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I know you have set out a life for me that is opposite of the path society has me on.

You have an unconventional life planned for me. 202 more words


Hope remains

Dear Mr.Bill Collector,

I know my rents past due, and I, haven’t returned your calls since late last June. Because in all honesty all I have to say is, “real real soon”.

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Word play. 

Your words are Poetry, how you shape them making them your very own and the way you use them in a poetical form telling us your story in a play on words, the way you paint an image so vivid and clear without the use of a canvas. 18 more words


Just Seconds late/Just my luck

Rather than trying repeatedly at second chances always ending up a second too late. I rather take my chances n walk alone seeing its better odds dealing with a pain that eventually goes away than being dealt a pain thats reoccurring.


Closed case

The ways you get to me, is a mystery better left unsolved.


Still Seeking the Next Big Thing?


Before writing this post, I did some research about other commentaries and devotionals from Proverbs 30.  Many writers have speculated about the author of this passage, whether Agur is a pseudonym for a known author or what wisdom this author may possess.  344 more words