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Pretty Things!

OTM; One and a half weeks left!

This week has been a busy one, especially with regards to Off The Map. At the start of the week we had to present our OTM work so far to the tutors. 863 more words

Unreal Engine 4 Realistic Photos

As you can see, it’s possible to design hyper-realistic enviroments that look…brilliant. It’d be amazing if I could design something that looks this good, but I know a lot of training and effort has been put into this. 24 more words

Game Design

Render 3D objects in UMG Widget/HUD

As you may be aware of, it is not possible to directly render 3D objects/blueprints/meshes in a UMG widget (as of UE 4.7.4 at the time of writing). 1,569 more words


Using Unreal Editor 4: First Thoughts

This is my first time using Unreal Editor 4, the program used to create projects in the Unreal Engine. It’s quite a hefty download, and comes to 11.8GB when fully installed. 311 more words

Game Design

Dungeon Town

Game Link

Dropbox – DungeonTown 1.11.0 Installer

The Game

Elevator Pitch

Dungeon Town is a blend between the dungeon-crawling and city-building game genres.

What makes our game different from other dungeon-crawlers is that we set out to gamify the skill tree, turning the cut and dried point-allocation table into a strategy game of its own. 797 more words


It goes on... and on... and on...

This week has been more Off The Map oriented, since I’m back at university now. I tried to arrange a meeting with my team, since the ones with tutors seem to have just fallen through, but that one sort of went down the shitter as well. 833 more words

Zombies invade your nearest online store

So there’s this struggling group of developers making a game true to George a Romero’s style of zombie filled fun. ┬áThat games name is The Dead Linger, in development by a company called… 119 more words

This Side Of Pluto