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Old, But New...

I am a fan of old tools. I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but I prefer the quality of tools made here in the U.S.A. back when we still made things. 553 more words

Cast Iron

Crypto Currently: Current prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Unobtanium

Wow, who knew the cryptocurrency market was so popular among retro-footwear enthusiasts? Seriously, I’m sure I had at least two pairs of those shoes in the 80’s. 163 more words


The 6 Stages of Central Planning

After reading Atlas Shrugged, I developed¬†a framework to define the stages of the government’s inevitable life cycle in taking charge as Central Planner (“Planner” from here) of the economy. 3,278 more words

Unobtanium: The recipe.

Silence Dogood here, ranting again about one of my pet peeves. Fans of the movie “Avatar” will recall that corporate greed for a mineral called “unobtanium,” available only on the inhabited moon Pandora, led to the near-destruction of the moon and its native life forms. 651 more words

Wit And Wisdom

Why should a fat girl care about riding a light bike?

As a big/fat/whatever person who rides a very light weight bike (made of carbon fibre, it’s a Cannondale – Super Six Hi-Mod, a few years old now and bought used) I get this question a lot. 628 more words


Avatar Screening Report

Obviously this was a great CG and 3D movie, but that’s not what really caught my attention. Things like the detailed animation of the forest and their colors are what grabbed my attention. 215 more words

Did I Say Fantasy Writer?

Ahem…well, again I am changing directions. ¬†Three posts ago I was writing a sequel to my novel, two posts ago I was wrapping up a short story, then I was revisiting an old idea I’d finished once…and now I’m revisiting an old idea I never finished. 622 more words