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mama gypsy: hunter & gatherer

Disclaimer: I have given birth to a beautiful healthy little who happens to love her sleep (except when daddy’s around ’cause who wants to miss out of fun with daddy?). 914 more words


oregon standoff - LA Times

It’s over, and now someone is dead unnecessarily because of these people’s legal action. What are shame.

http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-oregon-standoff-20160126-story.html 18 more words

A look at baby registry items and how long they are useful

Looking back now on my registry and the growing pile of things sitting in my nursery closet, there are a number of things I wouldn’t register for, if I could do it again. 1,102 more words


Help, reduce the unnecessary.

L'agriculture biologique est un mode de production et de transformation respectueux de l'environnement du bien-être animal et de la biodiversité, qui apporte des solutions face au changement climatique… Donc, il y a quoi de faux en cette photo? 50 more words

I Bought This Because It Looks Like My Friend

This necklace is actually a combination of Norm Kelly’s face and Drake’s facial hair but it somehow magically also looks like my friend @shmeeli so I bought it. 30 more words


Unnecessary Acts

A Warrior Cuts Out All Unnecessary Acts

I am going to change tack now and come back to the Warrior’s Path for this is all about the Economy of Living. 322 more words

Self Discovery

4 Mistakes That Ruin Business Meetings | Business News Daily

Business meetings have a longstanding reputation for being unexciting. Sitcoms, films and even stock photo collections are filled with scenes of employees looking at the clock, rolling their eyes and falling asleep while the presenter seems to drone on interminably. 68 more words

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