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Sometimes I'm Not Funny (or Fun)

I like to write when I feel it. Which is why this blog has no real purpose or theme other than my rambling thoughts at the time of writing. 1,294 more words


Declutter: v. to remove unnecessary subsets from a disorderly and/or overcrowded place

The key to decluttering the house, business, or office desk is to ask-“What is the frequency of use?” If the answer is never use it then the item should be removed from the premises or recycled if possible. 429 more words

Common Sense

Possibly the most unnecessary Facebook status I've ever seen.

Saw this on an acquaintance’s Facebook page.

Thank goodness he got out of that one alive!


Spring Shedding

As the weather (sort of) gets warmer, Max is going through a transformation.

Since he has a double coat, he sheds his undercoat in the summer. 560 more words

Are You Paying For Unnecessary Healthcare?

One of the things about being sick is that you are vulnerable. Anyone, (yes-anyone- I see too many neighbor-marketed health solutions) who has anything to offer you seem plausible. 435 more words

I don't even like bananas.

I never thought it would be quite so stressful to start a blog. I was beginning to think there wasn’t a username left in the world for me. 107 more words