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A note on links to PDA related material

Accessing material related to PDA is so important on this journey. Gaining understanding about PDA and recognising how it presents in Little Miss M has been essential in supporting her correctly and put us in a better position to ensure our lifestyle and her environments work to her advantage and to help her develop understanding of herself.  1,703 more words


Fear and Failure

He is not stupid. In spite of his nervousness and anxiety, he is curious about some things, bright, enthusiastic, perceptive, and in his writing highly imaginative. 705 more words


Learning with Blueberries

This fall, V will turn five. Apparently, that means that I need to start freaking out Right Now about Kindergarten. Of course, with a fall birthday, the first decision is whether she starts this year or not. 471 more words

Berry Picking

Home Ed. What Eliza thinks....

Like every mother I regularly bug myself with worries around whether I am doing the right thing.  This combined with the social pressure and criticisms you bump into from bringing a child up in a setting different to what’s considered “normal” can compound this natural doubt.   279 more words


The upside to fidget spinners

Fidget: to move about restlessly, nervously, or impatiently.

Kids move, and that’s a good thing. Running, jumping, stretching, twirling, somersaulting, and cartwheeling are natural inclinations of the human body. 535 more words


What I Do....

I’m a homeschooling mom. But not one of those ones that the phrase generally brings to mind. I’m one of those pretty much hands-off but giving a guiding hand kind of homeschooling moms that prefers her students (because they are my students during “school” hours) explore and learn about what they are interested in. 575 more words

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