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day 1301 - self conscious 

not moving much and not being physically active has made me become self conscious and i’ve let it take over with my decision making. it’s only fair that if i can’t do what i want, it won’t get what it wants either. 25 more words

My 365

Internal Struggle

I often confuse myself. I battle depression seemingly on an hour to hour basis. Sometimes I’m fine and other times not so much. I have wondered sometimes what is the point of life and living, but on the other hand, I fear death. 250 more words



How is everyone? I am just here to give a little update. I have a whole bunch of new content on the way, please stay patient and keep in touch! 747 more words

The End

A man fades back into consciousness as his alarm goes off.

“. . . lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying. When I was a child I had a fever. 847 more words


Be A Grown Up And Put The Phone Down

I read an article in Bloomberg last week that stunned, convicted and challenged me greatly.  Researchers have found that middle aged Americans spend more time on social media than millennials.   813 more words


When the sparkles fade.

I went for a midnight drive last night. I tried meditating tonight. I’ve been coming home unhappy every night this week. My mind is overflowing with negative thoughts that keep me up every night. 342 more words

Alberta Living

Uneven ruminations of an employee

Every morning I get up and think,

I have left all behind me,

But that thought itself is the irony,

Of the bottled up memories, 124 more words

Tone Irregularities