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ʍǝᴉΛ ɟo ʇuᴉoԀ ɹǝɥʇou∀

On Tuesday two weeks ago, I was hurrying back to the office after lunch to prepare for a meeting. En route, I spotted tourists taking photographs of nearby statues, taking advantage of a brief window of sunshine in an otherwise rainy week. 913 more words

Alternate Reality

Do you ever have the strange feeling that a dream is familiar? I have a dear friend whose dreams feels like she had known these places, everything about it is comforting. 1,385 more words

Creative Writing

A Word on Word Lists

NOTE: In this series of articles we’re looking specifically at how I self-edit, this doesn’t mean you have to use my methods, these articles are examples of the way I work. 721 more words


The Fallible First-Person

The first-person/subjective narrator can be a tricky one. What makes it so tricky us that the narration has to match the voice of the character who’s narrating and we can only see what the narrator sees. 79 more words


Unreliable Narrator

Have you ever read a story from the villain’s point of view? Ever tried to write one? What about a narrator that doesn’t tell the reader all of the truth? 322 more words


"Local girl missing" by Claire Douglas

Frankie and Sophie were best friends from early childhood.

Sophie Collier came to Oldcliffe-On-Sea with her mother and brother when they ran away from Sophie’s abusive father.   577 more words

Book Reviews

Book Review: A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

After reading and being thoroughly entertained by The Couple Next Door, I was so excited to read Lapena’s latest novel – A Stranger in the House… 554 more words

Book Reviews