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Missing the Lessons on Vietnam

From the Ron Paul Liberty Report, by Jacob Hornberger

In light of President Obama’s current trip to Vietnam, Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Sen. 1,061 more words

World At WAR

Why is "Unnecessary" so Unnecessarily Difficult to Spell?

It’s ironic and paradoxical the word “unnecessary” is so, like, dead difficult to spell correctly. Even the most seasoned spelling pros must surely launch into this verb with a hint of trepidation: “Cripes… is it three or four ns, I can’t remember!” Indeed, thusly “unnecessary” is one of the most unnecessarily difficult words to spell ever. 372 more words


This WordPress Thing

Every other writer I run into has one and I don’t so this is fixing that problem. Chances are if you want the most up to date look at what I’m doing, my tumblr will still be the way to go, and my twitter will continue to be the strange cesspool that anyone’s is. 277 more words


I don't mean to be rude but..

Then don’t. It’s that simple. Put down your phone and actually pay attention to the people you are with. The physical beings who have chosen to spend their time in your presence. 675 more words


Tennis: Roger Federer withdraws from French Open

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

PARIS: Roger Federer withdrew from the French Open on Thursday after failing to recover from a back injury, bringing to an end the 17-time major winner’s run of 65 consecutive Grand Slams. 96 more words

Current Affairs

Prom (pt. 1)

I just finished my first prom ever, and it sucked. I don’t mean that my date was shitty or the venue was awful, but the whole damn time I literally sat back took all the shit in and sipped my tea observing the unnecessary drama. 903 more words


walk of shame

inhabitancy |ɪnˈhabɪt(ə)nsi|
noun [ mass noun ] archaic
the state of living in a particular place, especially during a specified period so as to acquire certain rights.
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