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Unschooling and the Khan Academy

We do not follow a curriculum in our home. When I have pushed study in any way with either of the boys, they have lost interest or become lazy. 259 more words


Learn To Draw with Youtube

My two oldest, Jack (5) and Kaylee (6), love YouTube! They watch a lot of different content, some of it educational (whether they realize it or not!) and some of it is pure entertainment. 347 more words


Homeschool Skedtrack

Enrolling to a homeschool provider gives you the convenience of getting away from the admin tasks normally entailed while homeschooling like grading, assessment and keeping the transcript of records. 210 more words

I'm Back-ish?

Sometimes I think that 90% of my “blogging career” has been spent writing blog posts that say “I know I haven’t blogged in a while… but I’m back!”  See the last post I wrote, in September, about how I was going to try to write on here more often.   569 more words


Table Time

For lack of a better term, borrowing from what friends call theirs, we have started having a bit of time at the table together every day. 481 more words


Did you know that most big kids have noses?

– G, age four


HomeSchooling Goals

If you’re homeschooling, you NEED goals! Most people would never attempt to navigate a major journey without a road map or GPS. Yet most people don’t intuitively recognize the importance of having such a “road map” for their daily lives. 764 more words