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Optimizing a game in a week.

In Fuel Renegades we managed to solve our problem with performance, being it a major inconvenience due to the fact that the game needed to run stable at 60 fps to give a great experience to the user. 529 more words

Fuel Renegades

The Beginnings of Port Lamina

For a first post, this is rather lengthy. I’m just trying to fill you in on where I’m at and what’s to come. Stick around! My future posts should hopefully be shorter with more of an update/progress feel to them with more images rather than info info info. 1,300 more words

A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet

Blade and Soul New Class: A Greatsword-Wielding Tank Coming in 2018

The latest Blade and Soul producer’s letter provides a peek ahead at the biggest thing that is coming this year: a new class! The new class is a new greatsword-wielding tank character powered by brute strength. 19 more words

Act 9

Demo Bottlenecks and Optimization

In my experience, some things to look out for when optimizing for lower end PCs are:

  1. Polygons
  2. Particles
  3. Shader(s) Complexity
  4. Operation calls in Blueprints/C++

When I started out, since I knew I was going to present this as a live demo, it had to run at a decent framerate on my laptop (and eventually other PCs too). 723 more words

Student Project

Student Game Project

As a college student, I’m lazy when it comes to updating this blog. Mainly because I have nothing to post about. Recently re-purposed an old idea I had a while back and used it in a class project. 33 more words

Student Project

UE4 Note : Get Resource In C++

Firstly, you can right click on the resource you want and select “Copy Reference Path” in UE4 Editor. Than you should got a path like this: 48 more words


MotionBuilderToUERename - A skeleton Renaming script for Maya

It can be found Here an installed with the commands:

import MotionBuilderToUERename

This is a script for renaming the default skeletons from MotionBuilder to those seen in many assets of Unreal Engine 4, useful if you  use animations dependant on the latter.

Technical Art