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Hack and Slash Character Combat Tutorial - Part 3 - Setting Up Combo System

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.18.3

Uses C++ and blueprints in this tutorial.

Setting Up Combo System

To do this part of tutorial, I first need to have complete understanding of all the attacks that my character should be able to perform and classify them into categories. 766 more words


Epic Releases $12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets

Earlier today, Epic Games announced that about $12 million worth of assets from it’s defunct MOBA game, Paragon, are now available on the Unreal Marketplace for all Unreal Engine 4 developers to use. 149 more words


The LoDown - Meanders

Today On The LoDown, I’ll be checking out Meanders, a puzzle platformer game from publisher and developer Atomic Breath. Meanders is set in a brightly colored theme park, with 40 levels of puzzles that start simple, and quickly increase in difficulty. 74 more words


Week 7 -- Study Complete!

Last week I laid the foundation for the study. This week, I would complete it.

Getting some feedback from last week, I made the ladder a darker color so that it better stands out against the bookcase, and I adjusted the walls and flooring. 228 more words


Week 6 -- Studying

At last week’s class, Matt approached me, telling me he wanted to show me how to edit the paintings themselves, so I could mess with the composition myself. 528 more words


New Gundam Breaker Game 2018

Starting in January, Namco Bandai teased info regarding a “New Gundam Breaker” game for 2018 as well as a western release seen below:

Shortly thereafter, some gameplay was shown off, showcasing the iconic gameplay from previous installments, as well as a revamped UI in combat compared to the previous  140 more words


Blueprint Quick Tips (UE4)

Some quick and easy Blueprint tips for Unreal Engine 4. 138 more words