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Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. ~ C. S. Lewis


Unnecessary Worry

I’m trying not to, but it’s there.

Although some of the drama has calmed down since the summer, and even though court is still on going, it’s not a daily battle (at the moment). 895 more words

where did they all go to

I see death all the time. i am present at the end of lives, and the process leaves me with some questions. I worry about it a lot, mostly about the pain control, or whether there is fear involved or discomfort. 555 more words

How to Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Not all stress can be avoided and it is also unhealthy to avoid situations that require your attention. However, you may be surprised that you can actually reduce the amount of stress by just eliminating some of the things in your life: 11 more words

Happy to be Irrelevant

Having worked for the last 30+ years I’m currently languishing in the lap of redundancy.  “Redundant – surplus to requirements” according to the dictionary, what a heartwarming definition! 309 more words


Day 51: armpile

(verb). Entering a supermarket without taking a basket because you think you’ll only buy one or two things and then ending up grabbing loads of items that you try to stack up between your arms, unsucessfully. 83 more words