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My Plan To Becoming More Present

My word for 2018 is present because I find myself struggling to be happy in the moments I’m in. I wrote a post a while back asking for… 252 more words


Unplug Series: Planning for the New Year

Now is the time to think about the things we have achieved in the year just gone, the goals we want to achieve next year, and how we are going to achieve them. 194 more words

Retro and the Crow

What’s the point then?

A computer, a technology, should never be a tether. It should be a tool to enhance knowledge, productivity, and pleasure.

To use a tool properly, one must learn to get by, to get about one’s business without it. 238 more words

Plug Loopholes 

“One person’s loophole is another person’s gain”

Do you believe that every system has a loophole? That every a-z law in science has a loophole? Do you believe that every one of us has a loophole?

235 more words

WELLNESS: Unplug & Chill

There’s no shame in unplugging for a few minutes, hours of even days…

You u don’t always have to be ‘reachable’ – People and social media updates can wait…

Health & Fitness

"What It Means To: Unplug From Social Media!"

Welcome back, Sit, Stay, & Bloggers, and Happy 2018!  Is your New Year’s resolution to unplug from social media?  The mere fact that you’re reading this blog on a social media platform tells me one of two things:  1.  1,304 more words

Don't be offended if you don't hear back from me right away

Since when did immediacy become ingrained in our culture? Those little red circles alerting us to a Facebook like, comment or share, a new email, something new on Snapchat or another thing that needs our attention on Instagram at that moment.  623 more words