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Sunday Detox: Handwritten Notes

I’ve lived in NY, Boston and New Haven over the past ten years, and have been lucky enough to build up a cadre of awesome lady friends along the ride up and down the east coast.   259 more words

Sunday Detox


I must sound like a broken record at this point, but I have to admit…the winter blues are hitting me exxxxtra hard these days.  I’m (still) cleaning out and rearranging my apartment, and the lack of serenity at home has been making my brain feel all scrambled up.   410 more words


A n x I ETY: The Inability to Even

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this topic for a while, but the sheer thought of starting it caused so much  a n x i e t y  that I could not e v e n start this post. 1,196 more words

The BEST days...

We’re enjoying a warmer day here in the south — and am reminded that on days like these, unplug and get outside!

Travel Quotes

[Re-Plug] Social Media: Why I Make Friends and Scroll Through NewsFeeds

I see a lot of backlash and hatred for social media and current technology. Frankly, I get sick of it. People want to bemoan this society for “always being on their phone” and “social media taking over their lives”, but the advancement of technology, including and especially mobile apps and social networking sites, can increase productivity and bring us closer together. 439 more words


The Great Wake Up - Unplug (and a reflection on the month)

This week I embarked upon the task of unplugging… Well, actually de-notifying my phone. No strict rules on this one, like you can only look at your phone x amounts in the day, but just taking away your notifications and the rest is up to you. 147 more words


Text messaging diet

I said it a few posts back that I wanted to focus more on me this year. And as a result, I came up with a… 342 more words

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