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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts. We’ve been kinda busy with other things, and we’ve put Ruin on delay till about September to focus on some events we got going on now. 175 more words

Alice: OTM. A less grumpy post mortem thingy, a playthrough, and some overpaints!

Before I get into the nitty gritty details of my team’s Off The Map work, I spent a few hours fiddling with Adobe Premier (with the greatly appreciated help of Jonah!), and now you can see a playthrough of our level! 2,652 more words

Unreal Engine 4 Test


Been super busy but also finding a bit of time to experiment with Unreal Engine 4. I must say although I used to always believe CryEngine had the upper hand in technological advancement, I find Unreal Engine 4 to be much more solid and user friendly, while being smart on where to take the right shortcuts (such as built lighting, which they’ve always done). 130 more words


Audio - 002 - Intro Level

Here I decided to use FMOD as a middleware solution for my games audio, and replaced the previous content.


Audio - 001 - Intro Level

Here I’ve begun to work with implementing placeholder audio into my Thesis.


Intro Level Blockout - 009

Here I have scripted the interactions into the finished version of the blockout for the second area for my Introduction Level.



Present our game project over the Thursday. We got some general feedback that I wasn’t really surprised about, our game ended up becoming a top down RTS of sorts, and selection of multiple units and scrolling screens.. 301 more words

Game Design