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Hear Kanye West And Kendrick Lamar's Full Remix Of 'All Day'

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a true, final studio version for Kanye’s “All Day” remix with Kendrick Lamar. Even though the track’s making the rounds as something official, a friend told me it’s just a cleaned up version created by a DJ who managed to merge… 47 more words


This Is Intentionally Leaked Music

There’s nothing like leaked and unreleased music.  I have a HUGE library full of original unfinished songs and ideas.  I know I will never go back and listen to all of them so why let them sit and collect cyber dust?   49 more words


Hear Kendrick Lamar's Unreleased Verse Written For Kanye West's 'All Day'

Several weeks ago, it was revealed that Kendrick Lamar was one of the almost twenty different credited writers for Kanye West’s “All Day”. Last week, the tiniest of snippets start to surface of K.Dot’s reference track used for the… 80 more words


Hap Snow's Whirlwinds' The Basement Tapes, Vol. III - Home Recordings 1958-1959

Between 1958 and 1959, Hap Snow’s Whirlwinds made a series of recordings in a home studio located in the basement of a private residence in Weston, Massachusetts. 474 more words

Stefano Torossi

The Creek And the Carving - Work In Progress!

Here’s a little note for you all, or the two of you, of activity, the activity of yours truly. My general lack of activity on the wwweb since New Year’s sometime directly corresponds to a general abundance of activity going on in my head/appartment, on my wall/piano/guitar and so forth. 119 more words

Prince Has a Literal Vault of Unreleased Music in His Basement

By Marissa G. Muller

Prince‘s Paisley Park estate has achieved mythological status since its 1985 construction and that seems more and more warranted with every new detail about the home that surfaces. 290 more words

The Route 103

Confirmed: Prince has a bank vault of unreleased music in his basement

It’s a well-known fact that Prince has a treasure trove of unreleased music, but a new feature in the UK’s Guardian reveals specific details about the collection. 437 more words