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Greatly Risky Expectations

Before even a single dollar is put to work, investors should really get two things straight which if they do could potentially save them both a lot of headache and heartache later: capacity to take risk and expectations of performance. 545 more words


Passively Aggressive

In the debate of active vs. passive management, an interesting phenomenon is often overlooked. Proponents of passive management will usually claim that markets are for the most part efficient and that large distortions of price to value generally do not take place and therefor indexing is appropriate since the market cannot be consistently “beaten”. 451 more words


Unnecessary(?) Church Traditions

Every first and third Tuesday of the month, several young adults from our church, as well as a smattering of young-at-heart adults, gather for an alternative worship service.  475 more words


No time is a good time for SARAH

The ludicrous SARAH Bill received Royal Assent last week.

I’m struggling to imagine a better social action than firing Chris Grayling strapped to a rocket, into the North Sea. 1,206 more words


Return on Acronyms (R.O.A.)

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about one of the characteristics of a “good business” being a high return on invested capital. But what exactly does that mean, and how can you measure it? 632 more words


Can You D.G.I. It?

Dividend growth investing is an investment style which is appealing to many retirees and soon to be retirees because of its long-term focus on pursuing rising portfolio income. 502 more words