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Men feel achieved
when their questions perceived;
asked. Are unanswered.

Their rightness steeped
deeper in questions heaped.

Philosophies leave salient
men stunned. Silent.
Shock at their irreverence. 257 more words


Shane. So Close

Tuesday Evening. I just got home from Christian’s. I send a message to Shane on Tinder, “up for it?”.

I’ve been chatting to Shane for a few days. 870 more words



We all know what it feels like to be unsatisfied. To have a deep longing for somthing else. That “the grass is always greener on the other side” mentality. 129 more words

Don't Allow It

Don’t let any bully tear you down,
Or erase your smile and make you frown.
They’ll topple you if they get the chance…
And do their petty victory dance. 32 more words


Why Am I So Unsatisfied?

I cannot figure out why I am constantly wanting to change or “fix” what I already have or who I already am.

Blaming the society I live in is not the answer. 477 more words

Emotion & Caffeine

When You're The Only One Unsatisfied

On the 21st of December my boyfriend, his parents and I went out to dinner with some of my boyfriends dads co-workers. They decided to go to the very new restaurant that is locally owned called Smokeys, and even I have heard some really great things about this place. 874 more words