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Death by overwork on rise in Japan as young women now sharing in the salary man's fate

TOKYO — Japan is witnessing a record number of compensation claims related to death from overwork, or “karoshi,” a phenomenon previously associated with the long-suffering “salary man” that is increasingly afflicting young and female employees. 767 more words


Failure to Fully Pay Employees for Work Before Entering Production Area Results in $320,000 Settlement

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the term “donning and doffing” is used to refer to the practice of putting on (donning) and taking off (doffing) protective gear, clothing and uniforms and other activities to prepare to work. 566 more words

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Employers Must Pay Employees for Break Times of 20 Minutes or Less

Whether or not an employer must pay an employee who is on a break during a work day often creates much confusion. Employers subject to jurisdiction under the Fair Labor Standards Act who do not follow the appropriate regulations subject themselves to potential class action liability for unpaid time, statutory penalties and other damages. 700 more words

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$2.1 Million in Overtime Pay & Liquidated Damages to Employees

Companies often use temporary staffing services to address seasonal staffing needs. While this need may be legitimate, the use of a staffing firm does not absolve the employer from liability for unpaid overtime. 398 more words

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A Wise Investment

For the past several weeks the United Kingdom has been filled with the chattering of newsprint about Jeremy Corbyn MP’s decision to postpone formal investiture into the Privy Council due to a prior personal commitment; a commitment he has now revealed. 509 more words


Benefits of Overtime Rule Reform Not Only More Jobs or More Pay

My post on the Obama administration’s proposed overtime rule reform focused mainly on how it could benefit low-wage workers, even though the current rule already entitles most of them to overtime pay. 936 more words

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Employee Wages: Employer's Tip Sharing Plans Are Not Always Legal

Restaurants frequently use a tip pooling system. When the system results in employees not receiving at least the minimum wage, or when employees who do not interact with customers are part of the tip sharing system, employers may be violating state and/or federal law. 329 more words

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