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'7 Days Without Social Media'. An Experiment

8am I turn off my alarm and disconnect the iPhone from the charger. My precious. The next 15 to 30 minutes are spent scrolling through all my social media feeds: Instagram (personal favourite), Facebook, Twitter and maybe a few Snapchats. 420 more words


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I suffer from this social media addiction as well. It will be good to unplug occasionally.

Replacing Twitter with Phone Calls: An Adventure in Unplugging - 99U

Each time we check a Twitter feed or Facebook update, we encounter something novel and feel more connected socially… and get another dollop of reward hormones.

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Yes, I Don't Have a Cell.

I’m free. I can go wherever I want without the occasional text or obligation to be somewhere at a certain time. Instead of checking Facebook or the Internet on bus rides, I can actually observe what’s going on around me, or catch up on reading. 423 more words

Mon Amusement

social media a d d i c t .

Last night I made the conscious decision to unplug from my social media for one week. One week – that’s it, that’s all.

Well it’s not even the end of Day 1 and it has already been a challenge. 496 more words

Addicted to Tech

We are so completely surrounded by technology that we sometimes don’t even realize how much it consumes us. And if we do we will laugh about it, say something along the lines of “I should use less tech,” then proceed to check . 296 more words


The One-Hour Island (And How to Go for Free)

When was your last vacation?

Perhaps you took a road trip with some friends.  Maybe a weekend ski trip.  The annual family excursion to Hawaii? 976 more words


Unplug Yourself and Cruise: You'll Learn a Little More About Your World

Today it is nearly impossible to go a whole hour without responding to a text, email, or checking social media on your cellphone. After starting this post I put my phone on silent and set it face down. 585 more words

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