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During Computer Science we play UNO after during our work Daniel usually wins and Ivan always loses since we stack +4 on Ivan causing him to pick up cards. 95 more words


What's Missing- Card Games

What’s Missing? Why?

What title would you give this graphic?

Math Lessons

Last card UNO!

Tim and I never really played board games growing up. So, it was pretty interesting to see us really enjoyed playing board games. It started this year or so, we been dabbling into playing board games such as Pup Race, Operation, Bubble, Sorry and Forbidden Desert. 274 more words

Numero Uno

Uno is one game that brings back so many memories of so many different stages of life! As kids it was being competitive and winning, but as grownups it’s more like revenge. 51 more words


Quickie: BoredButton

BoredButton is a neat little app for your device that acts as a central hub to provide many different games you could play. By having an online connection, you can use this app to play small, yet addicting games. 289 more words


'Big Hero 6 The Series' getting a super-sized premiere weekend

At long last, Big Hero 6 The Series is coming to Disney Channel.

Fans of the Marvel comic that became a Disney animated movie that was then adapted for the small screen got a taste with… 348 more words