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Words That Drive Me Crazy

I admit, I am a petty man. That said, there are certain words and expression used by the media that absolutely drive me crazy. Somehow, these words come into vogue and then are found in all types of discourse. 229 more words


Unpack with These 3 Tools

What’s next when you reach the point of feeling like two bumps on a log? There’s talk of this and talk of that, but how can the message be received when it’s coated in moodiness. 205 more words


How to: Organise draws

Hiya guys,

Today I wanted to share how I liked to organise draws. Most of you probably know I don’t have draws myself I have hanger and shelf’s in my closet. 260 more words


Setup Pack and Unpack methods in classes

When needed, pack and unpack methods can be defined in classes as follows:


class Test()
    PurchId purchId;
    TransDate date;

    List lines;

    container packedlines;

… 42 more words
Dynamics AX

Solo female travel is slightly different but no reason can stop us from exploring the world

When you first hear that one of your female friends is going on a trip, you’re not that astonished but when you get to know that she’s going alone, your eyes open wide and you certainly question, “why”? 698 more words


Unpacking life, a long overdue task

Unpacking life is never a pretty sight. I am taking this task now because it is necessary. There is no moving forward with a heavy load of junk. 317 more words


Defeating the VB5 Packer

The other day I came across a sample (of Pony Malware) that had been packed with a VB5 Packer. This was my first introduction to the VB Packer, so I decided to dig in and learn something new. 2,691 more words