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What Does That Feel Like

I sometimes forget that there are people who are utterly alone.

And I mean completely, totally, alone.

And it shocks me to the core.

By choice or by circumstance… 15 more words

Life Chatter

Acai Bacche

Quindi, se siete uno di quelli che devono ancora riconoscere come bacche di acai può aiutare meglio la vostra vita, sarebbe certamente vantaggioso se si prende il tempo per conoscere ciò che acai bacche offrono e come si può approfittare di questi “salute-dare “benefici.

Credit Repair

5 Games That Will get you Away From Staring at a Screen

PC, PS4, Xbox One, all great consoles, but with one draw back: their reliance on staring at a monitor! So what do you do when you’ve been staring at a screen for hours/days/weeks on end and your eyes feel like they’re about to drop out of your head? 348 more words


Appunti nel deserto kazako (2007)

 Deserto Kazako, lunga e piatta distesa di erbe secche 

e sabbia, tutto uguale. 

Una sola strada e pochissimi sparuti villaggi di case dai mattoni di fango disposti lungo di essa. 455 more words


New Shoes, Baking, Uno, & Mario Kart

I love my kids.

I do.

My daughter is sweet, funny, talented, caring, and going to be a sarcastic ball of fun as an adult. My son is also sweet, funny, caring, and talented, but all he likes to do is play video games or watch YouTube videos of OTHERS playing video games. 883 more words


10 games to play with your kiddies!! 

Like any parent with a little crazy and yet a very busy family life, we love to have some peace and quiet and just leave the kids to play on their own, but there are also hours in the day when we get a chance to play alongside our kids…I typically love a walk in the woods or a play at the park but one on one games/challenges are just as fun. 506 more words