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Doing A Bit Of Upgrading

Turns out that fixing the inventory wasn’t nearly as time consuming as I’d thought, however, while I was in the trenches working on that script, I noticed a lot of it could be improved upon by quite a bit. 392 more words

Getting Equipped

I never did get to fixing the inventory yesterday, but I did polish up some things with the equipment panel (like getting the drop function to work correctly) and that’s now up and running at 100%.  293 more words

Unreal Engine Bug Tracker now live!

Unreal Engine bug tracker is now available to the public! That means you can check the status of an issue when the developers reference a ticket number in… 161 more words

Unreal Engine 4

There Is No Bug

So, yesterday I wrote about this weird bug that I was having some problems with, well it turns out it didn’t actually exist. I spent about 30 minutes just spawning new items, trying to recreate it, but there was no bug anywhere in sight. 256 more words

I See Debuggin On The Horizon

Yesterday I spent a few hours putting together the new script that would pick the stats for an item based on three different categories, primary, secondary and support stats, to help weed out all the terrible combinations. 103 more words

All The Information You Desire

Migrating my item generator into the game project didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, and a lot of the script broke, so I had to redo a lot of it, and spent several hours getting it all working again. 477 more words

It Might Take Some Discipline

I’ve been thinking about how to limit the chance of getting a poor stat combination on the higher quality items that drop in the game, and one of the ideas I’ve been trying out is dividing the stats into Primary, Secondary, and Support stats. 456 more words