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Lure by Tarynn Kerr

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting ideas on fairy generation, nice relationship development between the MCs although a bit one-sided and hard to understand from the male MC’s point of view. 91 more words

Chapter 4 - Part 1

The cave was wide and deep enough that almost all of the Sidhe fit there. All of them. Light and Dark in the same place in friendship and brotherhood since the Making. 771 more words

Long Form

Chapter 3 - Part 3

Each and every one of them, Seelie and Unseelie both, all of the Fae, knew when their works were being overturned, it was part of who and what they were, it was if someone were peeling their skin away from the muscles and expected them to simply sit back and accept it. 921 more words

Long Form

Chapter 3 - Part 1

There were stories in the Elder Days that before the separation of the Courts, far back in the dawn of things, that there was a great love of all things for one another. 736 more words

Long Form

Chapter 2

It was as if the planet had opened its eyes after a sleep so long it had forgotten that it had ever been awake. Each and every place on the globe was afire, or under water, or buried under the land it once sat upon. 1,070 more words

Long Form

Chapter 1 - Part 1

Áthas stood before the rest of the assembled Unseelie, his eyes shining with a green fire that made you think of sickness of agony.

“Oh Queen of the Unseelie, I beg you tell us that which is your plan so that we may make the world one of magic and wonder again. 1,440 more words

Long Form

The Beginning

Siobhan had been sitting in the dark for years now. Perfectly still. Her eyes blinking occasionally, her heart beating with the thunderstorm force it always had. 865 more words

Long Form