Care

Beyond Kickbacks: More Questions About Unnecessary Cardiovascular Tests

On the front page of the Wall Street Journal today is an important story about a fast-growing company accused of giving kickbacks to physicians who order the company’s tests measuring a wide variety of cardiovascular biomarker tests. 93 more words

Policy & Ethics

Concierge Medicine -- spending your deductable

Jen Wieczner published her article “The Pros and Cons of Concierge Medicine” in the Wall Street Journal  on November 11, 2013.   Concierge medicine doctors are “on retainer” much like some lawyers.   322 more words

Restructuring Health Care

Repeating Tests and Images - Duplication in Healthcare

How is it possible that pieces of information are not available when decisions need to be made?
This is the situation nearly always when a patient is sitting in front of a doctor or nurse. 25 more words


Do Patients Want More Care or Less? - NYTimes.com

Some good examples of doctors providing the space for patients to make choices about the level of care and options, albeit in relatively low-stakes situation. The development of  ‘decision aids’ to assist those conversations is helpful. 126 more words