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Some Ways to Think About Schooling, Part I

Traditional schooling is unnatural, harmful, and stymies the social, intellectual, and cognitive development of young people. This is essentially the thesis of MIT Psychologist Peter Gray’s excellent 2013 work… 1,393 more words


Day 140: The American West

Today was our first meeting of Geography Club in several weeks, because of weather and illness. All of the kids were frankly more excited to see each other than they were to learn about the American West, but nevertheless, learn about the American West we did. 636 more words



Today has been a good day, with a creepy aspect.

So my friend slept over last night. He wasn’t feeling so good so he stayed for a while before going home. 84 more words

I will praise Him in this storm. A mothers brokenness

Days like today, I wish my daddy were here to wrap his big warm arms around me, pull me close and tell me “Everything’s going to be okay.”  He was good at that.  653 more words

A Look Inside The Life of a Radical Unschooling Family: March 1st, 2015

Sundays are pretty laid back in our house. Bubba, Bret, and Keethen (family friend) woke up around 11 or so and began watching old cartoons on Cartoon Network and talked to me about their plans for the day while Poppy cooked us all eggs and bacon for breakfast. 303 more words

Experience Unschooling

Day 139: Hunting caribou

This morning when the kids went out to play, they pretended to be Inuit, hunting either a bear or a caribou (which was in both cases the dog).   119 more words


Day 138: Ring around the rosy

Papa had an early car appointment this Saturday morning, and the kids were a little rambunctious when they woke up, so we had a quick piece of toast and then I sent them outdoors to play. 492 more words