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human civil and natural rights

Charlotte Temple

Human rights preclude the rights of animals, plants, the earth etc. Civil rights are political and preclude anything that is not a part of that narrow civic definition. 79 more words

The Sweet Life


The way to god not through the mind or the spirit, not meditation; but by ritual dance, and by yoga too?

Ritual dances provide a religious experience that seems more satisfying and convincing than any other .

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The Sweet Life

know your witches

Western Alps: worker of magic, lurid orgies

Germany: flying witches, always a woman, wicked, lone female, wicked thoughts, satanic, dangerous, insatiable, commanding.

England: blood compact with the Devil, marked bodily, enchanter using charms, ointments and effigies. 540 more words

Brave New World

Things Visible and Invisible: On the Unseen World and the Impossibility of Materialism

The Christian “worldview”—the biblical understanding of all reality—presents a picture of the world that embraces both the natural and the supernatural, the material and the spiritual, this world and the next world. 778 more words


Dead Languages

Yes, I am partial to the occasional bit of Latin. What good is a secretive, world-spanning, occult society that exists to control and direct human society if they don’t get their own secret handshake and language? 101 more words

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