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Things Visible and Invisible: On the Unseen World and the Impossibility of Materialism

The Christian “worldview”—the biblical understanding of all reality—presents a picture of the world that embraces both the natural and the supernatural, the material and the spiritual, this world and the next world. 778 more words


Dead Languages

Yes, I am partial to the occasional bit of Latin. What good is a secretive, world-spanning, occult society that exists to control and direct human society if they don’t get their own secret handshake and language? 101 more words

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suburbia plus dinosaurs

Idealist 1 (believes in perfect society) > Realist < Idealist 2 (supports the status quo)

The realist, wedged between two types of idealist, believes things will change no matter what, either for the better, or for the worse. 159 more words

Unseen World

Life in One Cubic Foot

Central Park, Smithsonian exhibit “Life in One Cubic Foot” by David Liittschwager

The Sweet Life

What happens when you die?

At the time of death – the human physical body goes to the grave, burial vault, cremation, etc.

At the time of death the soul/spirit instantaneously goes to the eternal abode of the dead. 165 more words


Styled By Christ: Wearing Your Whole Armor Of God

What are you wearing?

No; I’m not asking you if you are wearing a dress or a blouse. I want to know about your spiritual wardrobe. 407 more words