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Are you satisfied?

“Yes, he humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna…He did it to teach you that people need more than bread for their life; real life comes by feeding on the word of the LORD.”
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Employed at last

3 weeks ago i started the first paid job i have had since 2002. I have done volunteer work during the past 15 years, but i am now employed again. 287 more words


Je n'es suis pas d'accord avec toi!

I do not agree with you!

That is what I wanted to yell at the doctor I went to see today. I had an appointment with a neurologist today to have my head checked out, obviously. 321 more words

Her last wish

She was an old lady and considered her life to be content with life with children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. She had lived happily until her last few days which had been too torturing and too painful for her old soul. 346 more words

Just When I Don't Know Anything.

On Self-Portraiture

I am a heavy sleeper,
and yet here I am, waking
up early in the morning
just to get the lighting right.

Early mornings fascinate me; 427 more words

day 1301 - self conscious 

not moving much and not being physically active has made me become self conscious and i’ve let it take over with my decision making. it’s only fair that if i can’t do what i want, it won’t get what it wants either. 28 more words

My 365

Internal Struggle

I often confuse myself. I battle depression seemingly on an hour to hour basis. Sometimes I’m fine and other times not so much. I have wondered sometimes what is the point of life and living, but on the other hand, I fear death. 250 more words