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Why I bike

The city I live in has a bad reputation. It isn’t said to be beautiful (which is true) and many have heard of its Nazi communities or the “no-go-area” (where I live). 160 more words

Getting My Roots Done

I was really irritated; it seemed I had just come from having my hair done and I woke to my hair rebelling and growing. It needed to be retouched and I simply can’t easily find time to keep myself sorted. 713 more words


“,,Maybe you are right, there are so many unnecessary feelings within our life. But without any of those feelings, how people can appreciate love. How they know that they being happy without knowing sadness.

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Eliminate the Unnecessary — Orlando Espinosa

Eliminate the unnecessary things keeping you from having a simple, happy, uncomplicated life!

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” ~ Hans Hofmann…

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Mistakes Were Made


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Disobey?  Really?  I didn’t think anyone did that any more. We don’t disobey.  We don’t SIN. 225 more words

Daily Prompt


The habit of unnecessary speech reduces us, turns us trivial.

Keep your speech impeccable. That is the first of The Four Agreements. Im-pectatus is Latin for “without sin.” 19 more words

Keith Ashford

Saw 8?

A couple days ago, I was listening to Sincast: the official Cinema Sins podcast.  They like to talk about movies (duh), and on this particular occasion, they were talking upcoming attractions for fall 2017.  1,638 more words