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I wonder if this man loves me.
I wonder what he wants from me.
I wonder if my instinct tells me right that…
He has a love affair he keeps until now. 88 more words


Almost But Not Quite

It’s that feeling you have when you’re sitting on your couch looking at your Christmas tree and realize that only every other light is working. (After you spent all that time spacing the strands just right.) It’s that feeling you have when you get new glasses and a week later scratch the right lens with a cleaning cloth. 909 more words


Unspoken Truths #1

I don’t love the person I’m dating. I like him enough to want to stay but I like him enough to not want to leave. Losing interest in things has always been a problem for me. 75 more words


walls up

I think the hardest part of interaction is talking about emotions, but not allowing yourself to fully feel them. Why do we play that game? Slipping and sliding on the surface, too scared to allow ourselves to swim in the depths of what we really mean. 159 more words

Consider Your Ways...

The aforementioned title, borrowed from a verse in the book of Haggai (in the Bible), has oft been associated with condemnation from God for having bad behaviors. 920 more words


Feeding The Ego

Feeding this ego-a full time job
Compliments and hails- it eats up
“So handsome, so rich, so wise”
But still- it wants some more
“The best, the greatest”
11 more words


Wild Beauty - Anna-Marie McLemore

This book was the first book I read from my TBR – I knew I had to get this one “out of the way” should I say, because I knew I wouldn’t really like it just based on the cover. 142 more words