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Longing for a Better World

I watched a video (WARNING: disturbing images) earlier this week of a young Syrian boy being treated for chlorine gas attack. He described what happened. He and his brothers and sisters ran out to see some airplanes in the sky. 2,601 more words



I like keeping my phone on a belt clip. It’s geeky and will never be a fashion-correct approach, but it’s convenient and that trumps either of those other considerations. 370 more words


When Your Soul Is Unsatisfied


Women with an unsatisfied thirst will always look for something to fill them up.


A woman went to a well in the heat of the day for water, mainly because she didn’t want to be seen. 966 more words


Insatiable (adj.)-not satiable; incapable of being satisfied or appeased.

I have increasingly found that this word can be included in my own self description- one of my teachers once appropriately used it to describe all of mankind. 603 more words

When the door shuts..

Life recently has been a mirage of turns and twists that have ended in abrupt stops and puddles of tears. My my how life has been overwhelming. 451 more words


Parallel Studio, “Unsatisfied” (via art fag city).

Being a working mom.

I’d never thought I’d be the type of woman who wanted to stay at home and not work. Until I had Aidan, that is.. If Alex was making more money I would have stayed at home longer, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. 87 more words