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Are There Unnecessary Estate Planning Tools?

The question of whether there are any unnecessary estate planning tools is one we have not directly addressed before in this blog. As with other estate planning questions, the answer as to whether or not any tool is unnecessary will depend upon your particular needs and circumstances. 132 more words

Why daylight saving time is unnecessary

Daylight saving time (DST) involves changing the clocks twice in the year: Once forward by one hour for DST and once backward by one hour for standard time. 130 more words

Term One


When I was a child, one of the laws of the Catholic Church was: “No unnecessary servile work on Sunday.” That meant that the laundry, ironing and cleaning house had to be done on Saturday in order that we might turn our minds to thoughts of God and church attendance on Sunday. 469 more words



Redundant: adj. a repeatad subset in a set frequently considered unnecessary

A backup air conditioner may seem like a redundancy or unnecessary for private homes since breakdowns of air conditioners are usually repaired. 138 more words

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