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Crypto Currently: Current prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Unobtanium

Wow, who knew the cryptocurrency market was so popular among retro-footwear enthusiasts? Seriously, I’m sure I had at least two pairs of those shoes in the 80’s. 163 more words


The 6 Stages of Central Planning

After reading Atlas Shrugged, I developedĀ a framework to define the stages of the government’s inevitable life cycle in taking charge as Central Planner (“Planner” from here) of the economy. 3,278 more words

Unobtanium: The recipe.

Silence Dogood here, ranting again about one of my pet peeves. Fans of the movie “Avatar” will recall that corporate greed for a mineral called “unobtanium,” available only on the inhabited moon Pandora, led to the near-destruction of the moon and its native life forms. 651 more words

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