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My first shift in A&E


Accident & Emergency.

In hospitals A&E is often called the ED (Emergency Department).

It is perhaps one of the busiest, most unpredictable and unmanageable departments in the entire hospital. 1,905 more words


Why a College Degree is Overrated & Unnecessary for Many Americans

We’re often sold on college being a prerequisite for success. But the truth is, a college degree is costly and can amount to little help in future careers. 33 more words

Ended possibilities.

How did you reach this point?
Where you feel the authority to snatch away a life worked hard for, a life loved and cherished, a life burdened with fears, cleansed in tears – like each of our stories – a nameless figure unnecessarily murdered for another number on a TV screen. 199 more words


You Afflicted Me in Faithfulness

Ever experience a situation that’s a real pain in the neck? Certainly you have. Three years ago I felt the same way. ‘Unfair and undeserved,’ I called it; something completely unnecessary for me to endure. 330 more words


Why Budgeting Is Beneficial To Your Financial Health

(Source: www.moneydigest.sg)

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Budgeting is a quantitative plan to manage your money. It has various benefits such as tracking your cash flow, controlling your expenses, and reaching your goals! 439 more words

Money Matters

Amazing space

The basic task in spiritual development is to discard what is unnecessary.

De-cluttering is a bit of a sideshow if only things are involved. The first and greatest congestion is mental, not material. 46 more words

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