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Adventure in Gratitude Day 22


Of the people presently in my life on a regular basis, of the ones I do not share blood, Jeff has been around a good long time. 130 more words




I have been fighting with putting up pictures on my blog. I think it is more annoying than anything and unnecessary. Do you really need a picture to explain my words or any words? 52 more words


Okay.  I admit.  This is a departure from the usual theme of my blog.

Still, I am a music lover.  Even so here’s my question:  If the food is good at the Hard Rock Cafe then why is this large 

18 more words
Daily Prompt

Avoid Unnecessary RV Repair by Being Mindful of Diligent Maintenance

For many people, homeownership is still the pinnacle of the American Dream. But some people want the benefit of owning a home without being tied down to one place. 94 more words

Adventure in Gratitude Day 16


I take baths more than I take showers. I just do. It’s relaxing. It’s comforting. With the introduction of bath bombs, they’ve only gotten better. 58 more words


Adventure in Gratitude Day 14

A year ago I was a mess. I was. I’d been a mess for a while.

One day this human started coming to our shows pretty regularly. 184 more words

Adventure in Gratitude Day 13

Comedy sisterhood.

My own scene is not riddled with other women. I’m supported. I’m lucky.

But just down the interstate or just over the state line are more women. 84 more words

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