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Attention seekers...*sigh*...C'mon sigh with me...*SIGH*

You can tell what the topic is (based on my experiences) by the title so lets get right into it, first off…why?

Its as if you have to constantly put others down for your own pleasure, I’m sorry but when did the Earth start revolving around you? 755 more words

Harsh Lesson


Exactly how is it legal to sentence these people to 20 years in PRISON for this? Isn’t that somehow unnecessarily… what is the phrase… cruel and unusual? 72 more words


State Test are a complete waste of my time and energy

I’m aware I already posted today to complain about state test but today even teachers complained about what a waste of time they are. My math teacher is pissed that she only has her 9th grade classes and not us her 8th graders because we are being tested during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period, English teacher think it’s stupid because she can’t get them back before the end of the school year so she can use them to figure out what we are struggling in, my social studies teacher is irritated that he only has his afternoon class all week. 125 more words


The Forest for the Trees

Charts are dangerous. They’re not necessarily bad, but they’re still dangerous and they’re everywhere. Whenever we’re doing research on the economy, interest rates, or the markets, if there’s a data series, there’s a chart for it. 508 more words


Censorship is oh so right in all the wrong places

It doesn’t matter in the slightest what they’re actually saying.


Without a Care in the World

Mr. Market may be a hyper-emotional nervous wreck, an enthusiastic eternal optimist, and sometimes a pretty sharp guy overall, but there’s one characteristic which investors often forget about Mr. 519 more words


The Investor's Greatest Riddle

Here’s a riddle for you: What’s something that scares the living daylights out of investors, if you have too much of it then it can be bad, if you have too little of it then it can be bad, and people try their best to hide it from others? 520 more words