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The Ocean

A river seems to flow forever. But it has to end somewhere.

Deactivating Facebook

Well, I did it.  I deactivated my facebook and twitter.  I am not sure I will let my profiles go permanently, but I am happy to be off of them for now. 120 more words


Plugged In

By: Amanda Hinkley

I’m so #thankful to be living in this technology-driven age we call the 21st century. Without the internet (formally known as the ‘World Wide Web’ when I was five and Netscape was a thing), I wouldn’t have such a vast pool of knowledge waiting at my fingertips. 673 more words

Pilgrimage to Kaua'i

Two years ago during a meditation, I saw a beautiful vision of the Nā Pali coast line on Kaua’i. At the time, I had never even heard of Kaua’i nor did I understand the vision, all I knew was I wanted to visit. 596 more words

Return To Aloha

Life without facebook

Sometimes I wonder how life was without facebook, or any social media. I know I’ve lived more than half of my life without it, but I can’t quite remember those days. 214 more words


Sustainability Tips - Instant Changes

1. Unplug your electronics
Many appliances consume energy even when you’re not using them which is called “phantom load”. Prevent it by directly unplugging electronics or by plugging items into a surge protector/power strip and turning the whole strip off when you leave a room. 178 more words

Vida Vacation

Yesterday I got back from a relaxing cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. I still have sea legs and I miss all of the fun!

I had the honor of being invited to attend with all of the people I work with at… 54 more words

Azia Celestino