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Wondering And Pondering

I got the DoT and HoT working with the system I described in an earlier post, which turned out to work pretty much as I’d expected. 213 more words

An Epiphany At Breakfast

A couple of days ago I said I needed to figure out how to fix the Damage/Heal over time spells, and I spent the day doing just that, fixing a whole bunch of details to get them working. 327 more words

My first post (and a model for you to see)


If you’re reading this, it means that you’re either:

  • Wanting to learn more about video game art, design, development, and/or everything related.
  • Passionate about video game art, design, development, and/or everything related.
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Surprisingly Smooth Sailing

Two days ago I came up with three new spells that I wanted to implement to try out the new spell system and to get direct healing spells, damage over time, and healing over time working, and I made the icons for them, but then I recorded and edited the tutorial I just put up, so I didn’t get any further then that. 570 more words

Feeling Good About It

Yesterday I finally got everything in the spell system working as before so I can now cast fireballs and swing my sword again, which is great.  345 more words

More Work Than Expected

I went into streamlining my spell system expecting it to take one or two days at the most, but after several days I only have it somewhat working again. 242 more words

#Indiedevhour | Skill - A puzzle game

I | Introduction

On my birthday a few years ago, my parenst gave me a book about developing games with JavaScript. I was very happy and it helped me a lot. 238 more words