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The validation drug

Being with others that share your same views makes you happy because it validates your views and validation makes you feel happy about yourself. Feeling happy about yourself therefore makes you happy. 459 more words

Or Somebody

I want nothing,

I want nothing,

I want nothing.

I want everything.

I just need something

That I can call my own.

Weightless – All Time Low


Chris The Redeemer

Here we were at the Olympia Inn
I’m foolish, starved for something
He gives me a taste, a spoonful
But it doesn’t fill me up… 125 more words

Young ladies, thank me. These theories might save you from sexless marriage

Common scenarios that lead to extreme dissatisfaction with maritalĀ  sex life.

You can find a lot of blogs and discussions – where wives talk of sexless marriages. 797 more words


2017, May 22 - 2640 - delaying

is something missing? (5)
I wait to do what I want (7)
for my own pleasure (5)



No satisfaction

thumbing through volumes of books

I will never read.

by Scooj


"Our sex life has gone downhill"

I tell my girlfriend what I want in sex. I need her to be more spontaneous about things. She’s super sensitive about me touching her. It’s been 5 years and I feel like my sex life isn’t where it needs to be in the relationship. 6 more words

Advice Needed