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Unreal Engine 4 and Blender - Skybox

So basically, how to create or how to bake skymap in Blender and use it in Unreal Engine 4. We are focusing more of unreal part in this tutorial. 819 more words


Unreal Engine 4 is Surprisingly Friendly to New Developers

The power of Unreal Engine 4 continues to impress as more and more developers put it through its paces. We seen what the engine could do for some of our favorite games like… 361 more words


The Forefornt

In this blog post I shall sum up some of the ideas and technologies that I have implemented into my project as a result of looking at some of the forefront products in my field. 872 more words

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UE4 RnD – Custom Shaders: The impossible one

Colored specular maps are a common feature of all offline renderers and a good deal of realtime engines, however Unreal does not support this in the 4th iteration of their engine, opting instead to rely on Metalness maps which while overall better looking can greatly limit the material possibilities.After countless hours looking through engine notes and online forums the only answer I got was that it was impossible and unsupported, while the alternative Fresnel solutions were subpar – looking like pearlescent paint at best (a material effect I already had)! 182 more words

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UE4 RnD – Custom Shaders: Realism vs Accuracy

While a large portion of the materials for the project are PBR metals where surface textures will added to material instances with altered properties, a few materials will use added effects like Fresnel effects to reflections or roughness to add a more cinematic feel to them – the example here would exaggerate the rim-lighting on some shapes with no additional work needed on the lighting environment. 50 more words

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UE4 RnD - Custom Shaders: Adding Visuals

For this project I will have to create several custom shader materials. One example of this is my current solution for volumetric light. As UE4 does not currently support this feature and has god-rays only as a screen-space effect, I developed a simple shader with custom textures that creates the effect of a fog that is light up by a light source. 73 more words

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UE4 RnD - Tiling Solutions

Due to the nature of the environment it was clear that I would have large flat featureless planes. This introduced the issue of tiling.

Solution 1… 72 more words

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