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Stop wasting your life!

shadow” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Martin Lopatka 

“If you spent as much time studying as you do playing your video games I can peacefully depart from this world!” 1,105 more words


The Fake Sound of Progress

January 2013


I looked down at my sheet of paper titled ‘new year resolution’

Amidst the new year celebrations and against the sounds of exploding fireworks I couldn’t help but feel the fake sound of progress as time traveled yet another year forward. 612 more words



It’s basically like I’m reliving my unstable, glorious childhood all over again…

Incompetence breeds chaos

Today was the worst day I’ve had at work in my three years with the company. It was the last day of our financial period and I expected a certain degree of chaos and incompetence but what actually happened was on a completely higher level. 564 more words



Can’t remember the last time the thought

Life is beautiful

Crossed my mind…

Ok....so I have to ask.

Do you ever get the feeling it’s just not working? Like something somewhere across the either is broken. That something that holds it all together is just missing and nobody knows it but you? 252 more words


If You Could Change One Thing In Your Life ~ What Would It Be?

Last year I got to thinking.  I know, I know!  Dangerous territory!  But, I let it get the best of me and started to think.  I asked myself, “Self… If I could do one thing over in my life, what would it be?” 361 more words