#unnngh @ Rihanna, Why Did You Ruin A Perfectly Good Tuxedo Dress?


She looks just like “Oh shoot, my luggage got lost and all I had was this jacket, this wig and these heels. Thanks hobo bum for these shades too!” 96 more words


#UNNNGH......Tom Ford Beauty

I find it so strange when nakedness is so uber beyond NOT sexy. Especially when it is an approved photograph by Mr. Sexiness himself Tom Ford but here it is and womp womp womp goes my eyes. 67 more words

Fashion P.I.

#UNNNGH: Big Gisele Deal

and so…..


Gisele is back my ass. I hate it when fashion media becomes just like mainstream media and try to cram nonsense down your brain. 31 more words


#UNNNGH: Vicki B, are you cuhrazy? 14000 bucks? No thanks.



I’m SOOO sorry if  I am going to offend her fans in any way but OMFG….give me a break $13, 950 DOLLARS for a brand that is only three years old(if so much) no no no no! 148 more words



Totally new and self-indulgent is #unnngh seems to be my new catch phrase and I’m sticking with it cuz it seriously relieves the stress of the “ignoramousness” I see in life. 40 more words