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The Child in the Clothes of the Criminal by Anne Goodwin @annecdotist @inspiredquill

Anne Goodwin joins us on the blog today to talk about writing as a child. Her second novel, Underneath, is published tomorrow.

The Child in the Clothes of the Criminal by Anne Goodwin… 1,063 more words

Contemporary Fiction

What's Their Motive?

A first-person/subjective narrator always has a motive. As we discussed when a narrator learns things from other characters the story they are told affects what they learn. 727 more words


Finding Their Voice

A first-person/subjective narrator needs their own voice. The easiest way to approach this can be to think about it the same way you would think about a character’s speech because that is essentially what they’re doing. 640 more words


Assembling a Narrator

Now we’ve looked at different ways to structure a first-person/subjective story and some important points now we’ve got to look at building our narrator (or any character for that matter): 88 more words


A Shift of Perspective

As I said in the previous article a first-person narrative is affected by the motivations of the characters but those motivations don’t have to be good, the first-person narrator is often used to create empathy for… 568 more words


I Tell a Lie

The main reason the first-person narrator is also known as the subjective narrator is because we’re never entirely sure if they’re telling us the truth. This may not be an outright lie, it could be an omission, a flexing of the truth or a mistake. 519 more words


Multiple Narrators

We’ve looked at stories that are told by subjective narrators within the narration of other narrators, which I referred to as ‘framed narratives’, but there are other types of narrative which I wouldn’t class as ‘framed narratives’. 571 more words