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My unplanned pregnancy at the tender age of nineteen was thirty years ago, but the blessings I noticed back then I still hold tight to my heart today. 749 more words

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easy way to execute undesired pregnancy

MTP kit fast shipping is the perfect solution for all those who are targeting for a safe, effective and economic method for early stage pregnancy abortion. 443 more words

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Oh baby!

I have been debating whether or not to write this post for a few weeks now. And obviously I chose to write it because you are reading it right now (duh). 998 more words


Unplanned Pregnancy

Don’t abort it. God hates it.

Imagine if Obama’s mama aborted him.
Imagine if Major 1’s mama aborted him.
Imagine if Mary aborted Jesus.

Don’t kill the destiny of that baby; you don’t know what they carry in their future.

#Share and save a life.

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Blessings Wrapped Around My Unplanned Pregnancy - Part 2

My soon-to-be published memoir shares my before, during and after unplanned pregnancy experience. Having already shared bit’s and pieces of that life changing soap opera, I now want to explain how God knew I needed to sense He was there with me as time went on.  307 more words

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Abortion Medicines Results to Successful Termination of Pregnancy

Medical abortion is deemed as success if a pregnancy curtails in development without the requirement of any other medical care. Studies have credited that females mostly get… 525 more words

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Blessings Wrapped Around My Unplanned Pregnancy

I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared stories about my unplanned pregnancy at the tender age of nineteen. That is why, before I get back to sharing what it was like for me going through that tough time, I’ll re-post my last writing, letting you see what my next few weekly writing are going to be about. 656 more words

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