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The BBC's Extraordinary Problem With The Truth

If you make a false statement only once, it doesn’t count. If you say it quickly, that makes it alright. And if it’s just ‘background’, then it doesn’t need to be corrected or any apology issued.

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De-Clutter Your Life (Part 1)

Sometimes we all need a break from all of the chaos we call life. How do we sort through everything in our minds so that we can once again think and see clearly? 361 more words

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Sequel-itis - Safe Bet or the Risky Venture

So, it looks like Jurassic World is going to get a sequel.

And though I understand why that’s going to happen (box office receipts make it as one of the top grossing films of 2015) I fail to see what else you can do with the “franchise”. 2,769 more words


"Happiness: Limiting Your Worries"

I will readily admit that I can get easily worried about things that I shouldn’t be worried about. Also known as, not following my own advice. 413 more words



You know what I hate? When I say something to someone, someone else HAS to come in to the conversation to prove myself wrong when there isn’t any point of that. 468 more words

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Unnecessary skills

Kenya is currently ranked one of the most happy states in the world and this goes a long way to extend my complaint against the survey board. 2,112 more words