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Unpacking life, a long overdue task

Unpacking life is never a pretty sight. I am taking this task now because it is necessary. There is no moving forward with a heavy load of junk. 317 more words


Defeating the VB5 Packer

The other day I came across a sample (of Pony Malware) that had been packed with a VB5 Packer. This was my first introduction to the VB Packer, so I decided to dig in and learn something new. 2,691 more words


Unpack an iterable object to separate variables

# Unpack a Tuple of N-elements to a collection of  N-variables

x,y = (2,3)

## A more practical use
## Given a tuple of N-lists, you can use unpacking into variables

sharepricedata =  ([ 'Citi', 50, 91.1, (2012, 12, 21) ], [ 'JPMC', 50, 91.1, (2012, 12, 21) ])

for i in sharepricedata:
    name, shares, price, date = i
    print(name + ' ' + 'is priced at ' + str(price))

# Unpacking actually works with any object that happens to be iterable, not just tuples or lists. 137 more words

Unpack That For Me

“Can you unpack that a little for me?”

I gave a blank stare the first time I heard the term. It brought up a mental picture of suitcases and dirty laundry.  236 more words


2017-5-25 | md5:8e45887c903dc0bf3178403c58547eb3 | стандартплюс.рф | xn--80aal3ahogdhcf0m.xn--p1ai sends Russian Shade Ransomware Malware Analysis and Unpacking

Hello shit lords,

I have decided to create a new more technical post on Shade Ransomware from a very recent sample.

The malware developers went through great lengths to encrypt their traffic using Tor SSL as well they used multiple stages of packing which can be a pain to work around to get the unpacked code. 1,996 more words


If You’re Staying More Than One Night, Unpack

I don’t remember where I first heard this, but it is such good advice. Haven’t you ever considered that there is a reason that hotels have empty drawers? 492 more words

Grace in Baggage

If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone; everything is made new! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Ponder It.

Amazed By Grace