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Review: The Seelie Princess by Jill Turner

Not my normal “go to” style of book, but I heard about the author through the social media group The Dragon’s Rocketship, so I decided to continue to support Indie Authors and read the book.  296 more words


A Quiet Season

Summer’s bounty had been harvested and partaken with revelry and song. The golden rays of lazy afternoons were shading slowly into cool mysterious twilights sooner and sooner. 283 more words


Ode to the Unseelies

Water Horse, have You always visited me during my youth?

Have You always hung Your head around me? Have You always let me see the arch of Your neck, the watercress tangled in Your mane? 355 more words


Death in the Tavern

Nathaniel looks up as somebody starts knocking on the door as he is doing up his boots, ready to head down for a brief breakfast before the morning meeting. 1,248 more words


Call of Duty

Aoibheann was beginning to suspect that perhaps not only the Unseelie were suffering without Maric’s leadership. In fact, she had sort of known it all along, but she had avoided thinking about it. 227 more words

Renewed Purpose

Unseelie Seneschal, Lord Daecharian looked like he almost might laugh, though whether at the situation or her or at himself was unclear, but the moment passed and he was coldly impassive again, only his eyes glowing with the depths of his new goal. 253 more words


Urban Fantasy Archetypes: Angels, Demons, and the Fairy World

This blog is the sixth installment of examining the changing meaning of story tropes in urban fantasy.

The polar relationship between good and evil exists in some embodiment in all cultures. 1,215 more words