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Digital Detox

It has been a while since DDX took place. A couple of weeks to be precise. Initially I imagined I would be the queen of intersection between technology and self in 7 days flat. 285 more words


I need to unplug

I am lucky enough to have three beautiful and healthy children that mean the absolute world to me.

Of those three beautiful children, one child (my eldest child) has some pretty serious anger issues. 437 more words

Angry Kid


Before I even start this article, I want to ask you, dear reader, what you are reading this on. Your computer? Your phone? Your tablet? Maybe even your watch? 529 more words

High School

Why I Gave Up Social Media for Good

I was just like you. Plugged. Wired. Addicted to the pleasures of social media. Like (or unlike) you, I was perfectly aware of this addiction. Everyday, after school, I immediately plunged into my Instagram feed to catch up on news that I had missed. 426 more words


An Open Letter to the Mom at the Park Who Wouldn't Get Off Her Phone.

Dear mama-

I want to preface this letter with saying, I am not here to judge your mothering or any other area of your life. 424 more words



Now more than ever we seem to be living on sensory overload!

Have you noticed it too?  Maybe it has crept in on you and the subtle changes to the way you live are not too noticeable.  315 more words


Breakfast in Bed

The pressure from the world gets to you…. I mean it gets to me. Life can be overwhelming at times and the stress is there creeping up on you. 449 more words