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I am done telling you my problems

Expecting you’d understand my plights

Of course, you do not know the pain I suffer

You do not know how helpless I am. 87 more words


The Declutter

I wouldn’t trash any of these

Except that one, and maybe that one

He threw his toaster through the window

It splashed onto the lawn… 7 more words



He asked how she was doing and she broke.

As she was trying to wrap her head around that question, thoughts started overflowing and she was drowning. 125 more words

8 Blessings of the Unsatisfied Life

Amy Simpson noticed early on that the tidy claims of Christianity were not lining up with the reality she was living at home. Suffering from the impact of her mother’s serious and debilitating mental illness, her family was certainly not strolling toward heaven with all their needs met and a smile on their faces. 1,389 more words

Book Review

The problem with goals

I seem to be getting into a good routine with sleep, so the insomnia hasn’t been a problem for the last two nights.

I’m struggling to eat. 245 more words

Fence Jumping

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” (Ps. 23:1)

The old saying often directed at me or I have directed towards others is: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” 426 more words


"My marriage is falling apart"

When I met my wife, she was in normal fit shape, and her natural body and face is 10/10 beautiful, like unbelievably so, to the point that she could get whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. 1,399 more words

Advice Needed