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The phone in the kitchen

I started a new habit this year. One I love. The idea got sparked when my husband added “Phones off by 9pm” to our New Years resolution list. 106 more words



A few weeks ago, I was having major phone issues. For some reason, the battery was unable to hold a charge. (Of course, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with overusing my phone…) As a result, I went to the Apple store to see about getting a new one, and made an appointment with the Genius Bar. 881 more words

And she's back...

All of us have frequently urged The Mom to step away from her television and other news feeds for the sake of her own sanity and blood pressure. 670 more words

Moving Home

Don't Judge New Orleans by Bourbon Street (& some other thoughts on travel)


I’ve typically spent this week of freedom with my family in Florida… aka sleeping 12 hours a day, chilling in the pool, eating more ice cream than usual and trying to get a tan. 801 more words

Welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone and welcome on Tech-Free Hobbies!

I hope that this blog will inspire you to find hobbies outside of your phone/tablet/laptop/TV and live your life a little more fully! 104 more words


Happy International Goof Off Day

I just found out today was International Goof Off Day and I think it may be one of my favorite holidays. With all the gift giving, romantic obligations and forced family interactions that come along with other holidays, a day of sweet… sweet nothing is welcome. 99 more words

Shop Talk


When heavy things
do weigh you down,
go blog it.

But soon, one day,
if you keep on too long that way,
lightning may strike… 79 more words