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"My wife wants to sleep with other people"

My wife announced that she wants to sleep with other people. She claims that our sex life is bad, and she is not satisfied. We had incredible sex just the night before and she thoroughly enjoyed it. 45 more words

Advice Needed

Out with Expectations.

Expectations are a complete waste of time. Yes I know, not when it comes to working, marriage, or any of that other important stuff.

I’m talking about self expectations, expectations for other things, expectations of other people in a light matter. 276 more words


Anyone Marry a Super Great Nice Person, Who Doesn't Really "Bring it" to Bed?

Hey, truly nice people can be hard to find; And, especially if you’re not that interested in sex anyway, kindness more than makes up for bangin’-ness. 422 more words


My mind at the moment 

Lost in a sea of my own confusion.

Maybe it is me or the world but I am lost.

Trying to figure out my life but not sure on where or how to start. 59 more words

The validation drug

Being with others that share your same views makes you happy because it validates your views and validation makes you feel happy about yourself. Feeling happy about yourself therefore makes you happy. 459 more words


Or Somebody

I want nothing,

I want nothing,

I want nothing.

I want everything.

I just need something

That I can call my own.

Weightless – All Time Low