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Resilience and Self-Care

Resilience and grit are huge buzz words these days with everyone from self-help authors to Ted Talk speakers discussing the necessity of them. However, what you may not know is that… 518 more words


Unplugging Technology

Technology. Looking back it really hasn’t been that long of peoples lives being attached to a phone.

It’s interesting how things change over the years. I grew up with dial up internet, floppy disks and a with a dial and bunny ears (I should state that my house hold was always slightly behind in technology). 502 more words

Mental Health

Let me make this one short and to the point. If you think that we have a huge fake crisis today, think again because the fake crisis of the future will make the problems of misinformation we have today pretty much kindergarten.

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Unplugged Without Power

So not once but twice in the last week we have been without power. How easily we take for granted this luxury. But on a positive note what a great excuse to unplug and reconnect.   126 more words


There is a new study out there that claims that students learn better by reading paperback books than e-books. It is about time for us to be talking about this undeniable fact.

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