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What About You Wednesday | Elizabeth

Today we welcome Elizabeth to the blog.

Let’s step into her season…

Describe the season you currently find yourself in.

Life has been a blur, more specifically, these past two months. 853 more words

The Christian Life

2015, March 12 – 343 - lazy

I’m doing what I want
but am I enjoying myself?
I feel too rushed
and defensive
to justify my actions
and accomplish something
with my days… 21 more words


A Note to the Unsatisfied Christian

By Abbie Bauer

To those Christians who grew up in church and are still there today, to those who are still in the church but have been left desiring more from christianity, to those who have turned from Christianity in search of something more, allow me to address you and urge you not to buy into the lie that a religion can satisfy you, bring purpose and meaning. 1,167 more words


Most of us fall into the trap of wanting to tell God what to do, when to do it, how we like it and where we want it. 558 more words

Daily Message

It's only temporary

I now have to live on the phrase, that things will only be temporary. It’s my careless self that has gotten me here. Lying here, thinking, stupid, foolish girl. 148 more words


And suddenly I’m not allowed to feel. It labels me as too “emotional” as if having emotion is a bad thing. As if emotions don’t bring us some of the best things. 21 more words


I see the door, but my feet are weighted
setting me in stone, there’s no doubt that I know my place here.
I taste it on my lips; the sweet smell of freedom in the air outside… 227 more words