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Non-Disintegrating Chalk Experiment

We attempted to do an experiment with chalk, but it was a very sorry and disappointing endeavor.  I think chalk must be made differently from how it used to be made in the good old days.  172 more words


Egg in Vinegar Experiment

The boys and I did a little experiment with a couple of raw eggs.

One soaked in water, while the other soaked in vinegar.  We covered them to minimize evaporation and keep the vinegar stink out of the room. 89 more words


Homeschooling this past week

We have been busy trying to get through the winter and I have not updated the homeschooling section much. We have been out of the house quite a bit and spending a ton of time with friends. 105 more words

Learning to Read While Unschooling

A couple weeks ago my newly-turned 6 year old decided to learn how to read.

Now, this didn’t come completely out of the blue. She’s been making some noise about wanting to learn how to read for several months, but every other time I had sat down with her to work on letter sounds it had quickly become clear that she wasn’t quite ready. 684 more words

My Kids

Car math. 

We have done car math for as long as I can remember, whenever the mood strikes us. These little oral challenges encompass adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, fractions, critical thinking, and even algebra. 229 more words

Daily Life