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Up to the mountains

I’m still working on another post about the last several weeks, but here’s a story about today. After some card games (war and speed) and some Playmobil play and some puzzling this morning, we headed up to Storm Mountain for a hike.   478 more words


Collaborative Storytelling: Liz Peck & Jello

One of the best parts of home school is the collaboration. The figuring IT out together.

I was given permission from my collaborator to share some of IT from this week. 478 more words

By Notatypicalmom

My Kids Are Better Teachers Than I Could Ever Hope To Be

Children.  Kids.  The next generation.  Progeny.  Offspring.  The genetic mashup of you and your partner.  The little people who completely change your life, who completely change… 424 more words

Beware of False Education Prophets

Beware of false education prophets. They come to you in teacher’s clothing, but inwardly they support the anti-working class bastards who want to destroy the teaching profession. 610 more words


Unschooling: Socialization

The reader question about unschooling I’m answering today is: Do you worry they won’t know how to deal with social situations even with less skill?  584 more words