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My State of the Union Address: Why I Scaled Back on Social Media

“I don’t know about you all, but fewer things irritate me more, in cyberspace, than when I’m following someone’s Facebook “fan page” or someone’s blog, and they constantly post about things that are completely irrelevant to the theme of their page and when they’re just posting any and everything just to hold onto the attention of the masses.
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Save It for the Holidays

A few weeks ago the CBS drama, “Madame Secretary”, served up a scene in which Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord was arguing with her brother. Words were flying and getting more heated when Elizabeth’s husband intervened, “C’mon you two, save it for the holidays.” My husband and I laughed out loud. 514 more words

Once Again, Jenny Jaffe Rocks Our World

One of the weird side effects of our incredibly connected, social-media-driven world is how it can sometimes feel like you don’t exist if you choose to step away for a bit. 216 more words


For the love of Solitude

Solitude is a lost art. In these times when everything is connected and it is so easy to let your family, relatives, and friends know where you have been and what you are up to,it is hard to even realize that we have lost touch with ourselves. 719 more words

[Re-Plug] Things I Am Good At (Hint: Not Writing Lists Like This)

In the interest of building my self-esteem and developing the skill of self-validation, I made a list of things I’m good at. Ironically, it strongly brought to light one of my biggest flaws: perfectionism. 189 more words


Digital Life and its Consequences: #iLife #phoneworlds

I just presented on the topic of Managing our Digital Lives (#ilife #phoneworlds) for a group of graduate students at a University of California campus. The topic was how our digital lives affect our social and physical health. 987 more words

Dr. Jennifer Young

Be Brave and Unplug

I went to the Kikki K studio in Chadstone for the first time yesterday, and came away with some much needed inspiration in the form of the book ‘Brave’, by Margie Warrell. 184 more words