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It's only temporary

I now have to live on the phrase, that things will only be temporary. It’s my careless self that has gotten me here. Lying here, thinking, stupid, foolish girl. 148 more words


And suddenly I’m not allowed to feel. It labels me as too “emotional” as if having emotion is a bad thing. As if emotions don’t bring us some of the best things. 21 more words


I see the door, but my feet are weighted
setting me in stone, there’s no doubt that I know my place here.
I taste it on my lips; the sweet smell of freedom in the air outside… 227 more words

"Single and Unsatisfied"

I remember the very moment I had to accept that I was single and no longer in a “relationship”. Even though my “relationship” was not in my best interest it was mine! 455 more words

Why money and happiness are 2 things you will never deny

If I, today, offered you unlimited money or happiness would you decline my offer? I don’t think so and heres why:

1) Money = things we want = perceived happiness… 219 more words


Web 2.0 Logo

I have played around with Photoshop quite a bit so having to use stock images on a web browser bugged me but I was surprised how much was possible on this free web browser.

Chapter 3

Do you ever look at where you are and think, “Damn, I need to get out of here”?

I’m at one of those places right now. 435 more words