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Ideas, so many ideas!

It’s full speed ahead on the Blizzard diorama project I’m working on. I’m feeling both happy with how it’s going, and a little nervous about whether I’m going to get everything in it done (surprised?). 780 more words


Grass Bending Test

Note: The following video is pre-alpha test footage, and in no way represents the quality of the final game.

It’s hard to see due to the video framerate and compression, but there are volumes for affecting the grass parented to the player’s feet. 27 more words

Unreal Engine 4

Storyteller - Fireside Tales featured in Vice article about Tripping in the Rift

Connington’s first VR trip was closer to what you’d typically do after taking shrooms. After donning the Rift headset, he was sitting in a cave around a crackling campfire listening to an old man reading George Martin’s…

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Unreal Engine 4

The skinned version of Buck has been dropped into engine with a quick base texture to test swapping out the skeletal proxy with the actual character mesh. 208 more words

Game Development

Henrik Level Design

Idag så hade vi vår andra handledning och nu fick vi veta att arbeta runt tyst kunskap kunde bli svårt och kunde även vara lite långsökt att ha som huvudområde att arbeta omkring. 269 more words

Work Book

Exponential Squared Fog for Unreal Engine 4

While upgrading versions on DotCam and TK-Master’s Ocean plugin I realized while there are some underwater camera effects in the new version, there isn’t any fog effect, and having previously run into the limitation of a single Exponential Height Fog actor per level in UE4, I realized I would need to buckle down and write a fog shader myself. 170 more words

Unreal Engine 4