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Iris Grace's Mother: On Autism, Natural Play Spaces and Child Led Home Education

Iris Grace is a seven year old little girl with a massive talent for painting. Her work has been compared to Monet and has been bought and shared by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Daniel Radcliffe. 2,573 more words


Learning in Nature

There is a place that exists where we turn when we need a change of scenery. For us, it’s exiting the doors of our home and feeling the Earth under our feet. 1,043 more words

Growing Up

M’s will to learn is going from strength to strength – she is actively, positively, wanting to learn new things and to get a grasp on things she doesn’t understand.   334 more words


A question of balance

The unschooling diaries: week thirty-six

Finding balance is at the heart of any parenting journey, whichever way you choose to do things.

But I feel like having headed off down the unschooling path there’s a whole other challenge to be faced – because it’s not just your own views and needs and desires you’re trying to factor in, and those of the people whose opinions you value, but those of your child(ren) as well. 842 more words

Montessori, Homeschooling, and Unschooling

Right now, my son is only 15 months old. Is that too soon to start thinking about his schooling? I cannot remember what it was that got me started on this mini-adventure, but now I cannot get it out of my head! 319 more words

Homeschool, unschool, state school or private?

My son is a long way off school age yet, but already how I want to educate him is on my mind. Everyone I know has sent, or plans to send, their kids to school, either state or private. 666 more words


VHC Assignment #2: How do you handle people discouraging your homeschool?

I remember it like it was yesterday. The second my plans to homeschool were out, the negative comments and thoughts started coming my way. No, not all were negative, but many were. 782 more words