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This is Paradise!

No time to write. We had been out, picking, weeding, climbing, wadding, swinging, digging, smelling, tasting, touching, running, biking, doing, enjoying. You know life is good when a girl stands on the kitchen floor late Sunday and says: … 701 more words


Counting to Kindergarten. Reflections, K Week 1

Week one of our second year homeschooling finished, which means that our first year of homeschooling is completed.  That doesn’t mean that our homeschool curriculum is completed, but that’s ok, we’ll just keep plugging at it.  974 more words


Weekend Update

We are lagging a bit on our posts, already, and I have some guilt about that (I have so much mama guilt in general though, so let’s ignore it), but the kids are doing a lot of stuff and that’s partially why we haven’t coordinated a new post. 1,086 more words


Craft, Science and Games Box

As regular readers might know, barely a day passes without the sausages doing some sort of craft, and I’m always on the look-out for new ideas.   842 more words


Open Source Learning: A Personal Manifesto

Ever since I graduated high school I have been experimenting to find out how to learn and how to think better. This journey has been extremely rewarding and worthwhile; I have been introduced to theories and people who have inspired me and have discovered the tools that have allowed me to forge my career path relatively effectively. 1,709 more words

Open Source Learning Project

Is school out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong.

In a post I wrote about socialisation, I mentioned that “the focus needs to shift from being cast on risk and harm minimisation to instead asking ourselves do we need to take this direction at all?” and I really wanted to get us talking about that further. 873 more words


SALUTATIONS! (said the ant to the Oak tree...)

…As she broke from the line to soar on a leaf she’d been eyeing beyond her daily conveyor belt route.


I am 8 weeks  and 1 day pregnant, after a previous unfortunate life where I was not meant to be a 19yr.   1,337 more words