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When the sparkles fade.

I went for a midnight drive last night. I tried meditating tonight. I’ve been coming home unhappy every night this week. My mind is overflowing with negative thoughts that keep me up every night. 342 more words

Alberta Living

Uneven ruminations of an employee

Every morning I get up and think,

I have left all behind me,

But that thought itself is the irony,

Of the bottled up memories, 124 more words

Tone Irregularities


I see how you are

I should be better

I see what you do

I need to do it better

I see that no matter what I try… 83 more words

Not So Random

Psalm 22: Longing for Hope

We continue our Advent series “Unsatisfied: Longing for Jesus in the Psalms” with a special sermon from Calvary member Dr. Ben Visger. You will be blessed in watching the… 29 more words


Why do we want what we can't have?

Many people today sometimes feel unsatisfied by what they have in life. This causes them to look at other people’s lives in comparison. They may find someone elses job or relationship appealing but always remember that most of the time things are not always as they look. 430 more words

Longing for a Better World

I watched a video (WARNING: disturbing images) earlier this week of a young Syrian boy being treated for chlorine gas attack. He described what happened. He and his brothers and sisters ran out to see some airplanes in the sky. 2,601 more words



I like keeping my phone on a belt clip. It’s geeky and will never be a fashion-correct approach, but it’s convenient and that trumps either of those other considerations. 370 more words