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UE4 Third person stealth action zombie game prototype

This is a prototype I developed of a The Last of Us inspired survival stealth action zombie game I’ve had an idea of for a while. 161 more words

3D Modeling

Gate, city layout and a sneak peak.

Last time I made a wall and a tower. So now would be a proper time for a gate. The gate I made consists of eight individual pieces (+ their custom collisions): a bottom, a top, a room inside it, a door, stairs to the roof, iron gate, a cover for the iron gate to go in to, when it’s being lifted and a decorative arch on surrounding the entrance… 263 more words

Unreal Engine

Some lighting issues in UE4 and how to solve them

Welcome one more week to a quick tutorial on UE4!

As we said last week, we are going to try and change every now and then from 3DS Max to UE4, to mix things up a little. 744 more words

Real Time Archviz

Oceanic Procedures

Aaaah, nothing beats watching the ocean in a sunrise, right? Well, at least not for me. It has its own special joy. If the sea is still or choppy, if the sun is bright, or dramatic clouds obscure it, it’s just a uniquely calming experience. 921 more words


New Things

Corridor design on floor 7. Not 100% ready yet, need to balance the colors, lights and add little bit more small detail.

Dark one:

Two times stronger lightning: 11 more words


Pickup and Drop

Here is some test footage of me playing with  physics handle and ray casting in Unreal Engine 4 from a few months ago.

If you want to do something similar in the Unreal Engine the follow the tutorial bellow by… 7 more words


Gears of War IV: The Swarms Of A New Saga

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The Swarms are coming!

A new saga begins for one of most acclaimed video games franchises in history. It seems like only yesterday as the first installment of… 211 more words