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In Imaging science, Image processing is processing of images using any mathematical form by using any form signal processing for which input is an image ,video or series of image such as photograph or video frame;  the output of image processing may be either an image or a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image. 304 more words

Article: "Don't Skip Over Uno with Friends"

Don’t Skip Over Uno with Friends

By Joel Davis & Clayton Doty

Do you remember playing the card game Uno as a child? Sitting in a circle on hard, plastic seats and laying on the desks? 678 more words

Student Life

Abschiebungen von Afghanen – aus Pakistan (2) (UN, FES 19.9.16)

Nach UN-Angaben ist die Zahl der Afghanen, die als registrierte Flüchtlinge bzw. Migranten in Pakistan lebten und nach Afghanistan zurückgeschoben wurden, seit Mitte Juli 2016 sprunghaft in die Höhe geschnellt. 582 more words


The veto power of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council has long been a fodder for criticism. How would you reform the Security Council?

United we stand divided we fall

The 21st century is often remarked as an epochal time in the life of humans. On the one hand they stand mesmerized by the developments in almost every sphere of their life and on the other, stand perplexed almost in a state of dilemma with all the debacle and debris around them with the onset of a postmodern and a globalized world. 731 more words

North Korea Tries Fifth nuclear test

North Korean media has reported a “successful nuclear warhead explosion” in order to counter US hostility. The South too reported these claims as an “artificial earthquake”, of magnitude 5 on Richter Scale,  was felt in the region. 63 more words


Abschiebungen von Afghanen – aus Pakistan (dpa/Qantara 14.9.16)

Während Europa im wesentlichen mit sich selbst beschäftigt ist und versucht, einige Gruppen von Flüchtlingen loszuwerden (darunter die Afghanen, nicht nur abgelehnte Asylbewerber, sondern durch die Festlegung, welche ethnische Gruppe hohe Bleibechancen hat und welche nicht), hat Afghanistan auch mit präzedenzlosen Deportationen seiner Landsleute aus dem benachbarten Pakistan zu tun. 737 more words


Fight Theater: Uso vs. Rusev in UFC 2

Can the UFC 2 Tournament Champion, Jey Uso a.k.a Mr. UFC, hang on to his title as he faces the always formidable Rusev a.k.a Tong Po?